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Do Deer Eat Coneflowers or Echinacea? (Answered)

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We plant some medicinal plants in our garden to increase the overall value and give an extra vibe. It’s unnecessary to plant only flowers or vegetable trees in your garden; instead, you should grow different plants.

The coneflowers or the Echinacea could be your good-to-go option. It could give you the best result in two ways. Planting it will increase the beauty of its flowers, and the medicinal value will help you make medicine.

Do Deer eat coneflowers or Echinacea?

Deer don’t eat coneflowers or Echinacea until they get easy access. If you keep your garden open and let the Deer come and eat the coneflowers, they will devour the flowering plant. Otherwise, the Deer will keep away from this plant if you take simple steps and spread the smell.

According to some research, the coneflowers or the Echinacea are deer-resistant plants. But the Deer can eat and digest these flowers because of their high protein and nutrient value. If you see your Deer is eating coneflowers, you don’t need to worry about the health damage.

Overeating coneflowers will create issues and might damage the stomach of the Deer. You know that the high-protein is not suitable for wild animals. They need calculated protein to become stronger and keep their natural growth. 

You cannot let them overeat the coneflowers and become weaker instead of stronger.

You can fence around the coneflower plants and resist the Deer from eating the flowers. It will help you from both ends and create the advantage of using coneflower for your personal needs, including beatification and creating medicine for cough, cold, and other diseases.

Coneflower plants: 

Deer don’t eat coneflower plants since these plants are deer-resistant. Only if you allow the deer to come and eat the Echinacea, they will devour it. Another case would be the starving period or when the Deer don’t find anything to eat. 

In that case, the Deer will devour everything whatever they find edible. It would be better to fence the plants and stop the Deer from eating your coneflower plants. You can also use the repellent to deter the Deer and protect your coneflower plants.

Yellow coneflowers: 

Since the yellow coneflowers are deer-resistant, the Deer don’t eat the yellow coneflowers. Remember, yellow is an attractive color that will attract most animals. So, you cannot let the Deer come to the garden and eat the flowers. 

You must deter them by creating a fence or using repellent. 

Purple coneflowers: 

The Deer don’t get attracted to the purple coneflowers and remain away from these flowers. For the same reason, the Deer don’t eat the purple coneflowers.

Do Deer like coneflowers?

Deer don’t like the coneflowers because of their smell and taste. The coneflowers are mostly medicinal trees; they contain a high amount of protein that can be used for animal growth and other purposes. And, the high protein is not suitable for deer growth. 

At least, overeating the coneflowers is highly dangerous for their entire health.

Also, the coneflowers contain an unfavorable taste which is not good for the deer and wild animals. If they overeat the coneflowers, they will get sick shortly. It will ruin their natural growth and will damage their stomach too.

Unfortunately, the Deer eat the coneflowers when they find nothing suitable or disabled. Therefore, you need to protect your coneflower plants and ensure that there are no deer nearby. You might need to use the repellent to deter the Deer and make your garden deer-free. 

Is Echinacea coneflower deer resistant?

Echinacea coneflower is Deer resistant. Echinacea coneflowers are a deer-resistant kind of flowering plant. The proviso is that a hungry deer will eat practically anything as long as it is not poisonous or overly perfumed, which is rare. 

They prefer to eat plants that have been heavily fertilized and well-watered since they contain significant levels of nitrogen and protein. There are no deer-resistant plants! When food is low, deer will consume practically anything to supplement their diet. 

It is preferable to grow plants that are not the Deer’s first and favorite choice with this knowledge. So, if you are thinking about going with Echinacea coneflower, you can plant it without any worries.

3 reasons why Deer don’t eat coneflowers or Echinacea

You will find three main reasons why the Deer don’t eat coneflowers or Echinacea. If you find more reasons, add them to the list. It is not constant that these three reasons are the core; you can count more, but these three are the most common among the users. 

Seldom Severely Damaged: 

Because Deer rarely damage coneflowers, many groups put them on their “deer-resistant” lists because they are so hard to damage. This signifies that Deer are only “Seldom Severely Damaged.” 

In this category, you’ll find plants and shrubs in regions with many Deer areas or gardens prone to deer damage. Plants that are young or newly planted, on the other hand, have the potential to be eaten.


The herb Echinacea is used to treat many ailments. It is a fantastic deer-resistant plant, but it is also a stunningly gorgeous one. Furthermore, it offers a diverse selection of magnificent blossoms and perfumes that can completely transform your home. 

The good news is that all types of Echinacea are useful deer-resistant summer-blooming flowers that are easy to grow. The Echinacea plants’ scent and spiky center are unpleasant to a selected deer population. 

As a result, you will be protected if you choose the traditional purple coneflower or one of the many hybrid types that offer stunning color variations.

Nitrogen and Protein Deficiency: 

Deer don’t eat coneflowers or Echinacea because Deer prefer to eat plants that have been heavily fertilized and well-watered since they contain significant levels of nitrogen and protein. 

They do not consume native plants that thrive in their natural habitat, which is the case for coneflowers or Echinacea. Also, Coneflowers can regrow after being eaten by Deer.

How to keep Deer away from coneflowers?

You can keep Deer away from eating your coneflowers by the below tips. You should follow them step by step or choose the perfect one who will deter the Deer from the garden, and you can keep your Deer away from the coneflowers.


You can use bamboo or electric wires or cables to fence your garden. Your fence must be strong enough to deter the Deer, and don’t let them come into the garden to sort out the issues. It will be a big mistake if you don’t build the fence.

So, build your fence strongly and stop the Deer from coming to your garden. It will be the best natural way to repel the Deer.

Scatter Garlic: 

Deer don’t like the garlic and can’t bear the garlic smell. If you don’t have any other option to repel the Deer, you must use the garlic in your garden or scatter it around the coneflower plants. 

It will be better to cut the garlic into small pieces and scatter them in different garden corners. 

If you have the other options to make a sprayer using the garlic cloves or pieces, you can do it by boiling water. It will help you make the best deer-repellent sprayer, and you can spray around the garden to repel the Deer and keep them from eating your coneflowers.

Plant Deer-Resistant Plants: 

If you want the best long-term solution to deter the Deer from your garden to keep them away from your coneflowers, you should plant Deer resistant plants. You can grow zinger and smelly plants that can spread the acute smell in the air.

It will be better to grow these anti-deer plants. It might take several weeks or months to spread.

What is eating my coneflowers flowers?

Besides the Deer, there will be other wild animals that are eating your coneflowers. If you on;t have Deer around your locality, and you still find the damaged coneflower plants, you must be careful about these animals or insects. They are eating your coneflowers from the ground.

I found a list of culprits who love to eat different coneflowers and their leaves and other plant parts. If you have options and want to grow your coneflowers naturally, you must repel them thoroughly by following our tips.

You can follow the natural or use the home ingredients to repel them or go for the shortcut way to use the pest controller. It will deter these animals from the surrounding area and make sure there are no deer nearby.

  • Coneflower Pest
  • Aphids
  • European Earwig

Final Thoughts

Although the Deer don’t eat coneflowers or Echinacea, they can devour and digest the plant if they don’t find their food. But the smell and taste are not favorable to their health. If you have the coneflowers in your garden, you need to fence around the plants and protect them from Deer.

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