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Do Slugs and Snails Eat Zinnias? (Read This First!)

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Insects like slugs and snails are leaf pests, or you can say garden pests. But, they both eat leaves and can destroy the growth of those plants. That’s why most gardeners use different methods and ways to get rid of these garden pests.

On the other hand, zinnias are pests and attractive plants. They don’t have any ingredients that repel or deter pests. Instead, the leaves and flowers are attractive since they have various colors. Therefore, pests eat zinnias leaves and flowers.

Some ways are there to protect your zinnias from snails and other pests. Keep reading if you have any queries or confusion regarding zinnias and pests. You will get pretty much everything.

Do slugs and snails eat zinnias?

Slugs and snails eat zinnias. They can eat both leaves and flowers, but the leaves are the best food source. Slugs and snails mostly live on leaves. Therefore, you will find these pests around your zinnias plants. On the other hand, slugs and snails love to eat leaves, and they will destroy it.

Slugs and snails, and other pests love to eat zinnias leaves. Therefore, you should not let your zinnias plant grow naturally. You must use some anti-pests spray or repellent. They will help you to deter garden pests.

On the other hand, snails and slugs will also eat most of the nutrients from the zinnias. Therefore, your plants will not grow that much. But the question also arises if snails and slugs can eat seedlings, leaves, and flowers.

Zinnia seedlings:

Snugs and snails can both eat zinnia seedlings. They love to eat that soft food source. And, these seedlings are soft in nature and easily edible.

That’s why snugs and snails can eat zinnia seedlings. They also eat other vegetables and soft seeds. However, you should be careful to protect your zinnia seedlings from these garden pests.

Zinnia leaves:

Zinnia leaves are one of the best food sources for pests and insects and to all the garden pests. The same goes for the snails and slugs.

Snails and slugs can eat zinnia leaves.

If you allow and don’t use any repellent, these pests will devour zinnia leaves. You can’t stop them.

Zinnia flowers:

Though snails and slugs love to eat leaves and seedlings, they usually don’t go for the flowers. But they can eat that. If you carefully notice at night, you will find that pests, including snails and slugs, eat zinnia leaves.

They love leaves and flowers too. That’s why they eat the flowers and destroy the growth as well. However, you can stop them by using spray and other repellents.

Are zinnias prone to slugs? Do zinnias attract slugs and snails?

Zinnias are not prone to snails, but slugs are. Slugs love to eat zinnias leaves. They will try to devour the flowers and leaves simultaneously. Sometimes they will do it; most of the time, they will fail. But every time, they will do some damage to zinnia leaves.

The main reason is that slugs are prone to zinnias. They love the variety of colors and flowers. Therefore, they will come out at night and try to eat flowers. In that case, you can spray the entire garden at night and let the garden be free from pests.

On the other hand, zinnias can attract slugs and snails. These plants have sharp leaves and beautiful flowers that can attract most pests. That’s why they also attract slugs and snails.

Moreover, there is another reason why zinnias attract them. That is the smell. Zinnias don’t have any pungent smell that pests can’t bear. Instead, they have a sweet smell that attracts most pests.

Are zinnias slug and snail resistant?

Zinnias are not slug and snail-resistant. Instead, they are the favorite food source for most garden pests. Therefore, you cannot rely on the zinnias to protect your garden and repel insects. You need to use some other sprays or effective chemicals.

Slug and snails will go to every flowering plant. You may not find a single plant that can resist slug and snail pests. They all live on leaves, flowers, seeds, and other garden ingredients.

Therefore, you must use a chemical or anti-repellent spray to get rid of them. Additionally, you can use homemade remedies to protect your zinnias and other flower plants. Maybe neem oil will fit and help to resist pests.

How to get rid of slugs and snails on zinnias?

To get rid of slugs and snails on zinnias, you can follow some tips. They are all practical experiences and solutions regarding these issues. Hopefully, they will work for slugs and snails too.

Neem Oil Spray:

If you want a homemade remedy to get rid of slugs, snails, and other garden pests on zinnias, you should make a spray using neem oil and vinegar. These two ingredients work like magic.

You need to make the mixture and then pour it into a sprayer. That’s it. Get ready and start spraying on the zinnias and other flower plants.

Anti-Repellent Spray:

You will find different anti-pest or repellent sprays. It will work fast, and you will get rid of snails and slugs overnight. Before that, select the best pest spray from amazon or a local shop.

You can also ask other gardeners to advise you on the best pest solutions. Then, go for it and spray on zinnias.

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Coffee Grounds:

Another good way to get rid of snails and slugs is to use coffee grounds. This is another best homemade remedy to control pests in the garden. Coffee grounds contain caffeine that will deter slugs and snails from the zinnias.

Moreover, coffee grounds will not do any harm to your zinnias. So, you can spray them on the plants. Before that, make a mixture using coffee grounds and hot water.

Control Weeds & Clean Garden: Weeds controlling is the first thing to get rid of garden pests and insects.

If you don’t clean the garden, you will find different pests on your zinnias and other plants. Therefore, you must clean the entire garden regularly.

Otherwise, weeds will grow here and there, and pests will also come to eat that and breed. That’s how they will get to your zinnias as well.

What flowers do slugs and snails not like?

Some flowers and plants will keep slugs and snails away from the surroundings. They don’t even like these flowers.


Plants that have strong and thick leaves can resist pests like snails and slugs. The main reason is that they cannot chew the leaves properly. As a result, they keep away from these plants.

In that case, you can plant some ferns and resist garden plants. And slugs and snails don’t like ferns.


Garden pests don’t like the bitter taste. Here the euphorbias have a bitter taste that snails and slugs cannot stomach. No insects and pests like it for the taste and remain away from the plants.

Therefore, you can plant euphorbias and let your garden be pest-free. You can also help your zinnias to grow quickly.


Slugs and snails don’t love the strong smells. And here, the lavender spreads a pungent fragrance that the garden dislikes most. In that case, you can indeed plant some lavender around your garden and repel most of the pests.

You should plant lavender near other flower plants so that they will also remain safe from snails and slugs.

What is eating my zinnia buds?

Some insects and aphids are eating your zinnia buds. Let’s reveal them and take steps to get rid of them.


One of the notable garden pests is spider mites. They can quickly devour the zinnia buds and leaves. They are large in number; therefore, they can destroy the entire zinnia plant within a few days.

If your garden has spider mites, you will see that spider mites eat your zinnias buds. You should spray on them and help your zinnias to grow.


Another zinnia’s foe is a caterpillar. When you go to your garden to work on it, you will often notice that a caterpillar is eating your zinnia buds. It will ultimately destroy the growth of zinnia flowers.


Aphids are eating your zinnia buds. They are the most common garden pests that live on leaves and buds. So when your zinnia buds are blooming, you will regularly find different aphids on them.

In that case, you should buy the spray or make a homemade spray and help the plants to get rid of aphids and garden pests. They are dangerous for most plants.

Final Thoughts

Zinnias have many foes, and most of the garden pests can destroy them by eating all the leaves and buds. However, snails and slugs can also eat zinnias. They also devour the buds and ruin the growth of the flowers. To keep your zinnias growing, you should use neem oil spray or another repellent.

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