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Do Ladybugs Eat Fungus Gnats? (Quick Answers)

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Ladybug is a helpful beetle. It eats other harmful insects to help the plants grow naturally. Therefore, they become popular and commercial.

As a result, they are available to use in indoor gardens. People buy ladybugs and make them accessible in their gardens. Therefore, ladybugs eat unwanted insects and help to grow the plants.

But the question is whether ladybugs eat fungus gnats or not. We know that ladybugs can eat more than 200 different insects. And they eat more than fifty insects and weeds every day.

A fungus gnat is a fly. It infests soil and other decomposition easily. It’s a concern for the gardener since it can chew roots and damage the plant. Ladybugs appear as blessings.

Do ladybugs eat fungus gnats?

Ladybugs eat fungus gnats. Ladybugs can eat more than 200 different insects. Fungus gnat is one of them. And, ladybugs love to have fungus gnat as their main meal. That’s the only reason gardeners buy ladybugs and put them in the garden. It works magically.

Fungus gnats chew the plant’s root. As a result, the plant fails to get all the required nutrients from its root and becomes weak. If you want to sort it out, you can use some ladybugs in the garden or nursery. 

Fungus gnat larvae:

Ladybug can quickly eat fungus gnat larvae. Basically, female fungus gnats lay yellowish and white eggs. Then the larvae come out and start to ruin the roots.

But fungus gnat larvae cannot harm that much compared to adult fungus gnats. However, you should not allow the tiny fungus to grow and harm your beloved plants.

In that case, you should work on ladybugs and let them devour all types of fungus. It will help the plants get all nutrients from the root. It’s the best way.

On the other hand, you should not put all the ladybugs in a corner or the middle. Put them in different places and corners. It will help them to eat fungus from everywhere.

Why do ladybugs eat fungus gnats?

Ladybugs love to eat fungus gnats. They can eat more than 50 fungi in a day. It’s a considerable amount, and thus they save the entire garden.

Ladybugs love to eat insects by nature. It can eat most insects other than the big one. The main reason to eat fungus gnats is their size.

Ladybugs are small insects, and fungus gnats are tiny. Therefore, they find gnats easily and hunt them. They live on fungus in particular cases where no more food source is available.

These are the most common reasons why ladybugs eat fungus gnats. One more reason could be the easy access. Mainly, fungus grows quickly and becomes easier to find.

Therefore, ladybugs start living on fungus only since no more food sources are available—they build up their habit on fungus gnats.

Are ladybugs good for houseplants?

Ladybugs are good for houseplants. They devour the harmful insects and help the houseplant be safe and grow naturally. And, they are helpful for plant health as well.

When you start house planting, you will get different insects or aphids. Some of them are helpful, but most of them are harmful. They do no good to plants.

In that case, you can bring some ladybugs and let them live around the plant. They will eat all the aphids and make things easier for you. In fact, you don’t need to care about them at all.

That’s why ladybugs are so essential and suitable for houseplants too. Plants that grow in gardens are slightly different from houseplants. Here, ladybugs can help your plant grow ideally by devouring all the aphids, including fungus gnats.

How to use ladybugs for pest control in indoor farming?

Indoor farming is becoming popular. But gardeners struggle to control pests in their plants. Therefore, they look for the actual solution in this regard.

Here come the ladybugs. Ladybugs or lady beetles can help you to control pests in indoor farming. They devour pests like aphids. Even the larvae can also eat aphids.

Let’s find ways to use ladybugs for pest control in indoor farming.

Buy some ladybugs:

First, you may need to buy some ladybugs if none are in your garden. Usually, you will not find ladybugs around the plant. That’s why you need to buy some.


Release the ladybugs into the garden. Here, you can follow tips to make it even. Don’t just put all the ladybugs at a certain point.

It would be better if you released them from different corners and middle. It will help ladybugs cover the entire garden and eat all the fungus and other harmful insects and aphids.

Ensure laying eggs:

You must ensure that ladybugs are laying eggs regularly and increasing their number. It will help you to get rid of fungus gnats soon. Also, if they lay eggs, you won’t need to buy extra ladybugs anymore.


Low-light is highly recommended for ladybugs. They love to live in low-light rather than whole light. In that case, you can avoid using extra lights or turning on the bulbs.

Help the larvae:

Help the larvae to go through the main firm area. Larvae should come across the firm area and eat most of the fungus.

Contained environment:

You can make a contained environment to help the ladybugs around the garden all time. Otherwise, they may go out of the garden.

In this regard, you may fence around the garden or do something else. Especially the seedlings area.

How to get rid of fungus gnats?

Apart from the ladybugs, there are some practical ways to help you get rid of fungus gnats. Let’s explore all the proven ways to sort out fungus issues.

Neem Oil Spray:

Neem oil spray is an excellent product that you can use to get rid of fungus gnats. It has antibacterial ingredients that don’t allow the fungus to grow. Besides, this spray will ruin the growth of fungus and help the plants grow.

Neem oil spray also helps the plants stay fresh and grow quickly. Therefore, you may buy neem oil spray and use it to get rid of fungus gnats.

Sticky taps:

Here comes another exciting method to get rid of fungus gnats. Here, you need to buy a bunch of sticky taps. And then put them into the tree and different places.

Most of the fungus will stick to the taps and become useless. It’s an easy way to solve the fungus gnats’ problem.

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Avoid overwatering:

You will water your plants regularly. But you must avoid overwatering and don’t allow water to stay at a place. Make a sound drainage system and will enable the water to flow.

Moisture is an ideal condition for fungus gnats. So, make sure there is a moisture area.


The most popular and best way to get rid of fungus gnats is to release some ladybugs into the garden. They will go through the plants and eat fungus instantly.

Before that, find out how much fungus your plants have. If you find too many of them, try to buy some extra ladybugs and release a good amount.

Pest Control Chemicals:

If these methods don’t work and you cannot stop fungus, you need pest control chemicals. They are not the top-rated and preferable way.

You must try to use the first ways, only if they fail, then go for pest control chemicals.

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What beneficial bugs eat fungus gnats?

Some beneficial bugs eat fungus gnats as their main meal. In fact, they live on fungus. You can use them to make a successful garden if you know them.

We have come up with the three best beneficial bugs that eat fungus gnats and other aphids. If you find them in your garden, let them live and lay eggs. They will help you to a great extent.

Moreover, you may find other beneficial bugs that are also good for the plants. You can add them too and make a sound garden.

Rove Beetle:

Here come the best beneficial bugs that eat fungus gnats. It’s an excellent predator. It can eat fungus gnats, larvae, other soft bacteria, roots, aphids, and arthropods.


Lacewings are another beneficial bug that can also eat fungus and help the plant grow. Lacewings don’t do any harm to the plants. Therefore, they are safe, and you can let them live peacefully.


Ladybugs are ideal bugs that regularly eat fungus gnats and other aphids. They are the best predators too. If you are obsessed with fungus gnats, you can buy some ladybugs and release them to your garden.

Final Thoughts

Ladybugs do eat fungus gnats. In fact, they can eat more than 200 different insects. That’s why they are beneficial bugs. If you find fungus gnats all over the plants, you should buy some ladybugs, release them into the garden, and let them go through. Try to release from different corners.

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