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Does Jasmine Attract Bees and Butterflies? (Quick Answers)

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Jasmine is one of the most fragrant and beautiful flowers. Sometimes, we grow jasmine flowers in our garden or surrounding for their fantastic scent. Even we use the scent of jasmine flower for perfume and other products. So, jasmines are pretty common around us.

Sometimes, you might want to control insects in your garden or make insects attracted to the garden for different purposes. But you might be confused about whether jasmine attracts bees and butterflies or not. Well, you have to know details about jasmine and its different species. Also, you have to know which insects are attracted by jasmine and why.

Does jasmine attract bees?

Jasmine flowers attract bees. Generally, jasmine flowers have a strong scent that is pretty attractive. Bees like these white flowers for their tropical smell. Bees are beneficial insects for pollination. So, people grow jasmine flowers in their garden to attract the bees.

However, jasmine flowers can be of different types. Generally, most jasmine flowers are white. But some other colors like yellow, cream, pink, etc., are also available. Generally, jasmine flowers have 200 different species.

So, different species might have different specifications. They also can have different smells. So, you have to know which smell attracts bees. Sometimes, people want to grow jasmine to collect honey.

Most jasmine flowers have a distinctive scent that attracts bees. But you have to know the details which jasmine has a more attractive scent. Let’s see whether these jasmine flowers attract bees or not.

Star jasmine or Confederate jasmine:

Star jasmine is pretty common among different types of jasmines. Generally, star jasmine or confederate jasmine has a beautiful fragrance. This type of jasmine’s smell is pretty similar to that of a regular jasmine flower.

Star or confederate jasmine flowers are also white. So, you might not recognize this type of jasmine flower instantly. However, the distinctive scent of star jasmine attracts bees.

Star jasmine is pretty common in California and southern U.S. states. People like to grow these jasmine flowers to attract bees and other insects for pollination.

Pink jasmine:

Pink jasmine or Jasminum polyanthum is another type of jasmine flower. These jasmines are not as common as star jasmine. But pink jasmine can also attract bees. The attractive smell of pink jasmine can also be applied for beneficial purposes.

Sometimes, you need to attract butterflies or birds in your garden. So, you can attract them by attracting bees in your garden. For this purpose, growing pink jasmine will be beneficial.

Arabian jasmine:

Arabian jasmine or Jasminum sambac is also a fragrant flower. Generally, Arabian jasmine has some differences from regular jasmine flowers. But Arabian jasmines are also white. This type of jasmine also has an attractive smell.

If you want to attract bees in your garden, you can plant Arabian jasmine. Arabian jasmine has enough strong scents to attract bees.

White Chinese jasmine:

White Chinese jasmine is another type of jasmine. This type of jasmine also has a scent. Most jasmine species have attractive scents. So, white Chinese jasmine will also attract bees.

Do honey bees like jasmine flowers?

Yes, honey bees like jasmine flowers. Honey bees are very beneficial for producing honey. These bees collect honey from flowers and keep it in their honeycombs. So, their like for jasmine flowers is also helpful.

For example, if you grow jasmine flowers in your garden, the bees will collect honey from these flowers. For this, jasmine flowers should have an attractive scent.

Generally, jasmine flowers have a pretty strong scent. So, honey bees like this scent. Even different species of jasmines have different smells. But all the types of jasmines have scents that are attractive to insects.

So, honey bees are not the only insects that like jasmine flowers. Other insects also like jasmine flowers. You will often see the bees roaming around the jasmine flower garden.

Does jasmine attract butterflies?

Jasmine attracts butterflies. Generally, jasmine flowers have a pretty attractive smell that attracts butterflies. You will see butterflies roaming around the white jasmine flowers. Even different species of jasmine flowers have strong scents. Butterflies like this beautiful smell.

You might know that jasmine flowers have different types. So, butterflies might have choices about which jasmine they like the most. So, let’s see whether these jasmine flowers attract butterflies or not.

