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Do Deer Eat Gladiolus? (All You Need to Know)

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Deers are known to be quite picky about their food. Yet, rumor has it a hungry deer will eat almost anything. So do deers eat gladiolus? We will find that out.

We have designed this article to walk you through the various aspects of a deer’s food habit.

We will help you figure out whether deers eat gladiolus, and under which circumstances they will indulge in these flowers. So without further ado, let’s read ahead to learn more about it.

Do deer eat gladiolus?

Deers do not eat gladiolus. These plants are typically considered deer resistant. So you will not have to worry about protecting your plant against deers. However, if there is a food crisis in your area where there are many deers, then you will have to take measures to protect your gladiolus plant.

Gladiolus are bright and fragrant flowers that attract a lot of birds, bugs, and animals towards it. But these flowers will not attract deers.

Deers have never been a fan of bright and flashy flowers. They are repelled by flowers and plants that have a strong smell. So you will not see a deer come near a gladiolus plant.

Gladiolus plants have a strong taste as well. The bright colors and strong flavors will rather repel deers.

However, if there is a food shortage in an area that hosts a lot of deers, then you will need to be careful about your gladiolus plants. In such a case you will have to take protective measures to save your plant.

It is believed that no plant is completely deer-resistant. A hungry deer will eat any plant that they can come across. So you will need to be rather careful when you have a lot of deers living around you.

Gladiolus bulb:

Deers do not eat gladiolus bulbs. Deers are not particularly interested in gladiolus plants because they have such strong scents and bright colors. However, gladiolus bulbs are not completely deer-proof.

A hungry deer is very much likely to eat gladiolus bulbs if they can come across them.

Gladiolus flowers:

Deers will not eat gladiolus flowers. The gladiolus flowers are very bright in color, which naturally keeps deers away. In addition, gladiolus flowers feature a very strong scent which, again, keeps deers away.

While deers are not particularly interested in gladiolus flowers, a hungry deer will not be as picky in choosing its food. If there is a food shortage in your area, there is a possibility that deers may damage your gladiolus flowers.

Gladiolus leaves:

Deers do not eat gladiolus leaves under normal circumstances. They are not typically attracted by this plant. So it is less likely that deers will damage your gladiolus plant or eat its leaves.

Are gladiolus poisonous to deer?

No, gladiolus plants are not poisonous to deers. Deers are not interested in this plant because of the colors and smell of gladiolus plants. Deers are not particularly interested in any plant that has vivid colors or strong fragrances.

So this naturally eliminates deers as a concern when you are planting gladiolus plants in your garden. Deers are not likely to damage your gladiolus plants.

Deers are quite picky in their food. They are skeptical about choosing their food. They will not indulge in an unfamiliar plant as well.

So if you’re planting a gladiolus plant in an area that does not feature these plants as much as other flowering plants, then you should consider the plant safe from a deer.

Do white-tailed deer eat gladiolus?

No, white-tailed deers will not eat gladiolus. If you’re concerned about deers in your area, you can safely plant gladiolus plants.

Deers, even white-tailed deers, are not a fan of gladiolus plants. This is because the gladiolus plants spread a very strong fragrance around them. Strong smell and vivid colors have a tendency to keep deers away.

Deers are intimidated by bright-colored flowers and leaves. This, coupled with the strong scent of the gladiolus plants, will keep deers away from your gladiolus plants. So these flowering plants are a great pick for your garden if you’re concerned about deers.

Gladiolus plants bloom in the summer. They will brighten up your garden on the hot summer days. Deers have a range of alternative food that bloom in summer as well. So they are not likely to indulge in gladiolus plants.

However, if there is a food shortage in your area, then the deers may approach your gladiolus plants. In that case, the deers will not be as picky as they normally are. Hungry deers can eat almost anything that comes their way.

2 reasons why deer will not eat gladiolus

There are several reasons why deers do not eat gladiolus. Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent reasons why you are not likely to see a deer eat the gladiolus plant. Read ahead to find out:

Strong fragrance:

Deers are generally repelled by strong fragrances. They do not enjoy being around a plant that spreads a strong scent around it. So you will notice that deers generally steer clear of plants that feature a strong scent.

Gladiolus plants are widely popular for their smell. So you will notice that deers are not a fan of gladiolus plants. They are not particularly attracted to this plant because of its smell.

Deers will keep away from gladiolus flowers in particular. This is because these plants spread the most smell during their blooming season, starting from mid-summer.

However, their leaves have a smell as well. So deers are not seen approaching this plant unless they are very hungry.

Vivid colors:

Gladiolus flowers come in a range of colors. The flowers of gladiolus plants may have a pattern of colors on their body and they may come in solid colors as well. Whatever the style of the flower may be, the colors on them are very bright and vivid.

Deers are not a fan of bright colors. They generally keep away from plants that feature bright colors. This is why deers will not eat gladiolus.

Are gladiolus deer proof?

Gladiolus plants are considered deer-proof. However, no plant is completely deer-proof, because a hungry deer is not quite as picky about its food. So deers will eat gladiolus if they are hungry and there is a shortage of natural food in your area.

Deers do not like gladiolus plants because of their bright colors and strong fragrance. So if deers are an animal of concern in your area, you may opt for planting gladiolus plants in your garden.

However, you will still need to keep an eye on the plants. If you notice that there is a food shortage in your area, you will need to take immediate actions to protect your gladiolus plant.

Are hardy gladiolus deer resistant?

Hardy gladiolus is considered deer resistant. These flowers come in very bright colors. They also feature a very strong scent. Even the leaves of hardy gladiolus have a strong scent and texture. These make the perfect recipe for deer resistance.

So if you’re worried about deers eating flowers from your garden, you can safely opt for hardy gladiolus. Deers will not eat hardy gladiolus unless they are very short on food.

While deers are very picky about their food, they do not maintain this status when there is a food shortage. Much like any other animal, and even humans, a hungry deer will eat almost anything edible that they can come across.

So you will not need to worry about your hardy gladiolus plants unless there is a food shortage in your area. 

And if you notice a food shortage in your area, you could plant some easy-to-maintain plants that appeal to deers. This will serve the deers well as well as protect your flowering plants from being damaged.

What is eating my gladiolus flowers?

There are many animals, birds, and bugs that may be eating your gladiolus flowers. Wondering what is eating your gladiolus flowers? Read ahead to find out.


Caterpillars are strongly attracted to gladiolus plants. They enjoy eating the juicy leaves of gladiolus plants, damaging most of the plants in one go.


Grasshoppers may be eating your gladiolus flowers as well. They like to indulge in the leaves and buds of gladiolus plants.


Beetles are also among some of the most common enemies of gladiolus plants. They love to eat the flowers and leaves of gladiolus plants.

Final Thoughts

Deers do not eat gladiolus plants. They are particularly repelled by the strong smell and vibrant colors of gladiolus. But if there is a shortage of natural food in an area that has too many deers living around, you should be concerned about your gladiolus plant. Hungry deers will eat gladiolus.

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