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Do Peace Lilies Like Coffee Grounds? (Quick Facts)

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Possibly you might have heard enough that coffee grounds are exceptionally favorable fertilizer for various indoor plants. So, after hearing such positive reviews, naturally, you can think of using coffee grounds for your Peace Lily plants too.

However, since using coffee grounds is an unconventional tactic of nurturing plants, it can raise a question in your mind that do Peace Lilies prefer coffee grounds or not. Therefore, let’s learn about this topic right here.

Do Peace Lilies Like Coffee Grounds?

Peace Lilies prefer coffee grounds because it has nitrogen which is a prime nutrient of Peace Lilies. Plus, Peace Lilies like acidic soil and coffee grounds lower the pH level of the soil. Also, coffee grounds have organic materials that help Peace Lilies to have better aeration and drainage.

Like any other indoor plant, Peace Lilies also thrive in and prefer coffee grounds as fertilizer. It is because coffee grounds are enriched with all the nutrients such as nitrogen which Peace Lilies highly need as an indoor plant.

Besides, an acidic soil lover Peace Lilies particularly suits well with coffee grounds because it lowers the pH level of soil and makes it more acidic.

Another reason that makes Peace Lilies like coffee grounds is, coffee grounds improve the drainage system for Peace Lilies and raise soil beds for better aeration.

Are Coffee Grounds Good For Peace Lily?

Coffee grounds are exceptionally good for Peace Lilies. Because, if coffee grounds are mixed up with the soil, it helps in reverse browning of Peace Lily plant’s leaves.

Moreover, coffee ground mixed soil wards off pets from ruining the plant as pets don’t like the smell of coffee grounds.

Besides, when coffee grounds are mixed with the potting soil as fertilizer, it attracts microorganisms like earthworms to travel and wiggle through the pot’s soil. Therefore, aeration in Peace Lily’s pot soil increases.

Benefits Of Using Coffee Grounds For Peace Lily:

5 main benefits that coffee grounds offer to the Peace Lily plants have been clearly explained in this section for you.

Provides Nutrients:

You can use grounded coffee as an excellent fertilizer for the plant. Peace Lilies thrive the best in soils that can provide them enough nitrogen. Because nitrogen is a necessary nutrient for them to have luscious green leaves and robust stems.

And coffee grounds are enriched in nitrogen (2.5-3%).  So mixing coffee grounds with the potting soil provides the plant its needed nitrogen.

Balances pH Level:

Depending on the pH level of soil, indoor plants can either be acidic or alkaline. And Peace Lilies are acidic flower plants, meaning they live well in a soil that has low pH about 5.8-6.5 which is known as acidic.

Therefore, tossing fresh coffee grounds in the soil balances the pH level for the Peace Lily plants by reducing the pH level of the soil.

Organic Compost:

Coffee grounds work as organic compost for Peace Lilies too. Mixing them with the potting soil will improve the growth of Peace Lilies. Because they will boost water retention, increase aeration, and improve drainage.

As Microorganisms:

Earthworms are excellent microorganisms for indoor plants. And coffee ground mixed soil attracts them to traverse and wiggle through the potting soil. Therefore, the soil beds get enough aeration for Peace Lilies.

Prevents Leaf Discoloration:

Peace Lily leaves with yellow/brown tips is a very common issue that happens due to overwatering. And tossing coffee grounds with soil improves the drainage, therefore, it prevents leaf coloration of Peace Lilies.

How To Use Coffee Grounds For Peace Lily?

You can try to use coffee grounds in three ways, here the ways are explained in detail for your better understanding.

As Fertilizer:

One of the coolest perks of coffee grounds is they are a suitable natural fertilizer for indoor plants and you can use them for your Peace Lily plant. Coffee grounds as fertilizer contain all the essential nutrients that Peace Lilies crave.

Using it will boost the plant’s acidic level and avoid waterlogging.

As Plant Guard:

You can use coffee grounds as a plant guard to ward off your pets from reaching and destroying them. Besides, Peace Lilies are toxic for pets. So using coffee grounds with soil will not let them come near to it because they don’t like the smell of coffee grounds.

As Compost:

Coffee grounds can be used as natural compost as well due to their organic matter which are highly beneficial for the growth of the Peace Lily plant. So you can utilize coffee grounds as organic compost.

Applying coffee grounds as compost will supply the soil with enough air as well as will keep the soil’s hydration level balanced. Using coffee grounds will build up nourished soil for your Peace Lily plant too.

