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Do Peace Lily Flowers Expire? (Do They Live Long?)

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Flowers enhance the beauty of houseplants. Not all house plants will bloom a flower, but plants like the peace lily will offer you a beautiful white flower to enhance the plant and your indoors.

The tropical plant, Peace lily, blooms a beautifully bright flower with serene white petals spreading. It is truly a must have around the house for any flower lover.

Do peace lily flowers expire?

Just like any flower, it is common and only natural that the flower of a peace lily plant will perish eventually. The plant produces one flower from each stalk and once the flower dries it may take a few months for the flower to bloom again. But as nature works, the peace lily will lose life

It is very normal for the flower of the peace lily plant to perish. Nothing grown in nature lasts forever.

Similarly the flower grown from the peace lily plant will perish when it’s time comes. Sometimes the flower will turn brown and stay like that for a long while. You should cut it off if that happens.

Usually one stalk of the plant produces one flower and once the flower blooms it will take a while for the flower to perish.

And once the flower has dried off you should cut off the stalk so another stalk and flower can grow from there. A new stalk will grow from that place or from the root of the plant and you will get a new flower.

How long do peace lily flowers last? 

After blooming, the flower of a peace lily lasts for about one to two months. After that the flower will start to turn brown and will eventually perish.

Though the white color of the flower starts to fade after 10 days. It takes awhile for the flower to fall off from the stalk. But once the flower starts turning brown, the withering process starts.

The plant gives its flower from the stem and stalk which grows from the roots. The flower is white in color. This white color lasts only ten days but the flower itself can live up to a month or two.

Do lilies bloom more than once? 

The normal lily plant does not give flower more than once per season. Once the flower has dried off you can cut the stems and the stalk so another stalk can grow and give flowers again the next season. But for that season, your lily plant will not give flower more than once.

A house plant like the peace lily will give flowers twice a year. Once in spring and then once again in the fall season. This depends on the health of the peace lily. But the normal lily plant does not bloom more than once in each season.

Do Peace lilies grow their flowers back? 

The flower of the peace lily will bloom again after it has dried once in that season. It may take a few months or even a whole year. The reblooming of the flower depends on the environment and the cultivar of the flower.

After the peace lily flower perishes once you can cut off the stalk so that it grows again from the roots. This way you can safely expect a flower to grow sooner.

But still, it will take a few months before the flower of the plant grows back again. It is common for the flower of the peace lily to bloom in two seasons. It depends on the environment and care of the plant.

What do you do when a peace lily flower loses life? 

Once the flower of the peace lily gets brown it will wear out eventually and the flower will lose life. After that the only option left is to cut out the stalk with the flower on it. This will help the stalk regrow so a new flower can bloom.

It is best to prune the stalk and the dried flower instead of trying to pick it off or twist it which might damage the plant itself. Use pruning shears to prune the flower once it has dried.

How do I get my peace lily to flower again? 

After the flower of the peace lily loses life, you should care for the plant to keep it healthy so a new flower can grow soon.

The blooming of a new flower depends on the environment of the plant. So you should take good care of the environment around the plant so it can stay healthy for a new flower to grow-

Place it in a lightened area:

Move your plant to a place where it will get enough bright light. Make sure it isn’t direct and the plant has light for at least 6 hours daily;

Water properly:

Water regularly so your plant does not sag. You can even use a spray bottle to mist the water on your plant;

Control heat:

Control the heat around the plant. The tropical plant requires around 65 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Prune the dried flower:

Prune the dried off flower and stalk so new and healthy stalks can grow.

With these simple tips you can create a healthy environment around your peace lily plant. This way new flowers can grow sooner.

How to get rid of dried peace lily flowers?

It is best to cut off the dried flower of the peace lily plant. This will allow new flowers to grow faster. Remove the dried flower from the base by cutting the entire stalk where the flower bloomed.

To make room for new stalks to bloom, cut the stalk as close to the bottom as possible. This will allow adequate room for new stalks to grow from which new flowers will grow as well. Make the cut at a 45 degree angle.

Peace lily blooming problems and solutions:

You will see some very common problems regarding the flower and the blooming of the peace lily plant. Some of the more common problems are explained below-

Peace lily flowers turning green:

A green peace lily flower may start out as green. It is a part of the process. It is natural. But if after the full bloom if the green part is more visible it might mean that you have overfed your plant.

As the plant has low fertilizer needs, you should cut down on the amount of fertilizer you give.

Peace lily flowers turning yellow/brown:

Brown or yellow color of a peace lily flower getting either too much or too little light. Brown spots or streaks on the flower means the sunlight is directly hitting the flower. Also over watering the plant can also turn the flower yellow or brown.

Peace lily flowers turning black:

A black flower means your flower has long been dried and it is high time you cut it off. After the flower has wilted it will turn from brown to black. And once it turns black you should cut it from the stalk.

Peace lily flowers drooping:

Wilting or dropping of a flower indicates under watering or over watering. A change in temperature can also make the flower drop. Keeping your plant directly under the air vent can lead it to wilt as well.

Peace lily flowers not opening:

This is a very common problem. It happens when the plant does not get enough light. This plant requires indirect light in order to remain healthy. If your flower and plant does not get bright or medium light, the flower won’t open or fully bloom.

Peace lily flowers turning brown before opening:

It is a clear sign of the flower being stressed. So it starts to wither before blooming. The stress can be either water related or light related.

These are the common problems the peace lily flowers can encounter. If you know the cause of the problem, it will be very easy for you to solve it. You just have to pay attention.

Do peace lilies bloom all year?

Even though it is common for the peace lily flower to wilt away and dry within a month or two. It is still possible for the flower to stay bloomed throughout the year. This is not rare either. But for this to happen the overall condition should be in favor of the plant and the flower.

With enough light and water, you can see your peace lily flower blooming all year. The tropical flower can stay fully bloomed all year with the right care. Starting from early summer you can see either white or off white flowers that might last throughout the year.

What time of year do peace lilies bloom?

The beauty of the peace lily flower is in full bloom during the Spring season. It is the most common time when the flower blooms with its bright and white petals. This season offers the most adequate amount of sunlight which the plant loves.

The flower also blooms in Autumn. But that might not be regular. Spring season is a regular time for the flower to bloom. During Autumn or any other season is occasional and depends on how you care for the plant and the environment it is in.

Final thoughts:

Any product of nature will turn to it again. It is how nature works. It applies to the peace lily flower as well. After showing its full bloom, the flower will wither away and dry. Though the flowers stay in bloom longer than a lot of other plant flowers. Still, it won’t last for a lifetime.

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