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Do Deer Eat Portulaca? (Read This First!)

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If you love the invasive plant, you must grow the portulaca plants in your garden. It will self-seed and consume the entire empty places of your garden if you don’t control them. They have different colored flowers, which make a garden colorful.

These plants are edible to most wild animals. Therefore, you need to use repellent to protect them from rodents and other animals. But the good thing is that the portulaca will grow naturally after being eaten by the animals.

Do deer eat portulaca?

Deer can eat portulaca. These invasive plants are edible and easy to digest for the deer. If you don’t use any repellent or fail to produce the deer-resistant plants near the portulaca, the deer will devour these invasive plants. So, you must be careful about the deer and other animals.

Some gardeners say that the portulaca is a deer-resistant plant, but that’s not true. It will only resist the deer if you use the repellent around this plant or grow the deer-proof flower plants around the garden. Otherwise, the invasive plants cannot deter the deer.

These plants are lucrative to every wild animal because of the sweet taste and mild smell. They produce an attractive smell that can attract the deer instead of repelling them from the garden. If you have any portulaca, you need to protect it from wild animals.

Portulaca plants:

Deer can eat the portulaca plants from the ground. They are easy to digest and don’t have any chemical reaction to hurt the deer’s stomach. If you have a pet deer, you can offer it to eat the extra portulaca plants in your garden. 

It will help you to stop the invasive growth of the portulaca plants.

What if you have a small portulaca that is growing? You need to protect yourself from deer and other wild animals. In that situation, you need to use the repellent to protect the portulaca and let them grow naturally. 

Portulaca flowers:

Deer can eat the portulaca flowers and digest them quickly. Since the portulaca flowers are edible, they will make the deer meal attractive. If you have a pet deer, you can offer them these flowers and let them be happy. 

These flowers will not damage the deer’s health.

Do deer like to eat portulaca?

Deer like to eat portulaca because when they eat portulaca, they do not feel any imbalance in their body and stomach. Besides, portulaca is very cozy, which does not imbalance the digesting mechanism of a deer. 

Though it suits the deer’s behavior, sometimes it works as a resistive role. Because depending on their mood, if they become hungry, they can devour it. Otherwise, they can avoid portulaca to find other natural daily foods. 

During the spring, primarily deer want to eat portulaca because they become hungry in this season when most of the plants wake up. As deer are herbivores in general, they can quickly eat any natural herb and digest it well, making them calm. 

To fully accelerate these issues, we need to conduct a thorough survey of many deer, which will give an expected result for all. 

3 reasons why deer eat portulaca

Three reasons are there why the deer eat the portulaca plants. They are:


The first reason deer eat portulaca is because of the taste. The taste of the invasive plant, like the portulaca, is like grass. They don’t contain any strong smell or odor that repels the deer. Therefore, the taste of the portulaca plays a significant role here.

The deer can quickly eat and digest the portulaca without facing any problems. If you let the deer eat the portulaca, they will eat without any problem because the taste is natural and doesn’t have a strong smell. 


The portulaca is also edible. That’s the main reason why deer eat these plants. If you find invasive plants and want to feed your pet deer, you can let them live near that area. You will not find any single portulaca there. 

Mainly, deer love to eat every edible leaf and flower. Since the portulaca is an edible plant, you can offer these plants and flowers to your deer. They will happily devour these as their main meal.

Easy Access: 

Another reason is easy access why the deer love to eat the portulaca. Most invasive plants proliferate, and they consume the entire empty places. Therefore, they become accessible plants in the garden where the insects and other aphids can live.

If the deer come across the garden and find the portulaca, they will eat these plants. They will not face any challenges coming to the portulaca to eat these plants. You cannot even put the fence and stop the growth of these invasive plants.

Is portulaca deer resistant?

Sometimes portulaca works resistant against the deer but is consistent because they do not like to eat portulaca during the winter. Many issues exist that perhaps oppose the statement that portulaca is deer resistant. No plant is safe for hungry deer, but it is guided as a deer resistant

These plants are often planted around gardens to attract deer so that the deer can eat the plants for a short time, then lose interest and move elsewhere. 

Sometimes it creates inconsistencies for such confusing features that everyone should comment on the situation of the environment because no one knows when it works counter-wise. 

So, in the end, it can be said that this plant sometimes resists and sometimes attracts deer too.

Are portulaca hybrids deer resistant?

Portulacas are hybrid deer resistant because their extensive smell resists the deer aside. In the summer season, it is planted to avoid the deer so that the farmers can keep their crops safe. 

However, it’s not common practice everywhere because hybrid deer can react differently depending on the species of portulaca. 

As portulaca has few irritation issues, periodically, aphids or slugs can be an issue, and in wet soils, stem or root decays can be an issue. For this reason, deer usually try to stay away from these problems. 

This is why nature and the environment act as huge regulators, and deer lose interest in it and find out their regular foods. 

How to stop deer from eating portulaca?

You can stop deer from eating portulaca by using different deer-repellent and following some tips. Today, we will cover the top four best ways to stop the deer from eating portulaca. 

Growing deer-resistant plants: 

If you want to stop the deer from eating your portulaca, you have to follow the long process of increasing deer-resistant plants. Planting these outside or around the garden will produce a strong unpleasant smell to deter the deer from the surroundings. 

If you look at the deer-resistant plants, you will find two features that work.

The first one is the smell that the deer can’t bear. You can plant any strong smelly flowery plants; they will work against the deer and keep them away from eating your portulaca. Another reason is the taste and inedible leaves.

Clean & Remove the grass: 

If your garden is surrounded by green grass, it will attract the deer to a great extent. If you want to stop the deer from coming and eating your portulaca, you must deeply clean the garden and the nearby area to remove the grass and other invasive plants.

They are the ideal deer foods.

If you can remove these foods, the deer won’t come to the garden and won’t damage or eat the portulaca. You can get help from your family members to regularly clean the garden area and remove the grass to make it deer-proof. 

Control the Portulaca’s Growth: 

If you notice that the portulaca is growing too fast, you must control its growth. You can cut off the extra part of this plant and keep the flower plants only. 

Since the plants can spread throughout the garden and cover the nearby area, you have to ensure that the deer don’t find them to eat.

You can cut off the extra portulaca and remove them to stop the deer from eating your portulaca. It will indirectly help you repel the deer from coming to your garden. 

Use Repellent: 

If you have the deer-repellent spray, you can use it around the garden to make it deer-proof. It might cost you some additional bucks, but the result will be instant. You will stop the deer from eating the portulaca within a while. 

But you cannot spray on the invasive plants; since the spray contains dangerous chemicals.

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Final Thoughts

Since the portulaca is an invasive and edible plant, the deer can eat this portulaca. There will be no complexity if the deer overeat the portulaca or other invasive plants. They are like grass, and the taste and smell are not that strong to work against the deer.

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