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Do Deer Eat Radishes? (Quick Answers)

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Deer are the most subtly cautious and timid animals that have ever existed on this planet. They are peace-loving creatures with a humble demeanor.

They are members of the Cervidae family and are among the relatively big animals in the animal kingdom. They have the ability to detect danger and defend themselves properly. However, they have long been a favorite hunting ground for animal hunters.

Let us now explore whether or not deer eat radishes, as well as different types of radishes, and whether or not deer consume them for a living.

Do deer eat radishes?

Deer love eating radishes. Moreover, radishes are accessible virtually anywhere on the globe, so they may be planted almost anywhere near homes or gardens. If you like deer and wish to entice them into your region, radishes may be an excellent food trap because deer enjoy them.

Radishes have always been a favorite with deer. Usually, deer eat almost all kinds of radishes except a few. Radishes are also good for deer because of their high nutritional value.

Now let us discuss a few varieties of radishes and examine whether or not they are consumed by deer. Those are as follows:

Red radishes: 

Deer enjoy eating red radishes. However, red radishes do not have that much food value. In terms of calories, carbohydrate, protein, and other dietary fibers, the deer’s total food value is negligible. But despite that, red radishes are one of the most popular choices among the deer.

Radish tops: 

The radish tops are equally as delicious as the whole radish for the deer. Deer love to eat the taproots and radish tops as a whole when they come across them.

Tillage radishes: 

Tillage is one of the most prominent forage radishes for deer. Deer do love enjoying the delicious tillage radishes with their big greens on the top and long taproot. They are a great source of nutrients for the deer. 

Winter radishes: 

Winter radishes usually have round or oval shaped taproots, which gives them a bulb like structure. Deer need radishes all year round. As a matter of fact, radishes are a deer’s favorite during the fall and winter. 

Thus, winter radishes play a significant role in fulfilling the radish cravings of the deer even in the winter season.

Daikon radishes: 

Daikon are among one of the most favorite radishes of deer. As the deer are very fond of it, daikon is used as a food trap in order to hunt them. The gorgeous, rich greens on the top of daikon never fail to lure the deer into the traps.

Groundhog radishes: 

Groundhog radishes are another forage for deer. They have long taproots, which entice the deer. They are rich in valuable food nutrients for the deer as well.

Do radishes attract deer? 

Radishes most definitely attract the deer. Radishes are rich in calcium, potassium, and antioxidants.

Besides, in cold weather or low temperatures, the starch present in radishes gets converted into sugar. As a result, the deer love to eat radishes mostly during the late fall or winter season.

These amazing brassicas mostly attract deer for their sweet taste. As they start converting starches into sugar in low temperatures, the deer survive on radishes as it works as a great source of energy for them.

Moreover, in winter, mostly everything gets covered in ice and gets frozen in northern America. Thus, radishes are some of the most available food sources for deer in the winter season in America.

Do deer like radish greens? 

The deer love radish greens. It might be quite surprising to you, but it’s true. The deer eats the radish greens the same way and loves them equally as the radish itself. Besides, radishes are quite rich in protein.

The taproot contains almost 20% protein, whereas the radish greens contain up to 20% to 40% protein. As a whole, it contains nearly 60% protein altogether.

Radish consumption gives a high amount of energy. It helps them get through the challenges of late fall and winter.

Even if there were a variety of options available for the deer, they would still choose to eat radish as this is one of their favorites on the menu. They also love to eat the tender leaves of the radish greens along with the radish.

Besides, radish converts starch into sugar during the late fall and early winter. But radish and the radish greens are still the favorites of deer even before these plants convert their starch into sugar.

Why do deer eat radishes? 

Deer can eat radishes for the following reasons –

They are fond of radishes’ taste:

Deer are very fond of the taste of radishes. No matter what items are available on the menu, the deer will always choose radish over anything else every time.

Suppose you kept some other brassicas, soya beans, or clover alongside with the radish. You will see that the deer will choose the radish over everything else, as they are quite fond of its taste.

