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Do Bromeliads Like Humidity? (All You Need to Know)

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Humidity is one of the main requirements for many houseplants. However, all houseplants may not prefer humidity as some of them thrive best in dry conditions.

As a result, it can bring up a question in your mind that do Bromeliads like humidity or not, hence, they are also very prominent houseplants.

Therefore, let us learn the answers to this query of yours.

Do Bromeliads Like Humidity?

Bromeliad plants prefer humidity. Because Bromeliads are tropical plants and naturally they thrive well if they get the right humidity level as it keeps the air humid, so their leaves lose a little amount of water. Also, humidity allows them to withstand full sunlight without burning their leaves.

Bromeliads are native to tropical environments of America, therefore, these plants are natively experienced and habituated to a high level of humidity that goes up to a range of 80%. And it makes clear sense that Bromeliads really prefer humidity.

Moreover, Bromeliads thrive to the fullest when they get the correct range of humidity as humidity functions as one of their most essential element to thrive well.

To explain in detail, when there is humidity in the air around Bromeliads, they lose a little amount of water from their leaves.

Thence, humidity allows these tropical plants to get exposed and tolerate a full spectrum of sunlight without having the threat of burning their leaves.

Besides in a sense, humidity is allowing Bromeliads to soak up sunlight without scorching themselves to preserve their strength while growing and the color of leaves to thrive well. So there are obvious reasons for Bromeliad plants to like humidity.

Do Bromeliads Need Humidity?

Bromeliads need humidity because they are epiphytic. And by epiphytic plants, it infers that Bromeliad plants obtain their all necessary moisture and nutrients from the rainfall and the air around them rather than from the soil.

So it’s highly essential for Bromeliad plants to get humidity so that they can thrive well and healthily with all green leaves all over them.

Besides, due to humidity Bromeliad plants are capable of staying under sunlight. And it’s well is known to everyone that sunlight helps a plant to produce needed foods for it to grow like a healthy plant.

Plus, sunlight helps Bromeliad plants to preserve their natural bright green colored leaves. Therefore, it’s surely can be stated that Bromeliads highly need humidity for their own growth and betterment.

What Conditions Do Bromeliads Like?

Bromeliad plants prefer humid conditions just like the tropical environments where these plants are native to. It’s because like any other tropical plant, Bromeliad just grows in the best manner under their aboriginal humid conditions.

Also, know that Bromeliad plants that are kept inside as houseplants like an indoor condition with humidity level of 40-60% and plenty filtered bright sun. As this humidity level and amount of sunlight are considered suitable indoor conditions for Bromeliads.

But remember that if the humidity level drops below 40%, you must increase it by using a humidifier.

And if the Bromeliad plant is kept outdoor, even then they will prefer a condition rich in humidity, full bright sun/partial shade, and a warm temperature to thrive.

And if there’s a scarcity of humidity in the air around them, these plants must be misted with water and their central cup always should be filled with clean water to increase humidity around them.

What Temperature Do Bromeliads Need?

Most of the species of Bromeliads need an optimal range of warm temperature of about 70°-90° Fahrenheit during the daytime around the whole year.

And Bromeliads require a temperature of 50°-60° Fahrenheit at the night during most of the time in the year.

Also, know that if you are keeping a Bromeliad as your indoor plant then it will require a temperature between 55°-80° Fahrenheit to survive throughout the year regardless of the season.

However, keep strictly in mind that even though Bromeliads are capable of withstanding a broad range of different temperatures, these plants always require a warm temperature. They can’t withstand cold temperatures at all.

Do Bromeliads Like Humidifiers?

Bromeliads prefer humidifiers, especially during the winter season, Bromeliads like humidifiers mostly.

The humidity level in our home isn’t stable always, due to temperature fluctuations, the humidity level can fall down. Therefore, to maintain a stable humanity level, humidifiers are the only option for Bromeliads.

