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Do Deer Eat Crocus? (Quick Answers)

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Deer mostly live on plants and flowers. And their choices for their ideal food is endless in the nature. Starting from plump vines to brightly colored flowers, a deer will have a huge list of plants to chose from as their meal.

However, the animal is relatively picky when it comes to their food habit. There are many plants which are on the top of their food list. And there are many plants and flowers which they avoid at all times.

Do deer eat crocus?

The very colorful crocus flowers are actually deer resistant. Which means the flower is avoided by deer. Deer do not like and tend to avoid eating the flower, even though the flower looks very appetizing for animals. The beautiful, early spring flower is always left alone by deer.

Crocus flowers are known and cherished for their vibrant, spring like colors. The flowers bloom at the beginning of the spring season, as a form of welcome for the season. The very colorful flowers attract a lot of animals. However, not all animal eat the flower.

Some animals like the deer, do not like the crocus flower. In fact the animal will try to avoid the flower and the entire plant if possible. Unless there is a shortness of other plants and flowers, the deer will not go for any part of the crocus flower.

Crocus flowers:

The crocus flowers are very colorful. But these beautiful flowers are not the ideal food for deer. The flower has a strong scent which animal does not like.

Which is why deer tend to avoid eating the flower, even if they are very hungry. The taste of the flower are not preferred by deer as well.

Crocus bulbs:

Even though there are some animals that eat the bulbs of the crocus flower with much joy, deer is not one of them. The animal does not prefer to eat any part of the flower, that includes the bulbs of the crocus flower plant.

Crocus plants:

Only under sever circumstances will you see a deer eat the leaves or the stem of the crocus flower.

But in most cases, deer will avoid eating any parts of the crocus flower plant. The taste f the flower plant is assumed to be not of the preference of deer.

While many of the animals prefer to have the more colorful flowers of the nature as their food, deer are considered a bit picky. The animal tends to avoid a lot of the flowers, and crocus flowers are one of them. Deer will avoid all parts of the flower.

Is crocus deer resistant?

There are many plants that are not at the preference list of foods for deer. Along with many other flowers, crocus are on not preferred by the animal. There is something about the scent and the taste of the flower that tends to keep the deer away from it.

Crocus are considered deer resistant flower plants. The animal is not fond of the flower plant at all. And most of the times will avoid eating any parts of the flower, or even the plant. And it is a fact for all the other types of the crocus flower and the entire family.

Saffron crocus:

The bright colored flower of the crocus family is deer resistant. Though the bright color of the flower might be the ideal flower that attracts deer. But the real scenario is the opposite. The flower is avoided by deer and is deer resistant.

Saffron crocus are bright blue in color. And it is common for animals like the deer to be attracted to the flower. However that is not the case at all. The flower is deer resistant, and to some extent the flower repels the deer.

Autumn crocus:

This type of the crocus are very popular with gardeners. However, the same can’t be said about deer. The autumn crocus are not the favorite of deer.

In fact, just like all the other crocus flowers deer tend to avoid this type of crocus as well. They do not like the flower.

This type of the autumn flower tend to grow and bloom in small clusters. And the entire cluster is avoided by deer.

If you have any small amount of autumn crocus around your garden, you will notice how the deer tend to stay away from it. That is because the autumn crocus is deer resistant.

Snow crocus:

This type of the crocus flower are known for their very cute appearance. Though deer do not find the flower cute or appetizing.

The flower tends to repel deer. Most deer will not even go near the flower plant. Even though the snow crocus are light, still deer will not eat the flower.

All the variations of the crocus flower family are deer resistant. No matter the color or the shape of the flower, deer will naturally avoid the flower and the flower plant. The entire plant is deer resistant. And that is to the extent of repelling.

Do deer like crocus?

There are many plants and flowers which are not the exact favorites of deer. One such flower plant is the crocus plant. Deer do not like the taste and smell of the crocus flower. The animal tends to avoid the plant and the flower of the plant at all times.

Deer are fond of a lot of colorful flowers. But they do tend to be picky and choosy when it comes to their food list. They are not a fan of strong scented flowers. And crocus tend to have a very strong scent that compliments the bright petals of the flower.

Even thought he crocus flower is the ideal food for a lot of animals, deer prefer not to have them. It has a lot to do with the scent of the flower and the taste of it as well. In general, deer to not tend to like crocus plants.

How to keep deer from eating crocus plants, bulbs and flowers?

There is a good chance that if you plant crocus flower, deer will avoid going near the plant. Deer do not like the taste of crocus flowers. Which is why they tend to stay away from the entire plant itself. It is very rare for a deer to chew on the crocus flower.

But there might be some rare reasons when deer will choose to eat the crocus flower. If that happens, it might be a huge problem for your garden. If you notice this rare occurrence happen in to your crocus flower plant, you should take some measures to prevent it-

Egg water:

Mixing egg and water in parts will make a solution with a very strong scent. The smell of ammonia will keep any deer from coming near your crocus flower plant. This solution works every time and it is a great way to keep the deer away.

Mix 1 part egg with 4 parts water so the solution is thin enough to spray around the plant. Even though the crocus flower has a strong enough scent to drive away the deer. Still you can use this solution as an extra measure to keep the deer away for good.

Pepper water solution:

If you want to take an easy measure, you can go for the pepper and water mix. This is a widely used solution to keep deer away from any plants. This is used so much because the solution causes no harm to the plant itself, but gets the job done finely.

Mix two tablespoons of pepper with enough water and just spray the solution around the crocus flower. This simple solution should keep deer away from the crocus flower, as the taste of the flower will get to spicy because of the solution.


This is the most used way to prevent any deer from eating away any flower in your garden. So naturally it will work to prevent deer from eating the crocus flower in your garden as well.

A fence around the crocus flower will not let the deer reach the crocus flowers, thus saving the entire plant from being eaten. The fence is also easy to build, so it is a less of a hassle.

If you notice deer eating the crocus flower in your garden make sure to take preventive measures right way. Otherwise the situation might lead to a severe state.

Final thoughts

While it is common to assume that deer will eat almost all of the flower plants, the assumption is not entirely true. The deer will stay away from eating the crocus flower. Not only the flower, the animal will avoid eating the entire plant. The taste and texture are not appetizing for the deer.

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