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Can Yucca Live & Grow in Water? How Much Water Do They Need?

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Houseplants are great home accessories that can beautify your home as well as make it more lively. A home that has a lot of plants can make you feel better instantaneously, and one such houseplant is the Yucca plant.

Yucca plants are not your typical houseplant. It’s unlikely that you walk into a random home and you will find a Yucca plant there. But it is not rare to find one as well. Yucca plants are easy to take care of, but negligence towards them can cause your Yucca plant’s life loss.

Every plant needs water to live, is known to all. There are some plants that can live and grow in water. So, you may be curious about whether Yucca plants can live and grow in water. Let us find out more about the Yucca houseplant.

Can Yucca plants live and grow in water?

Yucca plants can not live and grow in water. Yucca plants don’t need much water to live and grow. Rather Yucca plants may lose life if you overwater them. So, watering them with caution is required for their growth. Moreover, putting them in water will potentially terminate them in a short time.

As previously mentioned, Yucca plants can not live and grow in water. They have a very low water tolerance that withholds them from living and growing in water. Yucca plants need very little water to live.

Their low water tolerance plays a massive point in their living. There have been many instances where a Yucca plant has lost life because of overwatering. They are naturally drought tolerant and can even live without water for a long time.

As an indoor plant, the Yucca plants need a lot of sunlight and just a little water. So, putting them in water is nothing but terminating the beautiful houseplant, and it should be avoided at all costs.

Water can be so damaging to these plants that you must use soil that has a good drainage system. Otherwise, water may get trapped in the pot and terminate your Yucca plant.

Can you propagate the Yucca plant in water?

Yucca plants can be propagated in the water despite their low water tolerance. There are several ways you can propagate a Yucca plant just like most other plants.

Even though yucca plants can not live longer in water, you can definitely propagate a Yucca plant in water and make new saplings from the parent plant.

How to propagate Yucca in water?

Use a mature Yucca plant:

To generate fresh Yucca seedlings, you must use a mature Yucca plant as the parent plant. Healthy cuttings from mature plants are more likely to develop into new and healthy plants.

Take around six inches of stem:

You should take around six inches of stem from the upper side of the plant because it is the healthiest section.

Soak all of the cuttings:

Soak all of the cuttings for five days in water. After five days, you’ll observe roots emerging from the lower side of the plant that had been submerged.

Move them:

After a few more days, you’ll see that the Yucca is growing. You may need to move them to a fresh tray with water and maintain them there for another 10-15 days.

Ready to go:

After 25 days, you can notice how well the roots have grown. Your Yucca is now ready to go into the ground. For the long life of this plant, make sure to utilize well-draining soil.

This is how Yucca plants can be easily propagated in water.

How long does it take for Yucca cuttings to root?

From the beginning, it takes roughly about 5-6 days for the roots to come out from the cutting. At this point, the roots are just starting to show their presence. After a few days more, the roots start to get bigger.

10-15 days after that, you can see your Yucca cuttings’ roots well developed and ready to be planted. So, it takes about 25-30 days for Yucca cuttings to root.

How much water does a Yucca plant need?

Yucca plants do not need much water to live on. 30mL water once every 10-12 days is enough for the plant. More than that can be harmful to the plant. Be cautious of watering your Yucca plants. Try not to overwater the Yucca. Overwatering Yuccas are bad for their health and growth.

It is already mentioned that Yucca plants are not well tolerant to water. So, it is easy to overwater them. The regular need for water is very low for these plants as they are drought-tolerant plants.

This remarkable capacity to live and thrive with only a small amount of water is a boon for houseplant owners who don’t have a lot of time to devote to their plants. They’re also quite simple to look after.

You can water your Yucca plants twice or thrice a month and see them grow bigger and healthier. The little bit of water that you provide will be enough for their nourishment and growth.

Do Yucca plants need a lot of water?

Yucca plants do not need much water to live. Yuccas are quite well known for their low tolerance to water. Too much water will cause your Yuccas’ roots to start rotting and eventually terminating them. Now, too much water for them is not the same as for other plants.

You might provide them with the same amount of water as other plants need and still see your Yucca drying. That is because Yucca plants need very little water. Therefore, you must know how much water your Yucca may need to stay healthy and avoid rotting roots.

How to water a Yucca plant?

There is a certain way your Yucca plants need to be watered. Otherwise, you may end up with lifeless plants. To water your Yucca, first of all, you have to check the soil. The soil has to be dry. The dryness should be 50-80% from the top.

Only then you can water your Yuccas. Pour water into your Yucca plant’s pot until the water starts pouring out from the bottom. This way, there won’t be any excess water stored up in the soil.

Make sure to remove any water from the surface of the pot or in the soil to keep your Yuccas healthy.

How often do Yucca plants need watering?

Yucca plants don’t need to be watered very often. The general rule of watering Yuccas is twice or thrice a month. Yucca plants don’t need much water to live. Moreover, their soil should not store up water as well.

Yucca plants prefer an environment where the humidity is low and the soil has just a little water in it. So, your Yucca houseplant doesn’t need much water to thrive. You can’t water Yucca plants every day. That will terminate them. Water only when it is necessary.

How long can a Yucca survive without water?

Yucca plants are very strong in a drought environment. They can go without water for many weeks, and stay alive and healthy. Unlike other houseplants, you can water your Yucca only when it is necessary.

For Yucca plants, it’s a very long time between watering sessions. But to make sure your Yucca is healthy, you may need to check the soil every 10-15 days to see if there are any watering issues. Otherwise, you’re good with watering them for weeks at a time.

How do I know if my Yucca needs water?

It’s simple to figure out when your Yucca plants require water. All you have to do is look at the soil. The soil can reveal a lot about a Yucca plant’s health and requirements. As a response, you should inspect its soil every week or so.

Your Yucca plants’ watering needs will be clear when you check the soil. Check the soil within a small hole dug with your finger.

You don’t need to water your Yucca if the soil is moist and feels wet. If the soil feels moist but the moisture isn’t visible, you should water your Yucca immediately away.

Does a Yucca plant need drainage?

Yucca plants require excellent drainage. Yucca plants are unable to survive excessive irrigation. If the pot’s drainage system is inadequate, water will accumulate in the soil, rotting the roots of your Yucca plant.

Your soil will stay just moist enough for the Yucca to thrive if you have a good drainage system in place. As a result, for Yucca plants to live and grow, a robust drainage system is required.

Final Thoughts:

Yucca plants need a humidity-free and dry environment for living and growing. These plants are known for their ability to withstand low water consumption. So, it will be easy enough to say that a regular Yucca houseplant can not live and grow in water. Doing so might terminate them in the process.

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