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Does Jasmine Attract Hummingbirds? (Read This First!)

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Jasmine has been used for its different medicinal benefits as well as a flavour in different sorts of dishes.

In fact, for animals, Jasmine also serves as one of the best natural remedies in order to get rid of seizures, and anxiety and also speeds up the healing time of chronic wounds.

Therefore, it can be said that Jasmine’s medicinal purposes have the same effect on both humans and animals.

Well, if you are obsessed with hummingbirds and jasmine then you are in the right place. Because, in this article, we are going to discuss whether jasmine attracts hummingbirds or not.

Does jasmine attract hummingbirds?

The sweet scent of jasmine attracts the hummingbirds as the hummingbirds love to have nectar and pollen from the jasmine. But sometimes, the vine plant can come with a different scent, however, these vine plants prove to be the favourite plant for the hummingbirds.

The hummingbirds love the jasmine plant because of the sweet scent that the plant transfers to nature.

The sweet scent is so intense that not only hummingbirds but also other kinds of insects like wasps, bees, and nectar sucking insects flutter around the jasmine.

Although the leaves of the jasmine plant are enticing, the sweet smell that comes from it attracts the hummingbirds so much that they have to come fluttering even if they are far away.

The jasmine flowers come in two types of colour which are cream and white colour. Regardless of the colour of the flowers, the vine plant acts as a complete pollinator. Jasmine plants can even survive in intense warm weather because they are tropical plants.

Therefore, the jasmine plane is one of the hummingbird’s top priorities in order to get nectar and pollen.

Star jasmine or Confederate jasmine:

The star jasmine or Confederate jasmine has vibrant leaves and foliage as well as a sweet smell which can attract any insect let alone the hummingbirds.

The star jasmine is full of delicious nectars, therefore, the hummingbirds will be attracted.

Carolina jasmine:

Just like the star jasmine, the Carolina jasmine also attracts the hummingbirds. As the Carolina jasmine has attractive flowers as well as an exceptionally sweet smell, therefore, it attracts the hummingbirds the most.

In addition, the Carolina jasmine has enticing leaves and foilage which also plays an important role in the pollination.

Do hummingbirds like jasmine vines?

Yes, the hummingbirds do like the jasmine vines a lot. As the leaves and foliage of the vines are enticing, they will attract the hummingbirds. Also, the leaves of the vines are vibrant, therefore, they play an important role in the pollination.

The flowers of the jasmine vines come in cream and white colours, therefore, the flower also plays an important role in attracting hummingbirds.

The sweet smell that comes from the vines mostly comes from the flowers. Therefore, hummingbirds do like jasmine vines.

Why do hummingbirds like jasmine?

There are many reasons why do the hummingbirds like jasmine. First of all, the leaves and foliage of the jasmine are so enticing that the hummingbirds get very attracted by seeing them.

The leaves and the foliage play an important role in pollination. The flowers of the plant also come in cream and white color, therefore, the flowers also attract the hummingbirds.

The sweet smell that mainly attracts the hummingbirds comes from the flower. The flowers transfer the exceptionally sweet smell into nature which attracts not only hummingbirds but also other insects.

The jasmine plant is also full of nectar and pollen which is an important part of pollination.

The nectar actually attracts hummingbirds as it is sweet and has an intense smell. Therefore, the hummingbirds suck the nectar and take the pollen to other plants and thus complete the pollination. 

What jasmine plant smells the best?

Well, there are different types of jasmine available and they have different qualities. But the name of the jasmine that smells the best is the common jasmine, also called the poet’s jasmine.

The intense smell of common jasmine is highly attractive and can attract hummingbirds very easily. The best time to grow the common jasmine is summer and throughout the fall.

The leaves and the foliage of the common jasmine is also enticing and plays an important role in pollination.

What does jasmine attract?

There are lots of insects that the sweet smell of jasmine attracts. The parts attract through their outlooks as well as transfer a sweet smell that attracts the other insects as well as animals.

The sweet smell is the main thing that attracts the other insects. The explanation of what the jasmine attracts is given below:

Honey bees:

Honey bees are the main insect that the jasmine attracts. As the jasmine is full of nectar, therefore, the honey bees love to have nectar from the jasmine.

In addition, the sweet smell of jasmine attracts the bees highly. Also, bees play an important role in pollination.

The leaves and foliage of the jasmine plant attract the bees and eventually they take the pollen to the other plants and thus complete pollination.


Jasmine also attracts the butterflies but the butterflies get attracted only on days blooming jasmine.

As you will see butterflies roaming around in daylight around the jasmine plant. Just like honey bees, the butterflies also take the nectar from jasmine.


Moths also love to have nectar from the jasmine. But they only suck the nectar at night from the jasmine.


Hummingbirds greatly love to take nectar from the jasmine plant. As the sweet smell attracts the hummingbirds they will come fluttering far away.

You will be able to see the hummingbirds roaming around the jasmine plant both day and night.

Is it easy to grow jasmine?

It depends on the type of jasmine you are going to grow. As most jasmines are easy to grow, however, you will need to take special care. Make sure whenever you are going to buy jasmine look for healthy tips and leaves.

Also, you have to select the place carefully as the jasmine prefers a warm environment and also a little bit of sheltered spot. Also, the jasmine plant needs regular pruning for the flowers to regrow. Jasmine plants needs regular trimming.

Where and how to grow jasmine flowers for hummingbirds?

There are some specific steps you will need to follow if you want to grow jasmine flowers for hummingbirds.

As growing jasmine plants is not easy, therefore, it is recommended by the experts that you should take knowledge from a gardener about jasmine for hummingbirds. Below we have discussed the simple way you can grow jasmine flowers for hummingbirds:

Selecting the place:

The first step is to select the place for your jasmine plant. Make sure you have selected the space which is in a wider area and there is enough sunlight passing in the area.

The jasmine prefers to have warm and sunny weather. Also, you have to make sure that the soil that you will plant the jasmine in has moisture and fertility. They will grow quickly in a well-drained area.

Selecting the jasmine:

There are different varieties of jasmine available and every one of them has different growing requirements.

But one thing you have to make sure that you give them regular pruning. Containerized jasmine is the best one if you want to grow them in the fall.

Planting the jasmine:

You have to be very careful while planting the jasmine in the soil. Therefore, you should tie the stem of the vine with a heavy support system.

You have to trim the upward stems of the jasmine plant for lateral growth. Also, you have to prune them regularly in order to have continuous growth. Just like other plants you have to water and take care of the plant regularly.

What other flowers attract hummingbirds?

There are many other flowers that attract hummingbirds. Most of the flowers attract them through their smell and some of them through their color. The list of the flowers that attract the hummingbirds are given below:

Bee Balm:

The full spikes of the bee balm mainly attract the hummingbirds. The red color as well as the spherical shape of the flowers of the bee balm makes an attractive look for the hummingbirds.


The red color of the zinnia attracts the hummingbirds the most. As the zinnia have a very bright bloom as well as the flower is full of nectar, the hummingbirds are fond of zinnia flowers.

Bleeding heart:

It is a perennial plant which has very enticing foliage as well as it has a heart-shaped bloom that attracts hummingbirds the most.

Final Thoughts:

The jasmine highly attracts the hummingbirds as the enticing foliage and leaves as well as the flowers creates an appealing look for the hummingbirds. In addition, the sweet smell that comes from the jasmine highly attracts the hummingbirds and thus jasmine plays an important role in pollination. 

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