Can I Water My Peace Lily With Coffee?

You can water your Peace Lily plant with coffee and it’s considered as normal as watering Peace Lilies with just pure water. But you have to water the Peace Lily plant with brewed coffee to get the utmost benefits.

In terms of watering with brewed coffee, use freshly brewed plain coffee. Take plain fresh-brewed coffee and cool it down, then dilute the coffee with the same quantity of cool water. And then just water your Peace Lily plant.

Can I Use Coffee Directly In Peace Lily?

You actually cannot use raw coffee grounds directly in the Peace Lily plant. Because using coffee grounds directly to the Peace Lily’s pot soil can cause the plant too much moisture retention, impair growth of the plant, and fungal overgrowth.

Therefore, it’s always suggested to use only plainly brewed coffee grounds diluted in cool water in the Peace Lily plants. As brewed plain coffee contains potassium and magnesium that helps the Peace Lily to grow well enough.

How Much Coffee Ground To Use In Peace Lily?

The amount of coffee grounds you use to start off your day with a morning brew is a sufficient amount to use for your Peace Lily plant too.

For instance, if you require nearly a pot of fresh coffee grounds for making your morning brew, this amount should be adequate to feed A Peace Lily plant too.

But it’s suggested to use the coffee slowly to see how the plant reacts to it. If everything seems fine, you can start adding more or all in at one time.

How Often To Put Coffee Grounds On Peace Lily?

You should begin putting coffee grounds on the Peace Lily plant’s soil one time a month. However, later anytime you can adjust the amount of coffee grounds if you don’t notice any improvement.

Remember that you should not put the coffee on Peace Lily often because it can make the soil too acidic to make the plant sicken or lose life.

Problems May Cause For Using Coffee Grounds For Peace Lily:

Here, those potential problems associated with the usage of coffee grounds for Peace Lilies have been discussed in brief for your knowledge.

Attracts Pests:

As it’s known that coffee grounds are able of warding off slugs and other many pests, it can happen vice versa as well. If you just spread coffee grounds on the pot’s soil, it can attract specific insects such as roaches.

Therefore, it’s suggested to apply grounded coffee as compost.

Excessive Water Retention:

Coffee grounds are great at keeping the moisture of the soil. So when it’s being applied as organic matter, the fine grains of grounded coffee work as a sponge.

Therefore, using coffee grounds too frequently can increase the chances of overwatering the Peace Lily plant.

Promotes Fungal Growth:

Using coffee grounds can build up a suitable environment for fungal diseases which can cause mold formation and damage the plant.

Stunts Growth:

If the Peace Lily’s pot soil is already acidic, additional mixing of coffee grounds will make it more acidic by reducing the pH level more. Therefore, such soil will stunt the development of the plant.

Alternative To Using Coffee Grounds For Peace Lilies:

You can use other natural fertilizers such as vegetable peel fertilizer and grass clippings fertilizer as an alternative to coffee grounds for the Peace Lilies. You can easily make these two fertilizers at home.

For the vegetable peel fertilizer, gather enough amount of vegetable feelings and then blend them in a food processor to make a liquid fertilizer.

And to make grass clippings fertilizer, take enough grass clippings and then stir the grass in a bowl of an equal amount of water as grass clippings for 3 days. After that strain, it and you will get another liquid fertilizer.

Does Peace Lilies Like Acidic Soil?

Peace Lilies fall into the category of acidic soil loving plants, so they certainly like acidic soil to thrive fully and bloom beautifully. Peace Lilies grow in the best way possible in acidic soil with a pH range of 5.8-6.5.

What Is The Best pH Level For Peace Lily?

The best pH level of soil for Peace Lilies ranges between pH levels 5.8-6.5. This level is considered acidic because the pH level is below 7. However, know that Peace Lilies really can’t survive in a pH level lower than the mentioned one.

What Are The Best Fertilizers For Peace Lily?

Here is a small list of the best fertilizer for the Peace Lily plant.

  • Coffee Grounds (Slow-Release Fertilizer)
  • Vegetable Peel Fertilizer And Grass Clippings Fertilizer ( Liquid Fertilizer)
  • Indoor Plant Food (Commercial Fertilizer)

Being an acidic soil plant, Peace Lily does prefer coffee grounds as the plant gets its essential nutrients from coffee grounds as well as gets enough acidic soil to live well. Besides, coffee grounds improve drainage of the soil pot and prevent its leaves from getting brown tips.

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