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Do Zinnias Attract Butterflies? (All You Need to Know)

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As a butterfly lover, you must know which plant attracts butterflies most. You must try to make your garden look beautiful and have hundreds of different butterflies on the flowers.

Attracting butterflies is not that challenging. If you plant different flower plants, you will get butterflies within a while. But some specific plants are beneficial and can attract many butterflies at a time.

Zinnias are best known for attracting insects and pests among all the flowers. Moreover, aphids are also attracted to zinnias. Therefore, most gardeners find an interesting relation between butterflies and zinnias.

They think that butterflies love zinnias for different colors. That’s why we will cover up today and see if zinnias attract butterflies. If so, how do they do it?

Do zinnias attract butterflies?

Zinnias do attract butterflies. They don’t have any strange odor or smells that repel butterflies; instead, these flowers are full of different colors like rainbows. That’s why they can attract butterflies easily. On the other hand, zinnias are not anti-repellent. They can draw every insect.

Zinnia is one of the best butterflies that attract plants. It has different colored flowers that can last for months. Also, it can bloom flowers throughout the entire spring and summer until winter comes.

Therefore, butterflies also get a fixed destination, and they can stay on zinnias flowers every day. They will also deliver larvae on the zinnias since it’s a safe place for them. Ultimately, zinnias also help them to increase their families.

On the other hand, zinnias flowers are durable. They will bloom for the entire season, and they proliferate. Moreover, they don’t need any special care or regular watering. They can survive under harsh conditions too.

For all these reasons, gardeners find zinnias are the best plants to attract butterflies and make their garden colorful with different butterflies. They will stay longer and will not go away till winter.

In a nutshell, some particular reasons help the zinnias attract butterflies and other insects.

So, if you want to make your garden beautiful and get hundreds of different butterflies to see every day, you should plant more and more zinnias plants. They are easy to grow and take care of.

Do monarch butterflies like zinnias?

Monarch butterflies like zinnias. Most butterflies love to sit on zinnias flowers. These flowers are odorless and have a sweet central point that seems safe to the butterflies.

Also, these plants have different colored flowers.

That’s another reason why monarch butterflies like zinnias. We all know monarch butterflies love other colors.

They feel a great attraction to plants with some excellent and different colored flowers. Here come the zinnias. No other flower trees can give you more colorful flowers than zinnias.

For all these reasons, monarch butterflies like and love zinnias. There are no more reasons for monarch butterflies to sit on the zinnias other than color.

Are zinnias good for butterflies?

Zinnias are good for butterflies because of the most accessible access to nectar. Also, zinnias come with some excellent colorful flowers that last for a long time and let butterflies fly around them.

At the same time, zinnias also ensure the year-round flower blooming that butterflies like most.

Zinnias also attract butterflies through their smells and blooming flowers. Butterflies will attract most if you dried head the flowers since the zinnias will bloom with some new flowers. That’s another reason why zinnias are good for butterflies.

On the other hand, butterflies also love to deliver their larvae on zinnias leaves and flowers. They find zinnias are the most reliable sources to lay their larvae.

You may notice that most aphids and insects love zinnias for their long-lasting flowers and leaves.

For all these reasons, zinnias are truly good for butterflies. If you want to attract butterflies and make your garden colorful, be sure to plant more and more zinnias around the garden. They will bring butterflies, and you will find the garden more alive than before.

Why are butterflies attracted to zinnias?

Butterflies are attracted to zinnias for some particular reasons. If you read our previous sessions, you might already get some explanations. However, we are coming with all the reasons and will explain them below.


Zinnias have rainbow flowers. That means their flowers are different in color. And butterflies love the color very much.

Additionally, you will find that zinnias flowers come with butterfly colors. That’s the first reason why butterflies are attracted to zinnias.


Secondly, zinnias’ nectar is easily accessible for the butterflies. They love to sit in the middle of the flower center. Then, butterflies enjoy having nectar from the flowers. That’s why butterflies are attracted to zinnias.

Year around blooming:

Another reason why butterflies are attracted to zinnias is the year-round blooming feature.

Mainly, zinnias are year-round flowering plants. That means they will survive for a long time and will let flowers enjoy flying on them.

Quick growing feature:

Quick growing is another feature of zinnias plants that also helps you attract butterflies.

Zinnias are proliferating plants. They can bear pretty much everything; Their only requirement is direct sunlight and a sound drainage system.

Therefore, they can grow quickly and let butterflies live on them. They also bloom pretty soon.

What color zinnia attracts butterflies? Which zinnias are best for butterflies?

Zinnia purple princes are the best color zinnia that attracts butterflies most. It looks so pretty and yummy to the butterflies that they cannot avoid it. There are more color zinnias available that also attract butterflies. They are:

Deep Pink:

Butterflies are also attracted to deep pink. So, if you plant deep pink zinnias in your garden, they will surely attract butterflies.

Purple Blooms:

Purple blooms zinnias will also attract butterflies. Butterflies love to sit on the purple blooms and enjoy the color very much. So, you can buy some zinnias with purple blooms to attract butterflies.

Apart from the zinnias color, some particular zinnias are also the best for butterflies. Let’s get to them.

Classic Zinnias:

Classic Zinnias are the most popular type of zinnias plants for butterflies. If you search for top-rated flower plants to attract butterflies, you mostly get the name of classic zinnias everywhere.

One of the main reasons could be the availability. You will find classic flower plants in pretty much every nursery or shop. Therefore, you can buy them and plant as many as you want.

Zinnia Purple Prince:

If you want to plant the best plant to attract butterflies, you must hear the name zinnia purple prince. It is a well-known plant that butterflies love most because of its different colors. But, you might need to take care of the plants.

However, zinnia purple princes bloom some of the most eye-catching flowers. As a result, butterflies get attracted to them quickly. Therefore, they are one of the best zinnias for butterflies.

Zinnia Cut & Come Again Types:

You must need year-round flower plants to attract butterflies. In that case, zinnia cut & coming again would be your best choice. They bloom annually and last for a long time.

Therefore, zinnia cut & come again would be an excellent choice for the butterflies. 

What kind of butterflies are attracted to zinnia?

If you search for butterflies’ categories or types, you will get hundreds of different names on Google or other search engines. But not all are attracted to zinnia. We have found the five most beautiful butterflies that are attracted to zinnia.

Painted Ladies:

In North America, the painted lady is the most famous butterfly. It is beautiful for body shape as well. However, painted ladies are attracted to zinnia.

If you plant zinnia in your garden and it becomes blooming, you will find painted ladies in your garden. They love zinnias’ colorful flowers.


If you want to know which butterfly is the most beautiful? You will mostly get the name Monarch. It’s truly an amazing colorful butterfly. It will amaze you.

If you want to attract monarchs to your garden and want to have some, you should plant more zinnias because monarch butterflies are attracted to zinnias for their colors and nectar.


Swallowtail is another butterfly that is also attracted to zinnia. The main reason is the access to nectar and durable flowers. These are the main reasons why swallowtails are attracted to zinnia.

Therefore, you can plant zinnias around and center of the garden and let swallowtail blacks come over the flowers.

Cabbage White:

Cabbage white is also an excellent-looking butterfly. It looks pretty, and people want to have them in their gardens in order to enhance their beauty. If you want the same, you also should plant more zinnias because cabbage white butterflies are attracted to zinnias.

Final Thoughts

Zinnias and butterflies are two integrated natural gifts. They both are attractive and colorful. However, zinnias have colorful flowers and are a good source of nectar. That’s why zinnias can attract butterflies quickly. There will be no issues having butterflies in your garden on zinnias plants.

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