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Do Hibiscus Flowers & Leaves Close at Night? (Answered)

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While taking a late-night stroll in a garden or a park, you might have seen flowers such as poppies, tulips, crocuses, etc. to tuck both the flowers and leaves as soon as the sun goes down.

Therefore, other flowers such as hibiscus can make you think of them that whether or not hibiscus flowers and leaves close at night as well. Thence, to end this curiosity let’s learn about this hibiscus flower too.

Do Hibiscus Flowers Close At Night?

Hibiscus flowers close at night and this characteristic is known as nyctinasty. The mechanism behind nyctinasty is, the bottom-most petals of hibiscus flowers develop faster than the upper-most petals at night in darkness and cool air which forces hibiscus flowers to tuck the flowers at night.

Most of the variety of hibiscus flowers tend to tuck their showy blossoms during the nighttime. And this closing-in behavior of hibiscus and other flower plants is a manifestation of a natural characteristic recognized as nyctinasty.

In the words of scientists, the mechanism behind the nyctinasty phenomenon is, it makes the bottom-most petals of hibiscus flowers grow at a rapid pace than the upper-most petals during nighttime in chilled air and darkness.

Therefore, this process forces the hibiscus plant to close its flower at night. However, the tropical varieties of hibiscus flowers are not long-lasting ones. If the flower closes again, it will not open again the next morning.

Do Hibiscus Flowers Open During The Day And Close At Night?

Nearly all variations of hibiscus flowers open during the day and close at night and it occurs due to nyctinasty.

Nyctinasty is basically a nastic activity of some certain flowers which includes hibiscus flowers too and this nastic movement is associated with the diurnal transitions of the weather conditions or light intensity.

So due to nyctinasty, you will see hibiscus plants bloom with a showy flower in the early morning and close by dawn when the weather starts to get cold and night starts to become darker.

How Long Does A Hibiscus Flower Stay Open?

The hibiscus flowers on tropical and hefty plants typically only stay open for one day but only a few varieties of hibiscus stay open for two days at most.

But these days, a huge number of new hibiscus hybrids are being bred and these hybrid hibiscus plants can bloom longer-lasting hibiscus flowers than the original tropical hibiscus plants.

So if you have a hybrid hibiscus plant, its blooms can stay open for about three days to one week.

Why Do Hibiscus Flowers Close At Night?

For your further knowledge concerning this closure of hibiscus flowers, here the other potential reasons have been listed and explained below.

To Reduce the Risk Of Freezing:

A very prevalent theory stated by naturalist Charles Darwin says that certain plants close their flowers at night to avoid freezing and hibiscus is one of them. So it can be stated that to reduce the risk of freezing, hibiscus flowers close at night.

To Conserve Energy:

Hibiscus is a nyctinastic plant, so like other nyctinastic plants, hibiscus flowers tend to conserve their energy and odor during nighttime for the day. It’s because, during the daytime, the pollinating insects stay active.

To Prevent Pollen From Getting Wet:

Hibiscus flowers closing themselves is also considered as a self-serving mode that prevents the pollen of the flowers to get drench and heavy with fog.

Hence, it’s easier for insects to transfer dry pollen and hibiscus can have a successful reproduction.

To Defend Against Nocturnal Predators:

The closing up tight mechanism of hibiscus flowers is a highly advanced defense technique against nocturnal predators.

Because closing the flowers it gives off an apparent view of the surface to nighttime predators such as an owl that can destroy flower-munching herbivores while looking for food.

Do Hibiscus Only Bloom For One Day?

Typically most of the original tropical hibiscus flowers bloom for only a day and after lasting for one day, the flowers close themselves up and fall of the plant. 

However, very few species of hibiscus flowers are seen to bloom for two days too. And the new hybrid hibiscus flowers have a longer life, you will find these hybrids hibiscus flowers to bloom for 3-7 days.

Do Hibiscus Leaves Close At Night?

