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Do Hibiscus Like Coffee Grounds? (Quick Answers)

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Do you have used coffee grounds lying around your house? Do coffee grounds make good fertilizer? Are you thinking of using coffee grounds for your hibiscus plants?

Additionally, are you also thinking about whether or not it is a good idea for you to add coffee grounds to your hibiscus plants? Are wondering about the possible benefits and nutrients provided by the usage of coffee grounds?

Can I put coffee grounds on my hibiscus?

You may be surprised to know there is a myriad of benefits that result from the usage of coffee grounds to several plants and consequently, you can definitely add coffee grounds to your hibiscus plants to make them thrive and flourish.

In addition, coffee grounds are full of nutrition and minerals such as nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, potassium and all these will be super beneficial for your hibiscus plants.

In addition, hibiscus plants also prefer acidic soil, and therefore, the addition of coffee grounds to the soil will help to increase not only the acidic level of the soil but coffee grounds will include all the necessary nutrients to the soil as well. 

Moreover, hibiscus plants also benefit a lot from such a soil that is full of organic materials and coffee grounds add these needed organic materials in the soil which in turn lets these hibiscus plants thrive abundantly. 

Furthermore, coffee grounds when added to the soil try to retain water and also assist in improving the drainage which is also why you can definitely put coffee grounds to your hibiscus plants. 

Do hibiscus like coffee grounds?

Hibiscus likes coffee grounds because coffee grounds give the needed nutrients for the hibiscus plants. Additionally, the usage of coffee grounds not only helps in lowering the PH level of the soil to make it more acidic for hibiscus, but it also adds calcium, potassium, phosphorous to the soil.  

Several nutritional benefits result from the usage of coffee grounds to your hibiscus plants and being knowledgeable about the different ways coffee grounds can be used for the best result can help you to mold your decisions accordingly. 

Used coffee grounds: 

Hibiscus plants definitely like used coffee grounds or coffee grounds in general and this is also a good way of using your used up coffee grounds. 

In addition, hibiscus plants can really benefit from the usage of used coffee grounds because you can simply dry up the coffee grounds and sprinkle them onto the soil.

This will help not only to lower the PH level but it will also include a good drainage system for the hibiscus.

Moreover, the usage of these used coffee grounds will also help a lot to attract all the needed microorganisms and all the necessary bacteria so that the soil can be more nutritious for the hibiscus. 

Fresh coffee grounds: 

Hibiscus also seems to like the fresh coffee grounds. Although used coffee grounds are a very good alternative to be used as fertilizer for the hibiscus plants, fresh coffee grounds actually are more preferable for the hibiscus as fresh coffee grounds are more acidic. 

In addition, fresh coffee grounds are very much rich in nitrogen and also are packed with so many organic matters which also help hibiscus. 

Do perennial hibiscus like coffee grounds? 

Perennial hibiscus is another species of hibiscus plant and just like regular hibiscus plants, perennial hibiscus also likes coffee grounds.

In addition, perennial hibiscus plants and hibiscus, in general, like such a type of soil that is jam-packed with so many nitrogens, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and so on.

Accordingly, nothing can be the best source of all these minerals and nutrients other than coffee grounds which give the soil the natural boost that it needs.

Coffee grounds are also a very organic and safe type of element for your plants and you will be highly benefited from the supply of organic material from the coffee grounds.

In addition, these exotic perennial hibiscus plants also grow to their full potential in such soil which has a low PH level, and with the usage of coffee grounds, you can easily lower the PH level of the soil to make the soil more applicable for the perennial hibiscus plants. 

Is coffee good for hibiscus? 

Coffee ground is the best for the hibiscus plants and the reason is pretty simple because it is coffee grounds that add the necessary nutrients needed for the hibiscus plants.

In addition, hibiscus prefers pretty acidic soil and this alteration is also provided by the coffee grounds as coffee grounds lower the PH level of the soil which means it makes the soil more acidic which is the perfect fit for the hibiscus plants to grow.

Moreover, coffee grounds are also very beneficial for the hibiscus plants because coffee grounds can actually be used in different types of compost, and these different alternations in compost style actually help to insert valuable nutrients and minerals for the hibiscus plants.

In addition, coffee grounds also seem to add the proper organic element to the soil which in turn assist in the growth of hibiscus plants.

Furthermore, another reason why coffee grounds are good for the hibiscus plant is because coffee grounds attract the needed microorganisms that are very much beneficial for hibiscus.

Accordingly, coffee grounds also seem to deter those worms or organisms that are harmful to the hibiscus plants, and thus coffee grounds help in the natural growth process of these plants. 

What plants benefit coffee grounds give hibiscus? 

There is a myriad of different plant benefits that can be obtained by the usage of coffee grounds and being aware of such plant benefits can help you to mold your decisions accordingly. 

Acidic Soil: 

One of the major plant benefits that coffee ground gives to the hibiscus plants is that it lowers the PH level of the soil and make the soil more acidic.

Even, the usage of freshly brewed coffee has the potentiality to give an acidic boost to your hibiscus plants. 


One of the most useful plant benefits that are provided by the coffee grounds is that it helps to boost your hibiscus plants with the needed minerals and nutrients such as nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, and potassium.

In addition, coffee grounds also help a lot to retain moisture in the soil and it expands the water retaining capability of the hibiscus plants which brings twice the benefit for the hibiscus plants. 

Beneficial Microorganisms:

Another great benefit of the usage of coffee ground is that it helps hibiscus plants by attracting all the beneficial and useful microorganisms and this helps make the soil more fertile for the hibiscus plants. 

How to add coffee grounds to hibiscus? 

It is no surprise that coffee grounds can be added to the hibiscus plants however, being knowledgeable about the proper ways to add coffee grounds can help to avoid any unnecessary confusion.

Dried up Coffee Grounds: 

One of the easiest ways of adding coffee grounds to hibiscus is that you have to dry the used coffee grounds and once they are all dried up, you can just sprinkle them onto the hibiscus plants. 

Additionally, you can also add freshly brewed coffee grounds as well for an acidic boost. 

Compost Bin: 

Another effective way of using coffee grounds to hibiscus is that you need to mix the used coffee grounds in the compost bin with some food scraps and other green compost materials.

Accordingly, if you let the compost sit for a couple of days and then insert the compost of the coffee grounds into the soil, this will let the soil of the hibiscus plant be full of minerals, calcium, magnesium, and so on. 

Direct Usage: 

This may be the easiest way of adding coffee grounds to the hibiscus plants and therefore, you can just directly add the used coffee grounds as it is without any alterations.

Accordingly, this will be highly beneficial as there is almost 1.45 percent nitrogen in the coffee ground itself which will help not only to keep the harmful worms away rather it will also enrich the alkaline level.

Final Thoughts

Nothing can beat the benefits that are provided by the usage of coffee grounds for hibiscus as they like it. Hibiscus plants get all the necessary nutrients like calcium, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorous from the usage of the coffee grounds. It also make the soil acidic for hibiscus.

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