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Do Deer & Rabbits Eat Coleus Plants? (Answered)

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Coleus is an annual herb-type plant that can grow both indoor and outdoor. Most commonly these plants are seen outdoors. So, many animals eat these plants. Especially, the grazing animals are more likely to eat coleus plants.

So, you might want to know whether deer and rabbits eat coleus plants or not. Well, deer and rabbits can’t eat the plants that are resistant to them. So, you have to know the resistivity of coleus plants to deer and rabbits. However, let’s see detail about this plant.

Do deer eat coleus plants?

Deer don’t eat coleus plants. This is a lush foliage plant that is deer resistant. That means the coleus plant is not suitable for deer. Coleus plants might be toxic to deer. Moreover, deer also don’t like to eat them. So, they might rise up their noses while they get the scent of coleus plants.

Deer-resistant plants are plants that are not suitable for deer. Generally, these plants have elements that might not go with the digestive system of deer. Moreover, deer don’t like to eat stinky plants.

For example, some animals might be able to eat coleus plants. But deer don’t like the smell and taste of this plant. It doesn’t mean that coleus plants are dangerous for deer and can make deer sick instantly.

Simple, deer don’t like to eat coleus plants because they are resistant to this plant.

Are coleus deer resistant?

Yes, coleus is deer resistant. You might see other animals eat this plant. But deer generally don’t like to eat this plant.

Coleus has a scent and taste that deer feel stinky. Many other common plants are sticky to them. But deer-resistant plants might not be toxic always. They can be safe for deer. But resistivity arises when deer take the smell of this plant.

They might reject this plant for the scent. Moreover, if deer try to eat when they are hungry, they might not like the taste of the coleus plant. So, coleus is deer resistant.

3 reasons why deer won’t eat coleus:

Generally, deer don’t eat coleus. But you might have seen other animals eat this plant. So, you might be confused about deer why won’t eat coleus. So, let’s see some reasons why deer won’t eat coleus.


Coleus is a deer-resistant plant. Deer don’t like to eat these plants because these plants are stinky to deer. So, if you don’t see a deer eating coleus plant, it’s might be for deer-resistivity of the plant.


Coleus plants have a specific smell. Deer don’t like this smell. So, whenever they are close to any deer-resistant plant as coleus, they will raise up their noses. So, the smell of this plant resists deer to eat coleus.


Deer also don’t like the taste of this plant. They might want to eat this plant whimsically when they are very hungry. But if they eat a little bit, they will not continue. Because they don’t like the taste of the coleus plant.

What plants will deer not eat?

Deer don’t eat all plants. Some plants might be toxic to them. Besides, deer might not like some plants to eat. Generally, deer will not eat deer-resistant plants. So, here is a list of plants that deer will not eat.

Marigold (French):

Generally, French marigolds are bushy and compact with small flowers. These flowers are colorful and fragrant. But deer don’t like the smell of this marigold and don’t like to eat.


Rosemary is another scented flower that deer don’t like to eat. That’s why rosemary is called a deer-resistant flower.


Mint is a pretty essential plant. But you might be confused about whether deer eat mint or not. Well, the strong aroma of mint resists deer to eat this plant.

African Lily:

African lily is a deer-resistant plant. Moreover, the scent and colors don’t attract deer to eat this plant. So, deer won’t eat African lily.

Fountain grass:

Generally, deer don’t like this plant because this plant is perennial. So, they face difficulty eating this plant.


Heather is another plant that deer don’t like to eat. So, this plant is also deer-resistant.

Other plants:

Some other plants are also deer-resistant. So, deer will not eat those plants. For example, foxglove, crape myrtle, yucca, zinnia, wisteria, etc., plants are deer resistant.

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Do rabbits eat coleus plants?

Rabbits eat coleus plants. Generally, coleus is not rabbit-resistant. Rabbits like to eat the foliage of this plant and they also hide in the plants at night. One of the species of coleus plant might be rabbit-resistant. But most of them are suitable for rabbits. So, rabbits eat coleus plants.

Coleus is a genus name that contains different plants also. But if you want to know whether coleus is rabbit-resistant or not, then they are suitable for rabbits. Rabbits love to eat the leaves of coleus plants.

Moreover, these plants are spreader. So, rabbits can also hide in these plants. So, often they try to hide there and end up eating the foliage of coleus. This plant is not also harmful to rabbits. So, rabbits eat them.

Is coleus rabbit resistant?

No, coleus is not rabbit resistant. Most species of this plant are not rabbit-resistant. But one of the species named C. Canina can be rabbit-resistant. Otherwise, other species of coleus plants are not rabbit resistant.

Contrarily, rabbits love to eat this plant. Especially, they are fond of eating the foliage. Besides, the smell of this plant attracts the rabbits to come back. Moreover, rabbits also get a hiding place under the coleus plant.

3 reasons why rabbits are attracted to coleus:

You might know that rabbits love to eat coleus plants. These plants are not rabbit-resistant. So, you might want to know the reasons behind this. However, let’s see some reasons why rabbits are attracted to coleus.

Attractive foliage:

Coleus can be different in colors. They have attractive foliage. Besides, rabbits like to eat the foliage of coleus. So, they are attracted and come back almost every night to eat coleus.

Taste and smell:

Coleus has a specific taste and smell. So, rabbits are attracted to this taste and smell. When they eat coleus, they like the fragrance and taste of the foliage.

A place to hide:

Generally, coleus is a plant with many leaves. The leaves spread through the area. So, when rabbits come near the plant, they also get a place to hide under the plants. That’s why they come back often.

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How to stop rabbits from eating coleus plants?

Rabbits will come to the coleus plant since they love to eat the plant. So, if you want to save these plants in your garden or area, you have to take proper steps. So, let’s see how you can stop rabbits from eating coleus plants.

  • You can use repellents that will prevent rabbits to come back into the garden.
  • You can also modify your garden by removing elements that can attract rabbits.
  • You can put the fence to prevent rabbits to enter the garden.
  • You can keep a dog that will watch the garden or notice whether any animals invade the plants or not.
  • You can plant rabbit repellent plants.
  • You can also use natural repellent or use homemade rabbit repellent in the garden.

What is a natural rabbit repellent?

Natural repellent is a repellent that will prevent the rabbit to come closer. But this repellent will not harm the environment and other animals.

Some commercial repellents contain toxic elements that can harm the environment and animals. But natural repellents have a smell or taste that the animals don’t like. So, they won’t come near the garden if you use a natural repellent.

So, a natural repellent is an element that discourages animals and pests to come closer to the plant but doesn’t harm the animals.

What keeps eating my coleus?

Many people like to have coleus plants in their garden or indoor. So, if you have a coleus plant in your garden, you might see damage to the coleus plant or to the foliage. So, you might think about what keeps eating your coleus.

Rabbits like to eat coleus. So, rabbits might be eating your coleus from the garden. Moreover, bugs, whiteflies, aphids, spider mites, and slugs might also eat your coleus plants. Besides, fungus might invade the coleus and create holes in the leaves.

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Final Thoughts

Deer don’t like to eat coleus because coleus is a deer-resistant plant. But rabbits eat coleus. Even rabbits love to eat this plant. Contrarily, deer don’t like the smell and taste of coleus. But rabbits are attracted to the colorful foliage and they also get a place to hide under the coleus plant.

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