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Do Deer Eat Soybeans? (Answered)

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Are soybeans favored by deers? What types of soybeans do deer like to eat? Are you planning to grow some soybeans for your deers? Are you looking for ways of preventing deers from eating your soybeans?

Stick with us to find out all your desired answers.

Do deer eat soybeans?

Deers can definitely eat soybeans especially when there is a high level of scarcity of other food items in nature for deers. In addition, deers will also eat soybeans because deers can benefit from high levels of crude protein, potassium, calcium, fiber, starch, and so on through soybeans.

It is really important to know what parts of soybeans are edible and favored by deers so that you can make your decisions accordingly.

Soybean plants: 

There is no doubt that deers can definitely eat soybean plants because it is filled with all the essential macronutrients. Soybean plants also help deer to have a better digestive system and provide them with ample minerals and vitamins.

Soybean pods: 

Deers will definitely eat the soybean pods because these pods have 37% or more levels of protein. In addition, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, zinc, and so on which are found in soybean pods are also very good for the development of the deer’s body.

Soybean seeds: 

Deers especially love to eat soybean seeds which are like a snack to them. Accordingly, the minerals and vitamins that are found in soybean seeds help with the pH level, digestion, immune system, bone growth, and so on for deers.

Soybean meal: 

Soybean meal may be favored by some deers and for others, they may not like it. Nevertheless, soybean meal is a great addition of protein to deers’ diet.

Will deer eat raw soybeans? 

Deer almost eat everything raw and therefore when it comes to raw soybeans, it is their favorite to eat.

In addition, raw soybean contains a high level of protein, crude fiber, potassium, fat, phosphorus, calcium, and so on in their purest form only if they are eaten raw. 

Accordingly, these are the reasons why deers can eat raw soybeans as it is appealing to the deers.

Do deer eat soybeans after they turn brown?

Deers will eat soybeans even after they turn brown especially if there is a shortage of food available in nature.

Moreover, when it comes to brown soybean, it is only the product of the yellowing phase that all soybean plants grow through.

Accordingly in this yellowing phase, the green soybeans slowly turn to yellow and eventually brown. At this time, the moisture level of soybean gets dried up. Nevertheless, deers will still eat the brown soybeans. 

Moreover, another reason why deers will eat soybeans after they have turned brown is due to the fact that they don’t have other preferable competitor foods like persimmons, honey locusts, plums, apples, corn, and so on available.

Do deer eat soybeans in winter or after harvest? 

It shouldn’t come across as a surprise that deers really like to eat soybeans. Moreover, there is no exact time period regarding when soybeans can be devoured by deers as it basically depends on the availability of food.

Accordingly, if there is a scarcity of food, then deers will definitely eat soybeans all throughout the seasons including winter as well.

However, deers cannot eat soybean after it is harvested because once soybeans are harvested, deers will not have the possible access to them and will not find the soybeans appealing.

In addition, when it comes to winter, deers aren’t really bothered by the cold temperature and they will even eat cold and frozen soybeans as these soybeans will contain the proper nutrients for them.

Moreover, soybeans are induced with high levels of fat and protein which is really helpful for the deers to ensure their daily protein intake.

In addition, it is the seeds of soybeans that are much more enjoyable for the deers, especially in the winter times.

When do deer eat soybeans? 

Although deer can eat soybeans throughout the seasons, there are nevertheless some seasons that are most preferable for deers to feed on soybeans. Accordingly, being knowledgeable about the seasons/time when deers like to eat soybeans can help you mold decisions accordingly.


As winter will bring scarcity of food for deers, deers will feed on soybeans during the winter period. During these times, deers feed less on carbs and more on proteins which is why soybeans are the perfect fit for them to feed on in the times of winter.

In addition, deers will not only enjoy eating the leaves, but they will also eat the cold and solid seeds of soybeans in the times of winter for their pleasure.


Soybeans are jam-packed with high levels of protein for deers which is why deers love to eat soybeans foliage and seeds especially in the springtime when soybean plants are in full bloom.


Soybean plants are filled with high levels of moisture and this moisture from the soybean is perfect for deers in the times of summer when there can be scarce water sources available for deers.

How to keep deer from eating soybeans?

Deers can definitely do a serious level of damage to your soybean plants and therefore being knowledgeable about the proper ways to keep deers from eating your soybean plants will help you to prevent any disaster.

Human Scent:

One of the very effective ways of making sure to keep deers away from your soybean plants is by using your scent as a repellent for deer.

In addition, deers have a very strong sense of smell and they really like to avoid humans at all costs.

Accordingly, these disadvantages of deers’ can come to your advantage because if you make your presence known, then deers will not come near your soybean plants.

To do this, you can leave some pieces of hair around the high deer traffic places which will help to keep the deers away as they will sense a strong human presence which is not really appealing to them.

Bright Objects:

Another great way of keeping deers away from your garden so that the deers will not eat your soybean plants is regarding the usage of bright or shiny objects.

Accordingly, if you hang some shiny things like CDs or pie tins, then the sounds these objects will make and the reflection these shiny bright objects will create will be able to deter deers away from your soybean plants.

Deer Repellent:

There are several natural ways with which you can keep deers away from your soybean plants.

Accordingly, instead of using pepper spray, harmful repellent, soap, and so on, you can use several natural plants that the deers don’t like.

In addition, plants such as rosemary, daffodils, iris, oregano, and so on aren’t really the favorite for deers as these plants’ strong smell deter deers effectively.

Therefore, if you plan to plant these around your soybean plants, then there is a high chance of keeping deers away.

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Another very affordable and quick way of making sure that deers aren’t anywhere near your soybean plants is through the usage of wind chimes.

Accordingly, the unique and unpredictable sounds that wind chimes seem to make are enough to scare the deers away which will eventually lead them to leave the soybean plants alone.


If your soybean plants are being pounded by deers very frequently and if it is causing your plants to have slow growth, then it is better to install deer fencing around your garden.

Accordingly, deers can jump pretty high, therefore, you need your fences to be as tall as possible so that deers can not jump off of them.

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Another very effective way of making sure that deers will not eat soybean plants is regarding the usage of scarecrows.

Accordingly, as deers are very much sensitive to human presence, so anything that resembles that will keep deer away.

Therefore, if you use a scarecrow or garden ornaments (like pink flamingos), then these will be sufficient enough to make sure the deers will not eat your soybean plants as these will scare deers away.

Will soybeans grow back after deer eat them? 

If you’re planning to plant soybeans for deers, then it won’t be a problem for you when deers will eat the soybean plants, however when you are planting soybeans for other reasons, then it may be a great matter of concern.

Accordingly, the good news is that soybeans will definitely grow back after deer eat them as long as the first dual leaves that come out of the seeds are intact.

Moreover, when it comes to matured soybean plants, they can also regrow even if they are eaten by deers.

Final thoughts:

The nutritional health benefit that deers get from the consumption of soybeans is unparalleled as soybeans give them the proper protein, calcium, and high levels of water. However, if other preferred foods are available besides soybeans, deers will most likely consume those first instead of soybean.

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