Radish gives them energy:

Radish is rich in protein, dietary fiber, antioxidants, calcium, potassium, and a lot of other nutrients. Thus, it gives the deer a lot of energy.

Besides, during the winter, radishes are the only source of food that gives them the energy to survive the harsh winter. Also, in late fall, they rely greatly on radishes as one of the most significant food sources.

Texture and appearance:

The texture of radish works great for deer. Moreover, the appealing appearance of radish never fails to satisfy the appetite of deer.

Though radishes are one of those solid vegetables, they have a soothing crunch and amazing textural benefits that deer adore.

Are radishes good for a deer food plot? 

Radishes are an excellent addition to a deer feeding plot. The hunters are always on the lookout for new ways to attract deer for hunting.

Nowadays, hunters rely on daikon seeds as one of the most effective baits for luring deer away from their flocks. Daikon radishes have a succulent taproot and primarily nice greens at the top.

As a result, it never fails to attract the deer’s interest. Furthermore, any radish with beautiful colors can be used for a deer feeding plot.

Moreover, you may also choose Watermelon radish, which has the most pleasing look and is naturally excessively juicy. Without a doubt, the deer would enjoy having them.

What kind of radishes do deer like? 

Deer like all types of radishes. Because, when it comes to food, without any doubt, the deer would choose radishes without any second thoughts.

Moreover, radishes are very easy to find almost everywhere in the world. That’s why deer get very easy access to radish as the most available food source amidst the bushes.

Radishes are excessively beneficial to deer. It gives them immense energy for having extravagant food values, which is also another reason why radishes are one of the favorites of deer.

Now, let us look into the list of radishes that deer love to eat. Those are as follows:

  • Watermelon radish
  • Black Spanish radish
  • Trophy radish
  • Red radish
  • Cherry Belle radish
  • Chinese Red Meat radish
  • Malaga radish
  • Tillage radish
  • French Breakfast radish
  • Crimson Giant radish
  • Daikon Long White Radish
  • White Globe Hailstone Radish
  • Easter Egg Radish
  • Horseradish
  • Pink Beauty Radish
  • Purple Plum Radish
  • Zlata Radish
  • White Icicle Radish
  • Summer Cross Hybrid Radish
  • Sparkler Radish

How to keep deer away from radishes?

The following tips will help you to to keep deer away from radishes –

Find such plants that repel deer:

In order to keep deer away from radishes, the first and foremost thing that you can do is find plants that repel deer.

There are a few types of plants that deer can’t stand. Those plants work as great repellents in order to keep deer away from your radishes. Find out about those plants yourself from different sources or consult an expert if necessary.

Plant deer repellent plants:

Plant deer repellent plants beside the compound where you grow your radishes. You can plant Yarrow plants, Tansy, Fern, Black-eyed Susan, Peonies, Russian Sage, Prickly Pear cactus, etc. beside your radishes in order to repel the deer from eating them.

Choose flowering plants that have strong odors:

Flowering plants such as Marigold, Sunflower, Zinnia, Snapdragon, Vinca, Verbena, and a few others have got a strong odorous smell which the deer can’t usually stand. Thus, it can be a great way to repel deer and keep them away from the radish.

Plant different vegetables and herbs:

There are several vegetables that work great as deer repellents as well. Garlic, Onions, Scallions, Artichoke, Rhubarb, Tomatoes, Squash, Zucchini, Peppers, Leeks, Pumpkins, Cucumbers.

You can also plant some herbs like fennel, chives, garlic chives, mint, dill, basil, rosemary, oregano, chamomile, etc. around the radish compound to keep the deer away.

Final Thoughts 

Radishes are a favorite of deer. Furthermore, because radishes can be grown practically everywhere on the globe, they may be planted almost anywhere near houses or gardens. If you like deer and want to attract them to your area, radishes are a good food trap since they prefer them.

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