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Do Gardenias Like Coffee Grounds? (Read This First!)

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Are you thinking of planting gardenias in your garden? Are you thinking of using coffee grounds in your gardenia plants? Are you also wondering whether or not it will beneficial for your gardenias if you use coffee grounds as fertilizer?

Do gardenias like coffee grounds?

Gardenias definitely like coffee grounds. Coffee grounds work as a very useful and beneficial fertilizer for gardenias as coffee grounds will provide the preferred acidic touch to the soil, deter all the harmful worms from the soil, and will also provide all the needed nutrients. 

It is no surprise that gardenia plants like coffee grounds but when it comes to used and fresh coffee grounds, there can be some distinctions. Therefore, being aware of these distinctions can help you to come to conclusions accordingly. 

Used coffee grounds: 

Used coffee grounds although seems to have a bit of less acidic elements to them, they can still lower the PH level of the soil.

It can also help to give all the nutrients like nitrogen, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and this is also why gardenias also seem to like used coffee grounds

Fresh coffee grounds: 

When it comes to fresh coffee grounds, you need to keep in mind that fresh coffee grounds are the most efficient and beneficial for gardenias. 

In addition, fresh and unbrewed coffee grounds are more jam-packed with acidic elements which is why it makes the soil more acidic which in turn helps in the growth and development of the gardenias. 

Are coffee grounds good for gardenias? 

Coffee grounds are fantastic fertilizers for your gardenias. Accordingly, gardenias not only tolerate but also prefer acidic soil. 

In addition, coffee grounds are amazing for this purpose as they are acidic and they effectively acidify the soil thus improving the growth of your gardenias and helping them thrive in your garden. 

Moreover, coffee grounds also contain important elements which are vital for growth and help ensure the good growth and flowering of your gardenias. 

Moreover, coffee grounds are a fantastic source of nitrogen. In addition, they contain good amounts of potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium which also attract beneficial microorganisms and worm growth to your soil. 

Additionally, coffee grounds also contain calcium, chromium, and iron which are some of the vital elements that assist the growth of gardenias. 

Overall, they are a fantastic and abundant source of fertilizer to use in the garden, especially for your gardenias.

3 reasons why gardenias like coffee grounds

Among several other fertilizers, coffee grounds may be the most preferable for these gardenia plants. 

Therefore, there are several reasons regarding why gardenias like coffee grounds, and being knowledgeable about the proper reasons will help you to mold your decisions accordingly. 

Improves the Acidic Level: 

One of the most important reasons why gardenias like coffee grounds are due to the fact that it is actually coffee grounds that lower the PH level of the soil. 

In addition, coffee grounds seem to have a PH of 6.5 which is why when coffee grounds are added to the soil, it makes the surrounding soil very much acidic which is the best situation for acid-loving plants like gardenia to grow. 

Therefore, with the increase of the acidic level of the soil, your gardenia plants will be benefitted by the decrease of harmful worms in the soil and by the decrease of heavy metal concentrations. 

Adds Necessary Nutrients: 

Another reason why your gardenia plant seems to like coffee grounds is due to the fact that it adds all the needed nutrients to your gardenia plants. 

Accordingly, your gardenias will need enough fertilizer and mulch and all these can be provided by the coffee grounds.

In addition, gardenia plants need a lot of nitrogen, and coffee grounds are full of nitrogen which is also another reason why gardenias like coffee grounds. 

Coffee grounds also seem to provide minerals, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and many other plants benefits to your gardenias.

Additionally, coffee grounds also stimulate the roots of your gardenias which in turn help to allow proper drainage and air into the soil of your gardenias. 

Repels Harmful Insects:

Another reason why gardenias like coffee grounds is due to the fact that coffee grounds actually inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, snails, and slugs. 

Accordingly, coffee grounds actually attract beneficial and necessary soil dwellers, microbes, earthworms, and so on which make the soil more fertile. 

How often do you put coffee grounds on gardenias? 

Although coffee grounds are very much beneficial for your gardenias, they still can be harmful especially when you use too many coffee grounds for your gardenia plant.

Therefore, you need to be aware of the proper amount and about the proper times of the application of the coffee grounds.

In addition, as a general rule, you should only put coffee grounds on gardenias once a week and the amount should not be more than one cup of coffee grounds.

Moreover, if you saturate your gardenias with coffee grounds, it may super acidify the soil which will be harmful to gardenias. 

How to fertilize gardenias with coffee grounds? How do I add coffee grounds to my gardenia? 

It is no news that gardenias will thrive abundantly with the usage of coffee grounds and there is no one fixed way of fertilizing gardenias.

Therefore, being knowledgeable about the proper ways will help you to mold your decisions accordingly.

Direct Usage of Coffee Grounds:

One of the simplest ways of adding coffee grounds to your gardenia is related to using the coffee grounds directly.

Accordingly, you can simply take a handful of coffee grounds and spread it evenly across the soil in the form of mulch.

After that, you can simply use some dried-up leaves or compost to add on top of the already placed coffee grounds. Accordingly, this will help to retain all the moistures in the coffee grounds which will keep your gardenias healthy and hydrated. 

Moreover, this direct addition of coffee grounds to your gardenia plants will not only inhibit the growth of all the unnecessary weeds but it will also hinder the growth of snails or slugs which can really be harmful to the gardenia plants.

In addition, this way of fertilizing your gardenia plants with coffee grounds will also help to improve the aeration of the soil and will also provide the needed organic matters to your gardenia plant.

Liquid Form of Coffee Grounds: 

Another very useful and effective way of adding coffee grounds to your gardenias is that you need to use the coffee ground in a liquid form.

In addition, this method includes watering your gardenias with coffee, and for that, you have to add two cups of coffee grounds in five or six gallons of water. 

Additionally, you need to let the used coffee grounds soak overnight and after that, your liquid coffee ground fertilizer will be ready and the usage of this liquid fertilizer to water your gardenias will actually help to increase the acidic level of the soil. 

Compost Form:

Another way of adding coffee grounds to your gardenias is by adding them as compost. Accordingly, you can add your used coffee grounds to your compost bin to make a compost fertilizer which will increase the effectiveness of the whole compost.

Additionally, you can also mix up some dried leaves, food scraps, and grass clipping together and let all these items sit for a couple of days to let these ingredients turn into natural compost.

After that, you can just add that in between the soil of your gardenia plant and this will assist in keeping gardenia’s roots warm and strong. 

Can you water gardenias with coffee?

You can definitely water gardenias with coffee. Accordingly, all you have to do is to make a mixture of used coffee grounds and water. 

For a general rule of thumb, you can simply use two or three cups of used or fresh coffee grounds and mix that coffee ground into five or six gallons of water to make a liquid fertilizer out of the coffee grounds. 

Consequently, you can simply water this liquid coffee ground fertilizer on your gardenias to give the proper acidic boost.

Final Thoughts

Your gardenia plants can definitely be benefitted from the usage of coffee grounds. Accordingly, gardenia plants like coffee grounds because it lowers the PH level of soil, provides a good drainage system, deter insects, and attracts beneficial microorganisms.

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