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Do Deer Eat Poinsettias? (Quick Answers)

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Deer are known to be an herbivorous animals. This animal usually lives on eating plants. But there are some plants that this animal does eat and there are some that this animal does not.

You may want to know if deer eat poinsettias. Let us answer your question and provide some related information regarding this matter as well.

Do deer eat poinsettias?

Deer do not eat poinsettias. Poinsettias as said to be toxic. They are dangerous. Most animals do not eat poinsettias. As this kind of plant can cause dangerous problems to most animals, including deer, they do not eat poinsettias. They avoid poinsettias and may eat only when they starve.

Deer usually live on eating plants. This is their primary source of energy. Hence, they eat almost any kind of plant that is around them. Therefore, it is easy for them to have a meal.

Deer live in forests where there is a good amount of greenery. Forests are the best place where they can live easily and have easy access to food. Around the forest, there are various kinds of plants. Deer eat almost all types of plants.

But there are some plants which a deer do not eat. Among them poinsettias are one of them. There are reasons why a deer avoids eating poinsettias.

Poinsettias is a small plant. This is usually found around the Mexican and Central American regions. The main use of this plant is for decoration purposes during Christmas. This plant is very beautiful and may help to increase the beauty of the home.

Although poinsettia is a beautiful plant, scientists say that this plant is toxic. Due to this, if any animal consumes this plant, it may undoubtedly cause the animal a lot of harm. But a small amount of consumption may not cause any harm.

There are various kinds of poinsettias kinds around us. If you ask which poinsettia the deer may eat, let us answer that question by discussing if the deer eats the mostly found poinsettia around us:

Poinsettia plants:

Deer do not eat poinsettia plants. Poinsettia plants are of various kinds. But of them are toxic. Although touch or slight consumption may not cause any harm, consuming this plant for a long time may cause a deer to get into danger. This is because of the toxicity inside the deer from consuming this plant continuously.

Are poinsettias deer resistant?

Yes, poinsettias are deer resistant. The poinsettias are beautiful flowers. But the scent and taste of the plant are not suitable for deer. Therefore, deer do not like the plant, proving that it is deer resistant.

Deer have a keen sense of smelling their surroundings. They do not go near the area which does not smell suitable around them.

They do not even consume that does not smell good to them. The strong smell of poinsettias keeps many animals away. It also keeps the deer away too.

Do deer like poinsettias?

Deer do not like poinsettias. Deer are known to eat only plants. This is why it is known as herbivores. This animal is one of the most noteworthy animals of this species without any doubt.

As deer live on plants, it almost eats any kind of plant. To understand if it can eat any plant, it uses its sense of smell. Using this sense of smelling, deer identify which plant is ideal for them to eat.

But poinsettias have a strong smell which keeps them from eating them. Moreover, the bitter taste of the plant keeps this plant of the diet of deer more or less.

Are poinsettias poisonous to deer?

Yes, poinsettias are poisonous to deer. This plant comes with a bright red color in general. But over the time, various kinds of poinsettias are grown around us. All of them are of different colors.

But the other types of poinsettias are developed from this red poinsettia that we saw in the past.

Poinsettias have various natural compounds. Pulcherrol and pulcherryl acetate are the most significant chemical components in the poinsettias. These organic components are found in the latex of the plant. Triterpenes are also found in the same place.

It is said that one of the organic components that are found may be the foundation drug for a human disease called Alzheimer’s. But if the plant is not used in a certain manner and is consumed unconditionally by any animal, this may be hard for the animal.

Due to the chemicals found in this plant, it may cause toxic buildup in deer. But this does not happen when consumed only a tiny amount. The deer has to consume a lot in quantity in order to be intoxicated by this plant.

But eventually, this plant is dangerous for deer. Still, touching or consuming a small amount may not cause any issues.

How to keep deer from eating poinsettias?

Poinsettias is a plant that is said to be toxic for deer. It is also said that it is deer resistant. As the scent and taste of this plant if bitter, deer do not want to come near this plant. It does not even want to eat.

But still, deer may accidentally eat this plant. Although this plant is toxic, it does not cause any harm to deer if a small amount is consumed. But it may cause various health issues like diarrhea, itchiness and many more.

It is better to keep deer away from eating poinsettias. There are a lot of ways that you can implement to keep them away. Among all the ways, here are the most effective ways to keep deer away from eating poinsettias:

Surround a fence:

Deer may seek up to the garden and accidentally eat poinsettias. Although this may not look something serious, this may become a daily occurrence by a deer.

So, the simplest way to keep poinsettias away from deer is to install a fence around the garden. The fence has to be a bit tall so that deer cannot leap over the fence into the garden.

Use deer netting:

If installing a fence around the garden where you have planted poinsettias is not possible, then using deer netting is a good solution.

Deer netting is a kind of net that is installed with a frame which stays above the poinsettias plant. This protects the plants from getting in reach of deer. Therefore, deer cannot eat the plant.

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Installing noise making traps:

You can also install noise making traps around your garden. This will scare the deer away. So, the deer will not go near the poinsettias plant. You can make handmade noise making traps using ropes and bells.

You can also use modern devices like ultrasonic noise-makers, ultrasonic lights and many more.

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Use deer repellent:

Deer repellent is a good way to keep deer away from eating your precious poinsettias plants. Although this plant is said to be deer resistant, you might need to use deer repellants.

You may use homemade deer repellents. You may also use mint scented deer spray. This is also an effective deer repellent in the market.

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Grow deer resistant flowers:

You can also plant deer resistant flowers around the garden. Daffodils, marigold, rosemary, oregano, ornamental grasses and many more are called deer resistant flowers. You may plant them around your poinsettias garden.

These may prevent the deer from eating your poinsettias plants and keep them intact as they should be.

Final thoughts

Deer do not eat poinsettias. This plant is said to be toxic and has a bitter smell. Due to these features, deer do not come near poinsettias and they are called deer resistant plants. But if there is a lack of food around deer, this animal may eat this plant and may go through diseases.

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