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Do Deer Eat Impatiens & Sunpatiens (What About Rabbits?)

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Not all plants are suitable for animals. There are some specific plants that animals, like deer and rabbits, avoid and love to eat. It is best to know both the kind.

Do deer eat Impatiens & Sunpatiens?

Impatiens are a favorite of deer. The plant is usually avoided by a lot of animals, but deer find them very appetizing and attractive. A deer will eat all the impatiens around if they are left unprotected. But the animal avoids Sunpatiens. Though the plants are attractive deer tend not to eat them.

There are very few animals who are fond of the impatiens plant. Deer are not one of them. Starting from leaves to the flowers, deer love the impatiens plant.

As for the sunpatiens, deer are not as fond of them. It is because of the texture of the plant. However attractive the sunpatiens maybe, deer tend to avoid these plants-

Impatiens plants, leaves, and flowers:

The entire impatiens plant is a favorite of the deer. The plant isn’t deer repellent. In fact they will target the whole part of the plant. The flowers are usually the first target of the deer. And the leaves are a natural choice.

The plants, meaning the stem and roots, are avoided most of the time. Deer cause a lot of damage to the impatiens plant as they eat up all the flowers and leaves of the plant.

Sunpatiens plants and flowers:

Even though the sunpatiens are from the same family as the impatiens, deer do not like these plants. The sunpatiens are bushier in texture than the impatiens plant. Which makes them less appetizing for the deer.

The flowers of the sunpatiens plant are also very attractive looking but the texture is not preferred by the deer. So they avoid the sunpatiens plant in general.

Impatiens and sunpatiens are in general animal repellents. But impatiens are always preferred by deer. Sunpatiens are not however. Even though the two types of plants resemble a lot, the texture of the sunpatiens are not appealing to deer.

Do rabbits eat Impatiens & Sunpatiens?

Rabbits are drawn towards the very colorful impatiens flower. And within a few moments the small animal will finish all the impatiens flower and plant around. It is a favorite of the rabbits. Which is why they waste no time to eat up all the plant whenever they get the chance.

The impatiens plant is not rabbit repellent. In fact it is one of the favorites of rabbits. The small animal takes no time to finish an entire bed of the impatiens plants. Even though the animal will avoid many vines, it is a known fact that rabbits will happily dine on the impatiens plant-

Impatiens plants and flowers:

Rabbits are not picky when it comes to having the impatiens plant. Though they will choose to have the flowers of the plant more often, still it is not rare for the animal to eat the entire plant at one go.

It is very uncommon for rabbits to leave out the chance to devour an entire flower bed of impatiens plants. They are so fond of the plant that they will have it all as quick as possible.

Sunpatiens plants and flowers:

Just like deer, rabbits tend to avoid the sunpatiens. And it is because of the bushy texture and their density of growth.

Rabbits find it hard to eat it. Even though the flower is as much attractive as the impatiens, still rabbits choose not to have sunpatiens.

Sunpatiens are a type of impatiens, but these plants of the family are avoided by rabbits. Rabbits may have a flower or two of the sunpatiens plant if there is nothing left to eat, but they are not fond of them.

Impatiens are not really rabbit repellent. The plant is on the top position of the diet list of rabbits, unlike sunpatiens plant.

How to keep deer from eating impatiens?   

Deer enjoy the impatiens plant so much that they end up damaging the garden and yard where impatiens are planted. It is best to take measures. There are a number of ways to do so-

Egg water method:

Add 1 part egg with 4 parts of water and mix it well. Spray that water around the plant. Keep doing this for about a month. The smell of the egg will keep the deer away.


The easiest way is to fence your backyard. Deer will not be able to reach the plants and it will look good as well.

It is best to try and keep deer away from the impatiens plant of your yard. They will cause a good deal of damage to your backyard and they will not leave a single flower of the plant. Best to keep them far away from the plant. 

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How to keep rabbits from eating impatiens?

Just like the deer it is important to keep rabbits away from the impatiens plants. The small animals will eat up the entire bed of the impatiens plant leaving no flower behind. This is never desired. Which is why you should take measures to keep the animal away from the plant-


Keep the backyard fenced to prevent the rabbits to enter. Though it may not work as the small animals will find a way to enter.

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Egg water:

Spray egg water around the impatiens plant. 1 part egg and 4 part water and spray the mist around the plant for 30 days. The smell of the egg water will keep the rabbits away.

It is important to keep rabbits away from the impatiens plant. This is to prevent your backyard from turning into a complete mess and flower less. Rabbits will damage your backyard so best to take measures beforehand.

Are impatiens poisonous to rabbits and deer?

Impatiens are not poisonous at all, especially not to deer and rabbits. The plant is delicate and not poisonous for animals to have them. Deer and rabbits love the impatiens plant and will take no time to finish and entire container of the flower.

Even though some people think impatiens are rabbit resistant, but that is not true. Rabbits actually enjoy the impatiens more than any other vine like plant.

And as for deer, impatiens are at the top of their favorite list of food. Impatiens have colorful and attractive flowers which are very delicate. Even the leaves are soft enough to eat.

Are Sunpatiens the same as impatiens? Impatiens Vs Sunpatiens, What are the differences?

Though the two plants look the same and share similar tones of names, there are very definite differences between the two. Sunpatiens are a hybrid of the impatiens.

And that is why the two share so many similarities like their color contrast of the flower. However the common differences are given below-

Light requirements:

Impatiens do not need much sunlight. The plant grows happy and healthy in shady areas, with little sunlight.

Sunpatiens require a good amount of sunlight to grow well. The plant are sun lovers and need a lot of natural light for their colors to flourish properly.

Leaf shade:

Impatiens have a lighter shade of color of their leaves. It maybe because of the sunlight. This does not concern their flower color though.

Sunpaitens on the other hand tend have a darker shade of leaves. This is why this plant is more found in gardens. As most house owners prefer this shade.

Are New Guinea impatiens and Double Impatiens Wallerianas deer and rabbit resistant?

New Guinea impatiens are relatively new variants of the impatiens plant. So it is important to know that the plant is not toxic to deer or rabbits.

The plant is not rabbit resistant nor deer resistant. In fact, deer and rabbits love the New Guinea impatiens just as much as the normal impatiens.

As the double impatiens are also very much new to the gardeners, it may cause confusion. These plants are also not toxic or harmful to rabbits and deer. These flowers are very much favorite of both the animals.

Final thoughts

Impatiens are delicate and beautiful flowers. These soft flower plants are on the list of the food chart of a lot of animals, including deer and rabbits. Both the animals are fond of the entire plant, from the flower to the stem or root. These plants are not poisonous either.

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