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Does Coleus Come Back Every Year? (Read This First!)

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Coleus is a tropical shrub, and it is one of the easiest plants to grow. If you plant-lovers are concerned about your houseplants, you landed in the right place.

The regrowth of coleus depends on factors such as region and temperature. Scroll down to find answers to all your questions.

Does coleus come back every year?

Yes, coleus is a tender, perennial shrub, which means they grow back. Coleus is grouped in USDA hardiness zone 11. They can withstand non-frost, warm regions, but they cannot survive in cold winters. So, you have to take extra care if your winter temperature drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Coleuses are planted for their ornamental characteristics and ease of maintenance. They can grow from 6 inches to 4 inches tall and prefer moist, loose soil.

These plants are usually grown as annuals because these plants cannot tolerate frost. This plant loves warm weather, but coleus can make it through harsh winter if you take appropriate actions. USDA hardiness level below 11 is fatal for them.

King coleus:

King coleus is a big plant with big vibrantly colored leaves. They cannot endure the bright sun. King coleus are generally put in partially or fully shaded areas where the sun appears occasionally. Kong coleuses are propagated through seeds.

Sun coleus:

While, sun coleus, as the name suggests, is sun and heat tolerant. They love having warm and sunny weather. Their leaves have a range of beautiful colors. Sun coleuses are propagated through stems.

Is coleus annual or a perennial?

Coleus is perennial for tropical and subtropical regions. This plant cannot survive in frost or near frost weather. So, it is generally planted as an annual plant in colder areas where the temperature drops below 40–50-degree Fahrenheit in winter.

Does coleus come back after winter, in the spring?

No, coleus does not grow back after winter as it cannot tolerate cold winter. So, people plant coleus as an annual in regions where winter temperature drops below 50 degrees. But you can make coleus survive winter by overwintering.

That is taking extra steps to make coleus survive in the warm indoor environment.

Do coleus freeze easily?

Yes, coleus plants freeze easily. The plant’s health deteriorates even under 50-degree Fahrenheits. Coleus is a tender shrub, and it freezes quickly in the first touch of frost. You have to bring them indoors and provide artificial heating if you want to enjoy it year-round.

What is the lowest temperature coleus can tolerate?

Coleus like it warm and hot; they are too delicate to handle frost. Even at 40–50-degree Fahrenheit, coleus plants start crumbling. Some coleus plants can survive up to 40-degree Fahrenheit.

It isn’t always the case, and other coleus plants may lose life before the temperature reaches 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Will coleus come back after a freeze?

No, coleus plants will not come back after a freeze. They cannot survive in the cold, let alone a freeze. Some coleus plants at most can stay up to 40-degree Fahrenheit, but they cannot withstand frost.

Some are able to survive a light freeze. Their leaves fall off in winter and regrow when spring arrives.

Does coleus survive the winter?

The possibility of coleuses surviving the winter depends on the frost and intensity of winter. As they are grouped under USDA hardiness zone 11, they can’t survive outdoors in cold winter.


Yes, coleus can survive indoors during winter. But special care has to be taken so the plant can regrow in spring. The plant still needs sunlight and heat for survival indoors.


No, coleus cannot survive outdoors. Frost is lethal for coleus. They are tropical shrubs that like the sun and hot climate. Coleus has no chance of surviving cold winter. Even at 40–50-degree Fahrenheit, some coleus plants will lose life outdoors.

How to keep coleus over the winter?

Keeping coleus over winter is an easy task. Grab these materials and get ready for work as winter is coming. Here are tips for overwintering your coleus plants.

Materials: Digging tool, large pot, container, grow light, cover

Bring it inside:

Select healthy coleus plants and dig them up just before cold weather starts. Make sure to get as much root as possible. Coleus likes moist soil, so select good potting soil that has excellent water-draining capacity. Place your plant inside a suitable pot.

Provide sunlight:

The proper placement is essential. Put coleus plant near windows that will provide sunlight over the winter. Occasionally rotate your plant, so it gets sun rays in every direction.

Heat for the cold nights:

You may have to cover your plants if it gets too cold at night. Make sure it does not get exposed to any cold waves. Use grow lights if necessary.

Cut back flowers and the top half:

Cut back coleus flowers to conserve energy. Pinch newly grown leaves and for harsh measures, trim the top half of the coleus plant. Don’t worry. Your plant will grow back.

How do you save coleus for next year?

You can collect coleus roots and save them for next year until spring starts. Coleus plants are easy to propagate through roots.

Collect stem cuttings:

Cuttings are plant stem that is grown into another plant. Gather cuttings as much as you can in early fall (August or September). Cuttings’ size should be 3 to 4 inches.

Prepare pot:

Take a pot large enough to hold a coleus plant. Use moist potting soil. Insert the stem in the pot. You must keep the soil moist. It is essential for the root to grow.

Rooting hormone:

Some use rooting hormone to accelerate root growth, but it is not necessary. Coleus plants already have good root growth. In case if you have to use rooting hormone, first dip stem ends in rooting hormone and then plant it in moist, damp soil.

Provide sunlight and water:

Place the pot in a bright and warm environment for six weeks. A sunny window will do the trick. This will ensure the plant grows enough roots.


After the roots have grown long enough, transfer the plant to a larger pot and take care till the coming of spring. Move the plant outdoors in spring.

How long do coleus plants live?

In tropical areas or frost-free areas, coleus can live for several years. They are hardy in hot and warm weather. The winter of USDA zone 11 is not harsh for coleus plants. Anything below that range will damage coleuses. 

So, they are generally grown as annuals in regions where winter is frosty.

Final thoughts

Generally, coleus plants are grown as annuals since they cannot survive frosty weather. But that does not stop dedicated coleus owners from saving it through winter. Winter is coming, and If you have a coleus plant, it is worth putting in the extra effort to make your beloved plant survive winter.

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