Star jasmine or Confederate jasmine:

Star jasmine or confederate jasmine attracts bees. This type of jasmine grows pretty fast. So, if you are planning to grow jasmine for any beneficial purpose, you can grow star jasmine or confederate jasmine.

Star jasmine likes to climb and grow well beside a wall. So, you can also grow jasmine around walls. Confederate jasmine is also white in color like the regular jasmine.

However, star jasmine or confederate jasmine is pretty common in the southern part of the United States. Many people also like to grow star jasmine around their houses for the fantastic fragrance. But they should be careful about bees.

Night-blooming jasmine:

Night-blooming jasmine is not actually jasmine. But it is another species of jasmine. Night-blooming jasmine has a strong scent. Generally, the scent is lighter in the daytime. But at night, the scent is powerful. That’s why its name is night-blooming jasmine.

Of the wonderful smell, many insects, including bees, are attracted by it. Night-blooming jasmine has such a strong smell that it will spread through the environment. That’s why bees like night-blooming jasmine so much.

Sometimes, you might want to grow night-blooming jasmine around your house. But you have to remember that this smell can attract insects. So, you have to be safe from the insects also. But if you want to grow this type of jasmine in the garden for a beneficial purpose, you can do it.

Is jasmine a good pollinator?

Yes, jasmine is a good pollinator. Anything that helps pollination directly or indirectly is called a pollinator. Generally, the pollinator helps to carry pollen from the male part of the flower and transfer it to the female part of the flower. The female part of the flower can be the same flower or another flower.

You might know that the jasmine flower is a fragrant flower. This flowering plant helps the pollination system. Generally, bees and other insects like butterflies, birds, etc., are attracted by the excellent scent of jasmine.

So, when the insects are attracted to the jasmine flower, these insects carry the pollen from the flower and transfer it to another flower. Sometimes, the pollination can also happen by airflow. But insects are the most beneficial ones to help pollination.

So, jasmine flowers have a significant impact on helping pollination. That’s why jasmine is a good pollinator.

Which jasmine has the strongest scent?

Generally, pink jasmine has the strongest scent among the common jasmine. But among the climbing jasmines, star jasmine or confederate jasmine has the strongest scent.

Pink jasmines are also white with a pinkish shade. You might have seen this type of jasmines around you. But pink jasmine has such a strong scent that you can use this jasmine for other purposes.

For example, some people might grow pink jasmine to attract insects. These insects will help pollination. But if you want to grow pink jasmine in your house, you have to be careful about them. Because pink jasmines will attract insects.

What insects does jasmine attract?

Now that you know jasmine attracts insects, you might want to know what insects jasmine attracts. You have to be careful about these insects also. So, let’s see which insects are attracted by jasmines.


Bees like the smell of jasmine so much. Significantly, the most fragrant jasmines attract the bees most. For example, star jasmine or confederate jasmine, pink jasmine, etc., attract bees the most.

Some night-blooming jasmines also attract bees at night. This jasmine spreads smell so much that bees are attracted from a distance also.


Jasmines attract butterflies also. Butterflies are so common to come around fragrant flowers. So, you will see butterflies roaming around the jasmine flowers. Most jasmine flowers have a distinct scent. So, whatever the jasmine is, butterflies will come to these flowers.


Birds are not insects, but they have an excellent smell-sensing ability. So, birds are also attracted by jasmine flowers. Pink jasmine or star jasmine has a strong scent that attracts birds.

If you want pollination of the jasmine flowers in your garden, birds will also help. Moreover, if you have jasmine in your house, you should know about the roaming of birds.

Final Thoughts

Jasmines are wonderful and fragrant flowers. Jasmine is a pretty common flower that attracts insects. Especially, bees and butterflies are attracted by jasmine. Jasmine flowers also have different species. Most jasmine flowers have a strong scent that attracts bees and butterflies.

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