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Do Deer Eat Foxglove? (Read This First!)

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Deer tend to be very picky and choosy when it comes to their diet chart. They will not prefer to eat just any other plant. Most of the plants are not on the favorite list of deer. You should know about the preference of the deer before you plant any of them in your garden.

Do deer eat foxglove?

It is common to assume that deer eat almost all plants. But that would be a wrong assumption. Plants like the foxglove are not preferred by deer. If there is no other option left then the animal will have the foxglove plant. But on a regular day, foxglove plants are avoided by deer.

Deer are very picky when it comes to their eating habits. The animal will not eat anything and everything. They have a very strong preference. And these animals do not tend to go beyond what they do not prefer, even in terms of food. If they do not like a particular plant, they will not eat it.

One such plant is the foxglove plant. The plant is beautiful and is a favorite of a lot of other animals. But deer do not like the plant nor the flower of the plant. If there is no other option left, then a deer might eat a foxglove flower but in general they will avoid the plant.

Foxglove plants:

The foxglove plant may seem appetizing and appealing to a lot of animals, but deer do not tend to go near the plant. They do not like the taste of the plant. IT is not exactly something a deer would like to have on any good day.

On a bad day, when there is nothing else to eat, you might see a hungry deer chew on the leaves or stems of the foxglove plant. This is not a very common scene however.

Foxglove flowers:

Foxglove flowers are not only beautiful to look at, but also very appetizing to a lot of animals as well. But unfortunately, deer do not feel the same way about the foxgloves. They do not tend to enjoy eating the flower of the plant. It is just not their taste.

Foxgloves are a good source of food for a lot of animals, not all of the animals though. Like the deer, they do not want to have any part of the foxglove flower or the plant. It is something that the deer will avoid until it is absolutely necessary to have.

Do deer like to eat foxglove?

No, deer do not like to eat foxglove flowers. There are many plants that deer like to eat. But unfortunately, the foxglove plant is not one of them. Deer do not prefer that flower nor any part of the plant. The animal does not prefer the taste of the foxglove plant and does not like to eat the flower of the plant either.

Foxglove plants are a good source of food for a lot of animals. But not all animals are a fan of them. Some animals, like the deer, do not like the taste of the flower. Which is why they avoid eating any part of the plant.

Are foxglove deer resistant?

There are many plants and flowers that are not deer friendly. Some are avoided by deer and some are poisonous to the animal. Foxglove flowers are poisonous to deer. Which is why the plant is known as a deer resistant plant. They are harmful for the animal, the flower and any part of the plant.

Not the entire plant is toxic for the deer, but most parts are. The flower, for example, are good enough for deer to eat. But still deer do not prefer to have the flower of the foxglove plant. Which is why the foxglove plant is known as a deer resistant plant.

Is foxglove poisonous to deer?

Foxgloves are poisonous for deer. The plant may look appetizing and many animals do prefer eating the plant. But deer tend to avoid the plant. Because the plant is poisonous for them. Many parts of the plant in not exactly healthy for deer. Which is why the animal tends to avoid the flower and the plant.

Foxgloves are known as deer resistant plants. Which means the plants tend to keep deer away from them. The flowers are okay for a lot of other animals to eat. However it is not the same for the deer. The plant and the flower is poisonous for deer.

What part of foxglove is poisonous?

Foxglove is poisonous for deer and that is a fact for the entire plant. Except for the roots of the foxglove plant, the entire plant is poisonous. Not only for the deer, but in general as well. Though there are some animals that can eat the foxglove plant, but deer are not one of them.

The deer resistant plant is not edible for deer. The plant is poisonous and can do a good amount of damage to the deer. Which is why the animal tends to avoid the foxglove flower and plant. The entire plant is poisonous and harmful to deer.

How to keep deer from eating foxglove plants and flowers?

Even though deer do not prefer eating foxgloves, times may come when you see the animal having a flower or two of the plant. If there are no other option left for the deer, then they might go for the flowers of the foxglove plant. In that case you might have to take preventive measures to make sure this does not get consistent.

There are many ways to keep deer away from your garden and from eating the foxglove flowers. Starting from the basics, like putting up a fence, to DIY home remedies you have a lot of options to choose from-

Fence it up:

You can always go for the classic remedy of putting a fence in your garden to protect the foxgloves from being eaten by deer. This works all the time. As you put up a fence none of the animals, especially the deer, will not be able to come near your garden and the flower. The perfect save.

You can go for the regular sized fences. But just to be extra careful, you can put the fences a little higher as the deer can be tall. They can reach the flower with their tall neck at any time.

Plant other repellents:

If you want to give your garden a new look along with keeping the deer away from the foxgloves, you can plant other deer repellent plants among or near the foxgloves. Plants like the chives, lamb’s ear, bleeding heart, Russian rage etc. are well known deer repellent plants. By planting them in between or in front of the foxgloves you can easily keep deer away from your foxgloves.

Pepper water:

This is a very commonly used method to keep away any animal from your garden. This method is s widely used because it is one of the easiest way to keep deer away. Just mix one part pepper with four parts water and spray the solution around and over the foxglove plants. This should do the trick. The spicy taste and smell of the pepper will keep the deer away from the foxglove plants.

Deer tend to be very persistent once they get used to eating any particular plant. They keep coming back. Which is why you need to take instant measures when you find any deer eating the foxglove plants in your garden. Be careful from the beginning to make sure the problem doesn’t get regular,

Final thoughts

Deer are not a fan of all types of plants. In fact, there are some plants that the deer tend to avoid. And foxglove plants are such. These deer resistant plants are not a favorite of the animal. Most deer will avoid eating the foxglove plant and its’ flower, unless it is absolutely necessary.

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