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Do Rabbits Eat Camellias? (Quick Answers)

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When it comes to planting camellias in your area, you have to know which animals eat camellias. Moreover, if you have a rabbit in your house, you must know about its food habits. Rabbits often eat vegetables and flowers. But different plants have different effects on animals. 

So, you might be confused about whether rabbits eat camellias or not. You have to know about camellias and their different parts along with ingredients. Moreover, you have to know the safety and consequences of eating camellias to rabbits. 

Also, you should learn about the techniques to keep rabbits away from camellias. 

Do rabbits eat camellias?

Rabbits don’t eat camellias. Generally, camellias are one of the plants that deter rabbits. Rabbits don’t find camellias palatable. Typically, rabbits will eat anything. But they feel uncomfortable eating camellias for the hard spikes. Moreover, the smell and taste don’t attract rabbits much. 

However, camellia plants have different parts. Different parts have other ingredients. So, these parts might have different effects on rabbits. Let’s see whether rabbits eat camellias or not. 

Camellia flowers: 

Camellia flowers are not that attractive to rabbits. Generally, rabbits can eat camellia flowers if they are starving. But the smell and taste of camellia flowers are not appealing to them. 

Sometimes the colorful camellia flowers might attract rabbits. But rabbits will not eat the flowers. That’s why camellia flowers are often considered rabbit deterrent flowers. 

Camellia leaves: 

Generally, camellias are shrubs that could be easy to eat for rabbits. But rabbits don’t like to eat this plant’s leaves. The smell and taste of camellia leaves are also not attractive to rabbits. 

Rabbits might eat camellia leaves if they are not concerned or very hungry. But they don’t like to eat camellia leaves. 

Camellia plants: 

Camellia plants are considered to repel rabbits. Though the camellia plant is not a strong repellent like other rabbit resistant plants, rabbits don’t eat camellia plants. Moreover, rabbits also don’t eat different parts of this plant. 

The entire plant, its smell, taste, and other factors made this plant unsuitable for eating by rabbits. So, many people use camellia plants in their gardens to keep rabbits away. 

Are camellia rabbit resistant?

Yes, camellias are considered rabbit resistant. Generally, plants that are rabbit resistant have a distinct smell and taste. Moreover, these plants have toxic elements for rabbits. But camellias are not proven to have poisonous elements for rabbits. 

Rabbits are not fond of these plants. You might think that camellias are shrubs. So, it will be easy for rabbits to eat camellia leaves, flowers, and plants. But camellias are not comfortable for rabbits. They don’t find these plants palatable. 

Besides, camellias have prickles to deter animals. Rabbits are afraid of these prickles. So, they will avoid these plants. So, you can say that camellias are rabbit resistant. 

Is camellia poisonous to rabbits?

No, camellia is not poisonous to rabbits. These plants have no toxins and dangerous elements for animals or rabbits. You might be confused about how these plants deter rabbits. 

Generally, camellias deter rabbits by their smell, structure, and taste. But these plants don’t cause any harm to rabbits. Sometimes, rabbits can eat camellias when they are hungry or can’t find other food. 

But rabbits are not fond of these plants. Rabbits will keep away from the prickles. Moreover, the taste and smell are not attractive to rabbits. That’s why camellias work as rabbit repellent plants. 

Three reasons why rabbits will not eat camellia

Now that you know rabbits will not eat camellia, you might want to know the reasons. So, let’s see why rabbits will not eat camellias. 


When rabbits come close to any food, they will get the smell first. If the smell is not appealing, they will not be interested in the food. So, camellias might have a distinct fragrance. But rabbits don’t like the smell. 

Rabbits are not attracted by the smell of camellias. That’s why they will not eat these plants. 


The taste of camellias is not suitable for rabbits. They instead eat other shrubs. But camellia taste is not attractive to rabbits. Generally, rabbits can eat camellias if they have no other option. But consuming camellias is not suitable for rabbits. 

People consider camellias are rabbit resistant. But that doesn’t mean these plants are toxic for rabbits. Camellias don’t have such poisonous elements. But rabbits don’t like the taste of the plant. That’s why they will avoid eating camellias. 


The structure of camellias is not suitable for rabbits. Now you might think that shrubs like camellias are perfect for rabbits. But camellias have prickles that are irritating for rabbits. They don’t find camellia leaves palatable. 

So, the overall structure of camellias might be okay for rabbits. But the prickly structure is not suitable for rabbits. For this reason, rabbits will not eat camellias. 

When do rabbits eat camellia?

Generally, rabbits are not fond of camellias. They will avoid these plants if not necessary. Camellia plants’ smell and taste are not attractive to rabbits. But sometimes, you might see rabbits eat camellias. 

When rabbits are very hungry, they can eat camellias. Camellias don’t have poisonous elements for rabbits. So, eating camellias will not cause any harm to rabbits. So, if rabbits are hungry, eating camellias will not cause a problem. 

Moreover, if rabbits don’t find other food, they can eat camellias. Generally, rabbits eat other plants and shrubs if they find them edible. They will keep away from camellia. But if they don’t find other tasty food around, they might eat camellia. 

Rabbits eat most plants. If they don’t find a plant poisonous or difficult, they can eat that plant. Camellias have prickles that can keep rabbits away. But they can eat camellias if there is no other option. 

How to keep rabbits away from camellia?

Rabbits might eat camellias sometimes since these plants are not toxic. So, you have to keep them away from camellias. Let’s see how you can keep rabbits away from camellia. 

Plant rabbit repellent plants:

If you want to keep rabbits away from camellias, you can also grow some rabbit repellent plants in your area. Camellias are considered rabbit-resistant plants. But they are not strong rabbit repellents. So, you can also grow some other repellent plants that will keep rabbits away. 

Use a natural repellent:

If you want to keep rabbits away from your camellia garden, you can use some natural repellents. Many commercial rabbit repellents are available. But these repellents are toxic and unsafe for the environment. 

So, you can use natural repellents. Natural repellents will not cause any harm to the garden or the environment. But these will keep rabbits away from the camellias. 

Fence the plants:

If repellents don’t work well, you can try to fence the camellias. You have to ensure that the height of the fence is high enough for rabbits. Moreover, if you have multiple plants, you can fence the whole area. 

Fencing will keep a barrier between animals and camellias. Moreover, the fence will keep the camellias protected from other animals too.

Use talcum or pepper powder:

Sometimes, fencing is not enough. Rabbits might jump to the plants. When the fence is damaged, rabbits can still come to the camellias. So, you can use plain talcum powder. You have to sprinkle plain talcum powder on the camellia plants. 

This powder will keep the rabbits away since talcum powder is a rabbit repellent. You can also sprinkle pepper powder around the garden. Rabbits are great sniffers. So, once they sense the pepper powder, they will keep away from that place. 

What can you plant to keep rabbits away?

You have to plant such plants that are rabbit repellents. Some plants have such a smell and taste that rabbits don’t like. Moreover, these plants have ingredients that are also toxic to rabbits. So, these plants will keep rabbits away. 

Fencing is not always possible. Moreover, commercial repellents have toxic chemicals. If you can plant such shrubs or plants that will naturally keep rabbits away, it will be perfect. Here are some plants that you can grow to keep rabbits away. 

  • Marigolds 
  • Spicy globe basil 
  • Onions.
  • Leeks.
  • Lavender.
  • Mint.
  • Oregano.

Final Thoughts

Rabbits can be very disturbing when eating plants in your garden or area. But camellias are not suitable for rabbits. So, rabbits keep away from these plants. That’s why camellias are considered rabbit resistant. But when rabbits are very hungry, they can eat camellias.

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