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Do Deer Eat Yucca Plants? Are Yucca Plants Deer-Resistant?

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Yucca plants are most familiar as indoor and outdoor design plants as well as the blooms are famous among animals for their deliciousness. Although the Yucca plant is not eaten by all animals, neither its blooms are favorites for all of them.

But in this article, we will find out whether deer eat Yucca plants or not.

Do deer eat Yucca plants? Are Yucca plants deer-resistant?

The sharp and thorny leaves of Yucca plants filled with toxins can keep almost all the animals distant from it. Although the Yucca plant is not completely deer-resistant, because deers are very fond of its flowers rather than their leaves because the blossoms are very tasty, sweet, and delicious.

The Yucca plants have toxins in different parts of them. The most poisonous parts are the sap and the leaves. The leaves have a structure like a dagger and they are very sharp as well as pointy. The toxins in the leaves keep the majority of the animals away from them.

Although their blooms also attract many small animals as well as some big animals. Deer are also included in those big animals groups as they love to eat those sweet tasted flowers.

Do deer eat Yucca plants?

Yucca plants have some shrubs that are spiky and filled with toxins which keep most of the animals away from it. Because the toxins from the leaves can be very harmful to most of the animal’s body.

However, deers might not eat the leaves of the Yucca plants but the flowers of the plants are their most favorite. You may plant Yucca plants in your backyard for keeping away deers but the deers will surely come back for its flowers.

Also, the red Yucca is not deer resistant as the flowers attract them more than anything.

Do deer eat Yucca blooms?

Yes, deer do eat Yucca blooms and it is their favorite part of a Yucca plant. As the leaves are mostly sharp and pointy as well as are filled with toxins, therefore, most of the animals avoid the Yucca plant.

However, the blooms of the Yucca plant are not deer resistant because of their sweet taste. The Yucca blooms are usually called inflorescence and they hang around in groups in the top part of the Yucca plant.

The taste of the Yucca plant blooming almost tastes the same as asparagus and it also has a mild sweet taste. The deer eats the blooms because of this mild sweet taste.

Also, the Yucca blooms also attract not only deer but also small animals. Small animals like underground squirrels, rats, rabbits, etc. Some animals have adapted their food habit by eating the leaves but most of the animals get attracted by the blooms of Yucca plants.

What do deer-resistant mean?

Deer-resistant plants actually mean the deer will prefer eating other plants rather than eating that specific plant. Although it doesn’t fully mean that the deer will not eat the plant as we can see in the case of the Yucca plant.

However, there are some plants that are fully deer resistant and under any situation, the deer will not prefer to eat these kinds of plants. Although you can use deer deterrent spray in your plants to make them deer-resistant. Here are some of the names of deer-resistant plants:

Arabis caucasica,  Aubrieta deltoidea, Cerastium tomentosum, Lilium tiger, Lupinus, Perovskia atriplicifolia, Polemonium caeruleum, etc.

Are Yucca plants deer-resistant?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. Yucca plants are not fully deer-resistant because the blooms of Yucca plants are eaten by deers. The sharp and toxic leaves keep every animal distant from it however the mild sweet flowers attract the animals.

The Yucca blossoms are known as inflorescence, and they are found in clusters near the top of the Yucca plant. The taste of a Yucca plant in flower is similar to asparagus, and it also has a light sweet flavor.

Because of the slight sweetness of the blossoms, the deer are very fond of them.

Are red Yucca deer-resistant?

Well, no, the red Yucca is not completely deer-resistant. The deer will most probably not eat the foliage of the red Yucca however, they will indeed eat the blossoms of the red Yucca.

It is because the flowers of the red Yucca have a sweet taste which makes it more attractive to the deers. Therefore the deers may not go for the foliage but they will absolutely eat the flowers of red Yucca.

What animals eat Yucca plants?

Yucca plants are not eaten by the majority of animals because of their sharp and pointy as well as toxin-filled leaves. However, there are some small animals that survive by eating these types of plants.

There are some small ground animals as well as some pests and parasites that may invade your Yucca plant for food.

Small animals:

When there is no supply of food, digging creatures like an underground squirrel, rats, bunnies, and packs of rodents will consume your Yucca.

It is indeed possible to keep animals at distance through the fence, bait trapping, or toxic baits, however, you have to make sure that you keep chemicals out of your children’s access at all times.

You may not need to use pesticides for most circumstances because if the foliage is only lightly injured and the plant can heal by itself.


Yucca leaves curl as they are invaded by these small insects, which are known as thrips or Yucca worms. As long as the plant is alive, thrips won’t cause any harm. There is also a kind of bug known as Scales.

Scales are strange small insects that do not appear to be bugs. They seem to be tough as well as spherical, dark patches on leaves, but also because they attach themselves to their host, they might seem to become a portion of the plant.


Some of the tiny dotted parasites named two-spotted mites can eat the leaves of your Yucca plant. Mainly these types of mites live under the leaves by creating webs.

What do Yucca plants attract?

Basically, the Yucca plants don’t attract any kind of animals because of their pointy and dagger-like leaves. The leaves of the Yucca plant contain toxins that are harmful to most plants.

Although it doesn’t mean that the Yucca plant doesn’t attract small animals or pests or mites. Different types of small animals like underground squirrels, rats, rabbits, etc. do get attracted by Yucca plants.

Some small animals adapted their food habit by eating the roots and stems of these plants and the majority of animals get attracted by the flowers. As the flowers do have some sweet taste it attracts the small animals even big animals like deer.

What part of the Yucca plant is poisonous?

The most poisonous part of the Yucca plant is the sap because the sap contains mild toxicity. Also, the sharp and pointy leaves contain toxins that can be harmful to both animals and humans.

Because of these toxins, most of the animals keep their distance from the Yucca plants.  The saponin has some toxicity which is entirely harmful to your pets, therefore, if you Yucca plants in your home then you should keep a close eye on your pet so that they don’t eat the plant.

Final Thoughts:

The Yucca plant is considered one of the poisonous plants because of the presence of toxins in them. Although being a poisonous plant it doesn’t make them deer-resistant as the deer are very fond of their flowers and love to eat them. The flowers attract the deer more than the leaves.

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