And since Bromeliad plants are kept near humidifiers so that they can grow healthily in a humid environment, these plants eventually get habituated to humidifiers and start to like them.

Particularly, during the dry and rough winter season, humidifiers play an important role in keeping the air around Bromeliads humid. So Bromeliads like humidifiers as it’s fulfilling a very important need.

Should You Mist Bromeliad?

You absolutely should mist Bromeliad plants when the percentage of humidity declines and reaches less than the standard humidity percentage for Bromeliads which is 60%.

Also, you definitely should mist a Bromeliad during the summer season whenyou want to keep your Bromeliad outside and it’s too hot. As misting will help to increase humidity in the air around them.

You must make sure that the Bromeliad leaves are dry when you are misting them and remember to mist them before you expose the plant to direct sun.

Besides, you should mist Bromeliad plants in the early morning as that time these plants are more receptive to your misting their leaves.

How Often Should I Mist My Bromeliad?

You should mist your Bromeliad plant once a week along with watering the plant to make sure that the plant is capable of preserving the color of leaves.

And for indoor Bromeliads, you must mist your Bromeliad plant twice a week to stave off drying out your plant’s leaves because of low humidity.

Also, try to mist your Bromeliad plant every time before you keep the plant outside on summer days under full sun to avoid burning out of the leaves.

Do Bromeliad Like Wet Feet?

Bromeliad plants absolutely despise wet feet because it makes their roots rot and eventually they lose life.

The root of a Bromeliad plant functions as an anchor rather than the major source for soaking water and necessary nutrients from the soil. To say simply, the roots of the Bromeliad works as a supporter that helps the plant to stand still in the ground/soil.

But it doesn’t soak water or nutrients from the soil/ground like other plants do.

So when the soil continues to remain wet due to overwatering or due to a poor drainage system, it’s most likely to make the plant’s root rot which causes the ultimate life loss of the plant.

Therefore, even if Bromeliad plants like to stay moist/humidity, don’t misperceive that these plants are going to like their feet (roots) wet too. So you better avoid wetting their feet.

Do Bromeliads Need A Lot Of Water?

Bromeliads don’t require a lot of water or frequent watering. In fact, it’s quite opposite of the story, Bromeliads don’t like too much waterbecause these plants are highly prone to lose life from overwatering rather than underwatering.

The roots of Bromeliad plants are too sensitive to water, so they don’t need a lot of water in their soil/potting mix. So, watering a Bromeliad plant once a week is more than enough for the plant.

How Often To Water Bromeliad Pups?

You should barely water Bromeliad pups, watering once every other week is considered sufficient for Bromeliad pups. Just keep the soil/potting mix moist, their cereal cups filled with water, and get happy Bromeliad pups. However, remember that you never should overwater Bromeliad pups.

How Do Bromeliad Get Their Water?

Bromeliad plants get their water from the central cup. It’s a cup alike structure formed by many Bromeliad leaves and is in the central of these plants. When you are pouring water into the cup, Bromeliads soak water from that.

Bromeliads also absorb a little amount of water by their leaves and roots from rainfall and soil.

How Do Bromeliads Get Nutrients?

Bromeliads mainly receive their necessary nutrients from the air by using their small hairs named trichomes. They also get nutrients from the rain, dried leaves and residue collected by their water cup.

Like other plants, Bromeliads also get some nutrients from the fertilizer.

How To Water Bromeliads In Pots?

To water Bromeliads in pots, all you have to do is keeping their central tank filled with water and misting them with clean fresh water every now and then. Both will keep the plant most and their maintain their humidity requirement.

Only once in weeks, water the soil only if the top 2-3 inches of the soil has dried up. But keep the soil moist always.

Final Thoughts:

Due to being born as tropical plants, Bromeliads certainly do like humidity. In fact, Bromeliads thrive the best when they get a humid environment/air around them because humidity is the other most essential element to survive. Besides, humidity lets the plant safeguard its leaves from the sun.

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