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Do Deer Eat Daisies? (All You Need to Know)

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Deers almost eat every type of plant and leaf. Though some plants and leaves are not good for the deer, the majority of plants can be served as food for the deer.

Deers would not be afraid to eat anything when they are starving. Well, it is difficult to find plants that are safe from deer.

Following the below tips and information regarding deers and if they eat daisies or not would help you to plant your favorite flowers.

Do deer eat daisies?

Deers do not exactly love to eat daisies. But some daisies work as the deer repellent meanwhile some are loved by deers. Well, they would eat daisies if they find them around when they are hungry. Moreover, due to the smell of some daisies deer would not even dare to go near the daisy plants.

Deers are good for nature and to maintain a balance in the ecosystem. But they can sometimes be very harmful to the plants.

If you are planning on planting trees surrounding your yard, you should think about it twice, especially when deers are regular visitors to that place.

Daisy flowers:

Deers love some daisy flowers meanwhile a huge part of daisies work as a deer repellent.

Deers are unpredictable as well. Though they like to eat only the grass, plants, or leaves, they are not afraid to eat other food to explore.

Moreover, deers tend to eat anything when they are hungry. Does not matter if they dislike the plants, still, they would have them while being hungry.

Daisies are mostly deer repellent still they might cause harm to the plants. As they might chew the plant and leave it if it does not taste well.

Daisy plants:

Deer repellent plants refer to plants that would not be eaten by the deers and not even their flowers or stems. Some daisy flowers are edible for deer. While most of them are used to keep the deers away from the yard.

Deers certainly do not eat daisy plants and can still cause harm. If they cannot find food nearby, they would probably have daisy plants. Hungry deers cannot resist food.

Are daisies deer resistant?

Deers would love to eat anything that they find nearby. In some cases, they would not go near to some plants.

If they do not have an option to eat food, they would not spare any nearby plant even though they do not like it. It is hard to find trees that would repel the deer completely.

African daisies:

Apparently deers do not like to eat African daisies. African daisies are able to stand harsh conditions.

They also come in a variety of colors which would enhance the beauty of your garden. Deers might not find the taste of the daisy as a good one and leave them.

Shasta daisies:

Shasta daisies fall among those flowers which can repel deers. They come in different varieties and still all serve the same purpose.

If they have spare time, they might chew Shasta daisies and throw them. The taste would not be preferable for them.

English daisies:

English daisies are sensitive and require lots of care. They cannot even stand drought like other daisies. Moreover, it is deer resistant and beautiful to plant in the gardens.

Gerbera daisies:

Deers would not leave gerbera daisies alone. They would definitely have the whole plant.

They love to chew gerbera daisies and even their stems. You will not be able to save the flowers from deers if you do not use methods to repel them.

Daisy mums:

Daisy mums are beautiful flowers to have in your yard. Well, they are not completely safe from the harm of deers.

Deers often do not go near the daisy mums yet they would eat some if they get a chance. Deers would definitely have daisy mums when they are hungry.

Painted daisies:

Painted daisies are totally safe from deers. While other insects and pests might harm them.

You need to take care of the daisies from the insects. Well, there is no guarantee that deers would leave them alone while they are hungry.

Montauk daisies:

Montauk daisies can deter deers. Well, plants can not survive during winter. You need to look for alternatives in the winter season though it is quite strong.   

Marguerite daisies:

Deers will not necessarily go near marguerite daisies. These flowers can get along in the garden with other flowers and leafy plants. Even growing it is easier than other daisies. 

Yellow daisies:

Yellow daisies can add variety to your garden. Especially in summer, it would light up the garden. On the other hand, due to their leaf shape and structure, deers tend to keep them away from yellow daisies.

Denver daisies:

Denver daisies are cheerful flowers that can easily be a center of attraction. Well, deers would not harm Denver daisies unless they have nothing as a feed. But they do not last for a long time.

Bush daisies:

Bush daisies bloom almost all around the year. Mostly, they are deer resistant. Even the plants would not be harmed by the deers as it does not suit their taste.

It also grows fast and you can keep them around the yard the whole year.

Gloriosa daisies:

The beautiful tall gloriosa daisies are not edible for the deers. They are also toxic to some animals and to other animals, these flowers can be the remedy.

These bi-color flowers would lighten up the environment and also keep some animals away.

Michaelmas daisies:

The deers tend to ignore Michaelmas daisies. These daisies look amazing in different colors. You can surround the flowers with grasses. Well, the grasses might get eaten by the deer instead of the flower.

Do deer like daisies?

Deers certainly do not like to have all types of daisies. There are varieties of daisies. Even the colors would defer from each other and structure as well. Meanwhile, some daisies are loved by deers.

They would destroy the whole plant at once. It would also be tough to keep the deers away from those daisies.

They even chew the flowers and stems. There would be no leftovers from the plant when deers eat it. On the other hand, there are some flowers that act like a deer repellent. Some daisies do not taste good at all for the deers.

While other daisies smell too bad to go near them. Though daisies do not often have any odor, some smell awful. They would keep themselves away from those plants as they are sensitive to smell.

How do you keep deer from eating daisies?

Deers mostly do not eat daisies. There are also exceptions. Moreover, it is hard to keep the deers away from the daisies which are loved by them. However, you can follow the below methods to keep the deer away from eating daisies.

High fences:

Well, deers are prone to plants that are small and yet to bloom. Most plants are sensitive when they start growing. Deers can trample the plants and destroy them fully. In order to keep the deer away, you can arrange high fences around the plant.

Well, the fences can be broken easily. You might want to arrange some nets as well. You can also arrange high fences all around the yard. Keeping the plants hidden is the best possible solution to keep the deer away.


Well, daisies usually do not get affected by repellents and fertilizer. Well, homemade repellents would also work to deter daisies. You can make your own. Meanwhile, the daisies would be fine if the repellents do not contain any harmful components. You can use pepper spray, and garlic spray to deter deers.

High fragrances:

Deers dislike fragrances. Strong fragrances are useful to keep the deers away. You can keep garlic hung in the garden or throw it on the ground. Even soap would work for the deers as well. You can spread some soap nearby.

Well, any plant which has a strong fragrance can work to repel deers. Choosing a variety of plants for the garden is a must to keep the deers away.

Final Thoughts

Overall, most daisies repel deers and some are treated as feed to the deers. Daisies are beautiful to plant in the gardens or even in the yards. Still, plants are not fully safe from the harm of deers. Deers would certainly eat daisy plants and flowers when there is a scarcity of food.

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