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Do Deer Eat Daylilies? (Quick Answers)

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Whenever you want to do gardening, you should know which plants attract animals. For example, if your garden doesn’t have enough barriers, animals might eat the plants. Deer often eat from the garden whenever they get a chance. 

Daylilies are one of our favorite flowering plants for gardening. So, you might be confused about whether deer eat daylilies or not. Moreover, if you own a deer, you have to know its food habits. Besides, you have to know whether these plants are deer-resistant or not. 

Also, learning about what animals daylilies attract is essential. 

Do deer eat daylilies?

Deer eat daylilies. These plants are not deer-resistant. Even wild deer love to eat daylilies. If your garden with daylilies has no boundary, deer will eat these plants from your garden. So, daylilies attract deer very much. Deer will eat daylilies since they are very appealing to deer. 

However, daylilies can be of different types, and they have different parts. Deer might not eat all types of lilies or all parts of a daylily. So, let’s see whether deer eat these daylilies and their parts or not. 

Daylily blooms: 

Deer eat daylily blooms. Generally, deer love to eat daylily leaves, blooms, buds, etc. Daylily blooms have an excellent smell that attracts deer. So, whenever deer find this plant, they will eat the blooms. 

Moreover, the colorful blooms also look delicious to them. So, daylily blooms are suitable and edible for deer. 

Daylily buds: 

Deer also eat daylily buds. Generally, deer like to eat the top portions of daylily plants. They will eat leaves, bloom, and buds when they find daylily plants. Daylily buds are also very delicious for deer. 

Daylily leaves: 

Daylily leaves are the most common part of this plant that deer eat. Deer love to eat green parts of the plants like leaves from the daylily. These green leaves have nutrients and useful compounds for deer. Moreover, deer find the daylily leaves tasty. 

Orange daylilies: 

Deer don’t eat orange daylilies. Generally, daylilies are not deer-resistant. But some daylilies are there that deer don’t like to eat. Orange daylilies are one of them. 

These daylilies don’t attract deer. Moreover, deer don’t find them tasty. So, deer will avoid orange daylilies. If you want to keep deer-resistant daylilies in your garden, you can grow orange daylilies. 

Stella d’oro daylilies:

Deer also don’t eat Stella d’oro daylilies. These daylilies are deer-resistant. Generally, this type of daylily is bred as deer-resistant. 

Because deer like to eat most daylilies. They will eat leaves, bloom, and buds of daylilies. So, it becomes tough to resist deer from eating daylilies. That’s why you can grow Stella d’oro daylilies in your garden. These plants will not attract deer.  

Do daylilies attract deer?

Yes, daylilies attract deer. Generally, deer love to eat these plants. These plants have some features that make them attractive to deer. 

For example, the smell of daylilies attracts deer. Besides, daylilies have a delicious taste. Deer find these plants tasty. So, they will eat daylilies wherever they find them. 

Daylilies are so delicious to deer that they will eat leaves, buds, blooms, etc., from these plants. Daylilies also provide different vitamins and nutrients to deer. So, deer will not have any problem eating daylilies. 

Deer like to eat daylilies so much that protecting these plants from them is difficult. Though some breeds of daylilies are deer-resistant, most daylilies are suitable for deer. 

So, if you want to protect daylilies from deer, you have to follow different ways. Otherwise, you can plant deer-resistant daylilies. But overall, daylilies are a very delicious, tasty, and healthy meal for deer. 

Three reasons why deer eat daylilies

Now that you know deer eat daylilies, you might want to know the reasons. Daylilies have some properties that make them suitable for deer. So, let’s see why deer eat daylilies. 


Deer eat daylilies because these plants attract deer. For this, the delicious fragrance of daylilies is responsible. Deer are attracted by this smell. 

Moreover, daylilies have different varieties. Some of them might have such a smell that doesn’t attract deer. But most daylilies have a delicious scent that attracts deer. 

When an animal eats something, it will have the smell first. So, the smell is the first thing that attracts deer to eat daylilies. Daylilies have such a smell that deer love. 


Deer eat daylilies because they find these plants tasty. Deer eat leaves and flowers from daylilies. These parts are the tastiest parts for deer. Even deer find these plants so tasty that they will eat daylilies wherever they find them. 

That’s why protecting daylilies from deer is pretty tough. Daylilies have such a delicious taste that deer will find them in your garden. 


Deer eat daylilies to fulfill their requirements of nutrients. Daylilies are not only delicious and tasty. These plants provide healthy nutrients to deer. 

Even green plants and their parts provide protein to animals. Deer have a habit of eating daylilies from the very beginning. So, eating daylilies became the deer’s food habit. 

How do I keep deer from eating my daylilies?

Now that you know deer love to eat daylilies, you might face problems saving the daylilies. Deer will eat away the daylilies from your garden. So, you have to follow some processes to keep daylilies away from deer. Let’s see how you can keep deer from eating your daylilies. 


You can use deer repellents to keep deer away from your garden. Try not to use chemicals. Try to use natural repellents that are not toxic to the environment and other animals. Moreover, try to avoid repellents that will terminate deer. You can use repellent that will keep deer away. 

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Deer-resistant plants:

You can grow deer-resistant plants around the garden areas. These plants will keep deer from entering the garden and eating your daylilies. The deer-resistant plants will work as a barrier. 

When deer sense these plants, they will not pass these plants. These plants should have a smell that doesn’t attract deer. So, these plants can save your daylilies from deer. 


You can also install the fence around the daylilies. The fence will not allow deer to enter close to the daylilies. The fence will not hurt deer but keep them away from eating daylilies. 

Moreover, the fence is the most common thing that can save plants from other animals too. If you want to use something affordable and effective, you can use the fence to protect daylilies. 

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Frighten deer:

You can use different methods that can frighten deer. For example, you can create noise that will be scary for deer. Moreover, you can use water or other methods that will keep deer away from the daylilies. 

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Are any daylilies deer resistant?

Yes, some daylilies are deer resistant. Most daylilies are not deer-resistant. So, you might see deer eating most other daylilies. This has become such a problem that deer eat daylilies wherever they find them. 

So, some breeds of daylilies are also produced that can deter deer. For example, orange daylilies deter deer. Though these daylilies also look beautiful and similar to other daylilies, deer don’t like these daylilies. 

So, deer will keep away from orange daylilies. Moreover, Stella d’oro daylilies are also deer-resistant. This breed has been produced so that deer can’t eat away these daylilies from your garden. 

Deer like to eat daylilies so much that you might think that there are no deer-resistant daylilies. But some daylilies are deer-resistant. Deer will avoid these plants. 

What daylilies are deer resistant?

Deer-resistant daylilies are pretty rare. Because most daylilies are edible for deer. Even deer will eat leaves, bloom, and buds of daylilies. So, finding a deer-resistant daylily is pretty difficult. 

But deer-resistant daylilies exist. Some daylilies have such smell and taste that deer don’t like them. Though those daylilies are similar to regular daylilies, deer don’t find them attractive. So, deer try to avoid deer-resistant daylilies. 

If you want to keep deer away from your garden, you can grow deer-resistant daylilies. These daylilies will keep deer away, and your garden will have beautiful daylilies also. Moreover, if you own a deer, you will know which daylily the deer will not eat. So, let’s see what daylilies are deer-resistant. 

  • Orange daylilies
  • Stella D’oro daylilies

Final Thoughts

Deer love to eat daylilies and their different parts. For example, leaves, flowers, buds, etc., are the favorite parts of daylilies that deer eat. Deer love to eat daylilies so much that they might eat from your garden and most daylilies are not deer-resistant.

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