Hibiscus leaves don’t close at night, even the leaves are never closed regardless of day or night time. But Hibiscus leaves can be seen to be closed up and it happens when the plant is under heat stress, or being overwatered/underwatered, or the hibiscus plant is affected by pest/diseases.

Like the flowers, the leaves of the hibiscus don’t close at night because the leaves don’t perform the nyctinasty mechanism as the flowers do. So whether it’s under broad daylight or dark night, the leaves don’t tuck themselves up. 

However, sometimes closed hibiscus leaves are seen but know that it doesn’t occur due to nyctinasty. But this closure of leaves most of the time happen due to heat stress. Sometimes hibiscus leaves can close themselves due to overwatering or underwatering as well.

And needless to mention, pests and diseases also can make hibiscus leaves close.

Why Are My Hibiscus Leaves Closing?

The leaves of your hibiscus plant can close due to many problems. And following the main causes have behind closed hibiscus leaves have been deciphered.


Not getting the correct frequency of watering a hibiscus plant can cause the leaves to close. If you overwater your hibiscus plant or underwater it, both the reason can be a potential cause that can make your hibiscus leaves closed.

Heat Stress:

Being a tropical plant, hibiscus can tolerate heat but they can’t withstand higher temperatures, especially in summer.

So if you have kept your plant under high temperature and unshaded, the roots of the plant will be affected by heat stress, therefore, the leaves will be closed.


If your hibiscus plant is affected by insects then the insects will steal off the nutrients you are feeding the plant and it will make the leaves close.

Also, if the hibiscus plant has any kind of infection, the leaves will start to close up, curl up, and droop.


The Hibiscus plant can’t tolerate too much hot weather or too cold weather. So if you have kept your hibiscus plant at a temperature above 60° F (inside) or 95° F (outside) the leaves will be closed.

The same goes for cold weather, if the plant is exposed below 50° F, the leaves will tuck inside/curl up.

How Do You Bring A Hibiscus Back To Life?

Follow the following ways to bring back a drying hibiscus to its life.

Move Into A Shaded Area:

When heat stress is the main cause, immediately move your hibiscus plant to a shaded area where the plant will stay away from direct and bright sunlight.

Mist The Leaves:

To cool down the stress of the leaves and roots, mist some normal water for the roots. But avoid misting the soil and making it wet.

Provide Enough Sunlight:

If the hibiscus plant is drying because it’s not getting enough sunlight then every day keep the plant under indirect bright sunlight for 5 hours at least. Also, provide the plant with moist soil and mist its leaves to create a humid environment around the plant.

Don’t Overwater:

During the winter season, hibiscus plants require very less watering. So don’t overwater the plant, rather moist the soil only when needed.

Get Rid Of Insects/Infections:

When the plant is drying because of insects or infections, use neem oil, or else you can use insecticidal soap to get rid of the pests or infections.

What Is The Lifespan Of the Hibiscus Plant?

Nowadays most hibiscus plants are hybrid plants and they have a lifespan of five to ten years. But old variants of the tropical hibiscus have a record of living up to 50 years.

Anyway, as long as you are taking proper care of your hibiscus plant, it will live quite a long time.

What Month Does Hibiscus Bloom?

Most of the varieties of the hibiscus plant tend to bloom in August month which falls in the time period of between mid to late summer.

But you may hear that hibiscus bloom in the fall season, know that it’s quite controversial unless you are staying in a place with a very mild cooler season.

How Many Times Hibiscus Bloom?

Hibiscus flowers bloom one time every year for 2-3 weeks. If you properly maintain the plant, you can enjoy blooming hibiscus all summer long.

But the hybrids hibiscus and a few tropical hibiscuses may continue blooming for the whole year-round.

Final Thoughts

Due to being a nyctinastic plant, hibiscus flowers close themselves at night, also they will close to conserve energy, protect pollens, and defend themselves at night. But the leaves of hibiscus don’t close at night. The leaves will only close/curl up if the plant goes through heat stress.

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