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Do Deer Eat Snapdragons? (Explained)

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Snapdragons are a type of flower that is easy to grow and most commonly found in almost every garden. These flowers mostly grow during winter and remain on the hunt for a short time. In today’s article, we will discuss if deer eat snapdragons. 

Do deer eat snapdragons?  

There are almost 40 species of snapdragons and deer do not like to eat most of them because they are aromatic. Generally, deer tend to avoid the flowers and plants that are thorny and contain scent. But the deer is adaptive and may eat anything when hungry, so they could eat snapdragons as well. 

Snapdragons are considered a commonly popular cool-season flower that is seen almost in every garden. These flowers have a variety of colors and the plants can be high up to three feet. 

In addition to that, many people prefer to grow them in flower beds. Generally, snapdragons spread a beautiful smell and have bright and attractive colors, which comes as a bonus with it. 

It is avoided by many animals and insects that cannot resist the strong smell. Deer tend to avoid snapdragons due to their excessively aromatic scent. Generally, deer use its smelling sense to search for food around it. 

The strong pungent aroma of snapdragons prevents the deer from coming close to it. However, Deer are adaptive animals and will eat anything that comes their way when they are hungry and in search of food. 

So, they may eat snapdragons as well. Below is a brief discussion of whether the deer likes to eat Snapdragon flowers and plants or not: 

Snapdragon flowers: 

Deer do not like to eat Snapdragon flowers because they sprayed a strongly aromatic scent that the deer cannot withstand. 

Generally, the deer tend to avoid any flowers or food that spreads a strong aroma. However, they may eat the flowers when they become desperate in search of food.

Snapdragons plants: 

Generally, the deer tends to avoid Snapdragon flowers, but not the plants. So, they may eat the leaves and the shrubs from the sunflower plants when they are hungry and in search of food. 

That is why growing snapdragons in a deer-infested area may help you to deer-proof the garden to save the other plants from the deer invasion.

Do deer like to eat snapdragons?  

The deer will only eat snapdragons when they are hungry and have a shortage of food sources. Generally, deer do not like to eat snapdragons because it spreads a strong aroma that the deer cannot withstand. 

But they may eat Snapdragon flowers sometimes when they are desperate in search of food and hungry enough. The deer are adaptive animals and can eat anything that comes in their way when they are desperate in search of food. 

But in most cases, you will not see the deer eating Snapdragon flowers. As a result, it is an ideal choice to use them as a deer-resistant plant in the garden.

Are snapdragons deer resistant? 

Yes, snap Dragons can be an ideal option to use as a deer-resistant plant. Generally, the Snapdragon flowers spread a strong smell that the deer does not like. 

The deer have a strong-smelling sense that they generally used to search for food. But in most cases, they cannot resist smelling a strong odor or aroma. As a result, automatic flowers and plants can be used to prevent them from coming inside the garden. 

That is why many people tend to use snapdragons to make their garden deer resistant. It will also increase the beauty of your garden because snapdragon flowers are available in different colors.

Are snapdragons poisonous to deer? 

Generally, the snapdragon is not considered poisonous since most of the species of Snapdragon flowers are edible. 

The bright and attractive-looking Snapdragon flowers spread a beautiful smell around the garden which will increase the beauty of your garden. 

It will also help you to prevent deals from coming inside your garden and damaging the other plants. 

In some cases, when the deer becomes very hungry and desperate in search of food, they may invade your garden and eat the Snapdragon flowers. 

But that won’t harm them or affect them. So, it should not be counted as a poisonous flower at all.

How to keep deer from eating my snapdragons? 

Snapdragons are a commonly popular type of flower that is found in almost every garden. These flowers usually grow around 3 feet high and come in a variety of colors. 

The attractive and bright color of the snapdragons makes the garden look more beautiful and colorful. 

The flowers contain a strong pungent aroma that is long-lasting and spreads throughout the garden for a long time. 

That is why snapdragon is used as an insect repellant flower as well. Many insects and animals do not come close to these flower plants due to their strong smell. 

Deer are one of them. If you are living in a deer-infested area, you may try planting snapdragons in your garden to prevent the deer from invading your garden and damaging the other plants. 

It will work as an effective deer repellent plant. But it may not work all the time. Deer are considered an adaptive animal that tends to it anything that comes their way when hungry and in search of food. 

So, it may cause damage to the garden and plants by eating the snapdragons when hungry. So, you can follow some tips mentioned below to keep deer away from eating the snapdragons:

Fencing around the garden: 

Fencing around the garden is considered an effective way to prevent deer from eating the snapdragons. In addition to that, you may apply double fences that are 60 inches high to keep them away. 

Mass planting:

By mass planting the trees, you can leave no room for the deer to enter the garden and keep them away from the snapdragon plants.

Scarecrow technique:

The best option is to make a scarecrow that looks almost like a human and place it in the middle of the garden to scare the deer away easily. These tips will help you to keep the deer away from the garden.

Plant deer-repellent trees:

You can try planting more deer-repellent trees in your garden to help them spread different types of strong aromas so that the deer cannot resist staying inside the garden. However, it will make your garden more beautiful as well.

Do snapdragons grow back after deer damage? 

Although snapdragons are a type of flower that spreads a strong aroma that the deer cannot resist, sometimes the deer can even eat the flowers when they are desperate in search of food or hungry enough. 

Generally, the deer is an adaptive animal so they can eat anything that comes their way. 

If they have eaten the snapdragons and you are worried whether they are going to grow back or not, you can simply wait for the season because the snapdragon will grow again as it is a perennial plant.

Do animals eat snapdragons? 

Although the snapdragons smell spreading flowers, which prevents many animals from getting close to them as they cannot resist their strong scent of it, many animals will still eat them

Some of the common insects that can eat the snapdragons are corn earworms, pill bugs, slugs, snails, aphids, thrips, and tobacco budworms. Apart from these insects, fungi and birds can also cause serious damage to the plants. 

That is why you need to take proper care of these plants so that they do not get damaged.

What is eating my snapdragon flowers and leaves?

Snapdragon is a common type of flower that is seen growing in almost every garden. It comes in a variety of colors and spreads a beautiful smell. 

That is why it is helpful to prevent different types of animals from getting close to them or eating them. 

Many animals have a smelling sense that they use to search for food. The strong aroma of snapdragon flowers prevents them from entering the garden. Still, some animals like to eat them. Below is a brief discussion on those animals:


Mites are a common type of insect that cause serious damage to the snapdragon flowers. Apart from that, there are other insects such as aphids, mealybugs, and whiteflies that can damage the flowers in your garden.

Slugs and snails:

Slugs and snails can be seen often on the snapdragon flowers. These insects are also the reason why the snapdragon flowers in your garden are getting damaged.


Worms are a common issue for every gardener. These insects can cause serious damage to your plants. So, you should apply worm repellents from eating the flowers.

Final Thoughts 

Snapdragons are considered cool-season flowers that are attractive and bright in color. These flowers spread a strong smell that prevents the deer from eating the flowers and plants. So, these flowers are considered an ideal option to secure from deer and prevent them from invading it.

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