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Does Eucalyptus Repel Roaches? (Answered)

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Roaches are the guest you never want at your place. Still, they somehow settle in, and then it becomes the toughest job on earth to deter them away.

Though there are many repellents available out there most of the products are chemical-based and toxic for humans. 

So trying those to repel roaches is just inviting other health risks. Moreover, nearly all good and effective cockroach repelling products are quite expensive. 

So people look for a solution that is natural, does the job, and is affordable. And when it comes to natural remedies, you’d find people suggesting different essential oil against roaches. 

We’ll have heard about how effective essential oils are against many insects and bugs but is eucalyptus oil equally strong? Let’s dig it deep!

Does eucalyptus repel roaches?

Eucalyptus is an effective roaches repellent. It can keep roaches away from their powerful smell by interfering with their sensing power. Getting bothered the roaches lose their control to locate food and gradually leaves the area. Both eucalyptus oil and its leaves can be used to repel roaches. 

If you’re looking everywhere for a reliable and natural solution to get rid of roaches, we’d suggest you have to look at your garden. Is there any eucalyptus plant? If yes, then stop worrying as you’ve got one of the best cockroach repellents. 

Eucalyptus is a member of the family Myrtaceae. Eucalyptus is noticeable for its interesting sickle-shaped leaves and the strong smell. 

Eucalyptus is being used for years to prevent cold cough, fever, and many other health issues. But that’s not all. Eucalyptus works great as an insect repellent too. Eucalyptus is very useful to apply against cockroaches that have taken the control of your home. 

Let’s know what parts of this plant can repel roaches:


Eucalyptus, when planted near your house can keep roaches away. The strong smell of this plant is something cockroaches dislike most.

The fragrant irritates the as it gets in the way of their sensing power and misleads them from their target.

From the leaves, eucalyptus oil can be produced which acts as a powerful repellent for roaches.

Eucalyptus oil:

Eucalyptus oil is one of the most beneficial essential oils. It’s much more effective against unwanted insects such as roaches. The oil can deter cockroaches safely as it has very strong smell roaches dislike.

Cockroaches when inhaling the smell lose their control over sensing power and can’t detect their food or aim. So runs away.

Do roaches like or dislike the smell of eucalyptus?

Roaches don’t like the smell of eucalyptus. In fact, they dislike the smell and try to avoid it because it bothers them.

Roaches have a sharp-smelling power. They find food smelling through their antenna and can detect fragrance from a good distance. So undoubtedly it’s their best feature to survive.

However, when a roach roams around eucalyptus the strong smell of it doesn’t let these annoying insects smell properly.

The scent of eucalyptus and its essential oil affects the smelling sense of a roach. It interferes with its smell power and the related nerves to confuse it about the target. 

Thus this harmful insect fails to smell anything instead it feels overwhelmed by the scent of fresh eucalyptus. Because the fragrance of eucalyptus doesn’t let roaches follow and reach their target, they don’t admire the smell of eucalyptus.

How to use eucalyptus and eucalyptus oil to repel roaches? 

Eucalyptus and its essential oil can be very effective against roaches that are not leaving your house so soon. But to get the best result from this wonder plant, you must use the plant and its oil correctly.

Here are some tips on how to use eucalyptus and eucalyptus oil to repel roaches:      

Plant eucalyptus tree:

Roaches can be repelled by the strong odor of eucalyptus. So if you plant a few in your garden, the plant will act as a roach repellent. 

Since cockroaches can smell scents from a long distance, they get attracted to a house or human habitant by the smell of food.

But if you plant a eucalyptus tree near the house those insects will not be able to smell and detect the location. Instead, getting disturbed by the odor of roaches will avoid the area.

Use eucalyptus oil:

Eucalyptus oil not only blocks the smelling power of roaches but also it can eliminate this harmful insect for good.

Eucalyptus oil mixed with water marinating a proper amount is an excellent deterrent for roaches. 

To repel roaches with eucalyptus oil just spray the solution in places they are seen most. Its smell and properties will prevent roaches from entering.

Use eucalyptus bark:

Eucalyptus bark is equally effective as its oil. You can use the bark of this tree as mulch outdoor and indoors, with the soil. The bark of eucalyptus can be used as ground or chipped as well.

With time the oil of the eucalyptus tree is released through the mulch and makes the soil toxic to roaches. Thus the unwanted guests either leave the house or get eliminated.

What smell do roaches dislike?

Roaches might get attracted by the smell of last nights’ leftover or the cookies you kept unsealed, but it will be wrong to assume roaches possess the same taste in odors as us.

For example, we all love the scent of eucalyptus, but for roaches, it’s totally the opposite. But eucalyptus is not the only smell roaches like to avoid. They dislike the smell of tee tree oil too.

No matter how much roaches love to enjoy human food, they dislike many of our favorite foods’ smells. For example, the scent of orange. Roaches try to avoid the tangy smell of it. 

Besides, roaches are not very fond of the aromatic spices we use. They try to hide whenever smells bay leaves, cinnamon, garlic, peppermint, and mint odor. 

Roaches also do not like the smell of bleach, vinegar, etc. All these can be used to repel this harmful insect quickly and safely.

What else can repel roaches? 

If you’re convinced about using eucalyptus as a repellent against roaches, you would like to tell you there are many more options out there. From natural to chemical-based, you can try different options mentioned here to keep roaches away.


Roaches can be deterred by the scent of many spices you can find in your kitchen. They can’t tolerate the pungent odor of garlic and cloves. Also, keeping cinnamon, and bay leaves in the corners can repel roaches effectively.

Using these spices as whole or powdered you can keep roaches away from your house.

Essential oils:

Essential oils are strong insect repellent. They are long-lasting so keep roaches away for a longer period.

Eucalyptus oil, also tees tree, lavender, rosemary, Citronella Oil or peppermint essential oil are enough strong to make roaches leave your place. They when needed act as pesticides as well. 


Bleach is highly effective on roaches. Not only do they have a strong odor also is toxic to living organisms, especially roaches. If the insects come in contact with bleach they will lose their life due to the harsh chemical.


You can repel roaches with lemon as roaches aren’t fond of the lemon smell.

Lemon when placed in small pieces in various corners of the house, dispersed a tangy odor that deters roaches. Any fresh citrus fruit can be used in the place of lemon.

Chrysanthemum flowers: 

Planting Chrysanthemum around the house naturally creates a boundary that doesn’t let roaches come close. This flower has a pyrethrum, an effective ingredient that works strongly against roaches. 

What bugs does eucalyptus oil repel?

If you’re tired of fighting against the insects and bugs freely roaming around your house or messing up the garden, we understand the struggle.

Though there are many commercial insecticides and pesticides available, most people avoid them due to health risks. So people prefer organic methods such as eucalyptus oil to deter insects.  

Let’s know what bugs eucalyptus oil can repel:


Eucalyptus oil is most effective against these harmful bugs. You can find the essence of eucalyptus or directly the eucalyptus oil in every mosquito repellent.

It interferes with mosquitoes’ sense of smell and doesn’t let them detect humans to land and bite.


Eucalyptus can deter ants. When the oil is sprayed in places that have the most activities of ants, it drives away from them with its odor and medicated particles.


Eucalyptus oil acts as a safe pesticide when it comes to deterring spiders. They repel spiders with their strong minty smell that the insects can’t stand.

Final Thoughts

Roaches can’t tolerate the smell of eucalyptus. Also, the oil of eucalyptus blocks the smelling sense of roaches and misleads them about their target. Both its leaves and oil have the power to deter roaches. Moreover, eucalyptus is safe to use as a pesticide, so it’s used largely to repel roaches.

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