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Do Peace Lilies Smell Good? (All You Need to Know)

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It’s not viable that all indoor flower plants will smell good as many plants just fulfill decorative purposes. Peace Lilies are used in households as ornamental plants as well.

Therefore, it may make you curious to know whether Peace Lilies smell good along with fulfilling their purpose as decorative plants or not.

So, without any more delay, let us know the facts regarding this topic.

Do Peace Lilies Smell Good?

Peace Lilies do smell really good. Peace Lily plants occasionally bloom lightly aromatic soothing white color flowers. These flowers blossom for a long period and spread a sweet and light fragrance, particularly at night. Such mild aroma of Peace Lilies makes a suitable indoor flower plant.

Does Peace Lily Have A Fragrance?

Peace Lilies do have a light floral fragrance that lingers for a long time, especially at night time the fragrance of Peace Lilies becomes more aromatic than daytime.

Peace Lily plants bloom with flowers periodically with white flowers. These white flowers have a very mild and lovely aroma. You may smell the Peace Lily flower’s fragrance in the daytime only when you are nearby the plant.

But at night you will be smelling their light fragrance more strongly as during night time Peace Lilies particularly become more aromatic and their fragrance lasts for a long time.

So, Peace Lilies are one of those decorative flower plants that only stand out for their soothing beauty but also have a light fragrance.

Do Peace Lilies Smell Good?

Peace Lilies actually smell so good. It’s because their flowers bloom with a mild, soft, and sweet fragrance at the same time. And such a light fragrance gives off a very soothing vibe.

Many flowers have quite many strong fragrances such as marigolds, roses, etc. which have a long-lasting fragrance.

But in the case of Peace Lilies, they smell heavenly and simultaneously have a very light aroma that doesn’t cause any health issues to people who are sensitive to flower’s aroma.

In fact, almost everyone has admitted that they have found the smell of Peace Lilies pretty soothing and fresh. Especially at nighttime while going to bed as Peace Lilies are active in releasing a soothing aroma that time.

Do Peace Lilies Smell Like Other Lilies?

Peace Lilies don’t smell the same as other Lilies. Every Lily plant is different from each other, so do their appearance and fragrances have dissimilarities as well.

Therefore, some Lily flowers have strong fragrances that can fill a room and some Lilies have mild to no fragrances at all. So the Peace Lilies don’t have a scent like the other Lilies.

Also, it’s mentioned quite a few times that Peace Lilies boast such mild and soft fragrance that smells a little strongly at night. So it makes clear sense that Peace Lilies differ from other Lilies in terms of fragrance.

Can Peace Lilies Stink?

Peace Lilies can smell to high heaven and this is a very common problem seen in Peace Lilies. Stinking Peace Lilies are a result of rotten roots of Peace Lilies or organic matter in the potting soil which is creating a malodorous smell around the Peace Lily plant.

To say precisely, Peace Lilies stink only when any problem weighing in the plant or in the soil is forming severely. Sometimes due to overwatering or any other fungal problem, the roots of Peace Lilies start to rot.

And rotten roots develop a stinky smell which later spread all around the room strongly.

Also, sometimes it’s seen that the soil is stinking because of using any compost or fertilizer, therefore, such organic matter makes the soil smelly. And automatically the plant starts to stink as well.

Why Does My Peace Lily Stink?

Here all of those potential reasons that can make a Peace Lily plant stink badly have been explained for your knowledge.

Rotten Root:

Rotten roots of Peace Lilies are the primary reason that can make a Peace Lily stink very badly.

Frequently it happens because of overwatering. As when a Peace Lily plant is being overwatered, the soil becomes watery instead of slightly damp.

As a result, there is too much water in the soil which is unnecessary for the plant as the roots will not absorb so much water at one time.

So when the overwatering is done too often, after a time the roots of the plant start to rot. And gradually it begins to decay the entire root which causes stinking.

Organic Matter:

Organic matter in the potting soil is another main reason that makes the plant stink horribly even though the Peace Lily’s root is not rotten.

In some words, organic matter in the potting soil is indicating compost (practically natural fertilizer). More or less everyone prefers natural fertilizer to feed their plant.

But sometimes it’s seen that some fertilizer increases water retention, therefore, it feels like that the soil needs watering. As a result, the soil is waterlogged which causes stinky soil.

Lack Of Oxygen:

Compost produces many nutrients and gases in the soil. So when the soil is being mixed up with compost too often, it produces gases more and takes the place of soil oxygen.

Therefore, the soil lacks oxygen and stinks. As a result, the entire plant stinks badly due to a lack of oxygen in the soil.

Presence Of Fungus:

Fungus in the soil is the other potential cause that makes the Peace Lily plant stink.

If the potting soil lacks a good drainage system, the soil gets waterlogged which gives birth to the fungus in the soil.

And as soon as the fungus is thriving fully, it’s deteriorating the plant by harming its roots, so when the roots are drying, the plant stinks.

How To Fix A Stinky Peace Lily?

So to save your stinky Peace Lily plant from drying, here the most effective ways are described so that you can fix a stinky Peace Lily plant.

Trim Off Affected Roots:

When the root cause behind the stinky Peace Lily plant is the root itself, then the only solution is getting rid of those roots.

Yes, you have heard it right. When your Peace Lily plant’s root is rotting, you immediately should take out the plant from its pot, wash it with water and trim off the rotten roots as it’s the most effective solution of fixing a stinky Peace Lily.

And then plant the plant again with healthy roots.

You must cut off any mushy, rotten root as if you leave one, it can again cause root rotting.

Using Antifungal Solution:

If the presence of fungus is making your Peace Lily plant stinky, you must use an antifungal solution to terminate the fungus.

To do this, take out your plant, wash it with water, and then plunge the healthy roots in an antifungal solution to terminate any pathogens and disinfect the roots.


Since stinky soil can also make a Peace Lily plant smell bad. So if the soil is the main problem behind all bad smells, you must re-pot your Peace Lily. Because re-potting will fix the soil problem.

First, take out the plant and wash it with both clean water and antifungal solution if you are going to use the same pot, also easy the pot before planting.

If you are not using the same pot, take a new pot and fill it with a suitable potting mix that is light and porous because it will allow a good drainage system. Then take out the old plant, wash it, and settle it in the new pot by gently pressing it with your hands.

Can I Put Peace Lily In My Bedroom?

You certainly can put a Peace Lily plant in your bedroom. In fact, Peace Lilies are one of the best-suited bedroom plants.

Placing Peace Lily plant in your bedroom will purify the air in your bedroom as well as will give off oxygen at night. Besides, its soothing light aroma will freshen up touring and mood. Also, the plant will adorn the room.

Do Peace Lilies Attract Bugs, Bees, Or Flies?

Peace Lilies do attract bugs, bees, or flies but very occasionally. Also, they are indoor plants so they are less likely to attract all these insects and pests.

However, the Peace Lily plants that are growing outside can attract bees, insects, and flies during their reproduction seasons. And can be invaded with pests also.

Do Peace Lilies Attract Mosquitoes, Spiders, Ants, Or Other Insects?

Peace Lilies attract mosquitoes, ants, and other insects such as mealybugs. But they exactly don’t attract spiders, they attract spider mites which are associated with the spider family.

Peace Lilies mostly attract mealybugs and spider mites.

Where Should I Place Peace Lily In My House?

In your home, you should place the Peace Lily plant in such a place where the plant will get indirect bright sunlight.

Any window that is north or west-facing would be the best spot to place a Peace Lily plant at home because the plant will get bright indirect sunlight in the morning. And will be out of the direct sunlight in midday.

Do Peace Lilies Release Oxygen At Night?

Peace Lilies release oxygen at night. It’s because like some other plants they do photosynthesis at night, therefore, they release oxygen at night and make the air more suitable to breathe in while dozing off.

Final Thoughts:

Peace Lilies are indoor plants that smell heavenly. They produce soothing white flowers that bloom with a very mild aroma and last for a long time. Especially at night Peace Lilies spread the sweet fragrance more actively and creates a freshness in the air.

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