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Can You Regrow Cut Sunflowers? (Answered)

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Regrowing cutting flowers is a challenging task. You need to follow some proper steps and be patient to let the cutting plants or flowers grow again.

Before that, you must cut the perennial flower plants. It will not regrow if you cut flowers or plant portions from annual growing flower plants or trees.

To regrow cutting sunflowers, you need to follow some tips and maintain some precautions. But it’s not entirely impossible; instead, it will be fun to regrow cut sunflowers.

Sunflowers have two types; one is an annual plant; one is a perennial sunflower. You have to work on the perennial sunflowers between these two to regrow the cut sunflowers.

Can you regrow cut sunflowers?

You can regrow the cut sunflowers if they belong to the perennial family. Mostly you will have both perennial and annual sunflowers. If you want to regrow the cutting sunflowers, you should cut the part from perennial flowers. Otherwise, you cannot regrow it by any means.

Some conditions need to be met in order to regrow the already cut sunflowers or other flower plants. Mainly, the root is the central fact here. We know a plant cannot grow without its root because it will get most of the nutrients from the root.

That’s why it is nearly impossible to grow cutting sunflowers without roots or stems. However, you can still regrow the cut sunflowers without having roots.

In that case, you need to follow some additional steps to grow the roots, and then you can regrow the cutting sunflowers.

But it will take time to grow the roots. You need to cut the sunflowers from the bottom at a 45-degree angle. It will help to grow the roots faster. On the other hand, you need to cut having 6 to 9-inch stems.

If you cut the perennial sunflowers following these tips, it will grow the root first, then regrow the entire plant after that. Though it will take a bit more time, you have to wait and keep the soil moist for that period.

However, you cannot grow the annual cutting sunflowers by following all the tips and steps. You must have perennial sunflower plants. It will be better if you cut the part along with some stems, but it might not be possible.

Will sunflowers grow back if you cut them?

Sunflowers will grow if you cut them. But to grow it, you need to cut it by following some tips. You cannot cut or break the flower or any part and hope to grow it again. In that case, you have to find perennial sunflowers.

After that, you need to cut it from a certain angle and near the bottom where there are no leaves. On the other hand, if you break or cut the flower plants at your own pace and fail to follow the tips. You cannot grow the cut flowers.

4 reasons why you can regrow cut sunflower

There are a few reasons why you can regrow sunflowers. Let’s check below to know them.

Planting instantly:

The first reason to regrow the cut sunflower is the nutrients and moisture. If you cut the fresh sunflower and plant it in a pot instantly, it doesn’t lose nutrients. It will survive; that’s why it will regrow.


Another reason is the root. When you cut a sunflower along with its root, it will regrow with your care. In that case, it will be easier and more effective too.

All you need is to plant it quickly and make the soil moist. That’s why the cut sunflower will also regrow.

Stems will grow roots:

Cut sunflowers also have stems. Therefore, when you plant them, they will start to grow roots. Though it will take time, the plant will grow slowly once the root grows. So, another reason is the stems.

Perennial type:

Perennial sunflowers are another reason why cut sunflowers regrow. If you cut the annual blooming sunflowers and plant them, they will not grow further. On the other hand, if you cut the perennial sunflower, it will quickly regrow with some care.

These are the main reasons why the cut sunflower regrows. But the 4th one is the primary concern. You must cut the part from a perennial sunflower. Otherwise, you will fail to grow it.

So, ensure the number four reason and follow other tips that we will explain in the below sections. Your cut sunflowers will grow again within a while.

How to regrow cut sunflowers?

To regrow the cut sunflowers, you should follow some steps before and after cutting the sunflowers. Otherwise, you will fail to grow the cut parts. Go through all the steps and follow them one by one.

Cut the stem from the perennial plant:

You need to cut the sunflower from the perennial family; otherwise, it will not regrow. So the first step is to find the perennial sunflower. Then go for other steps.

Cut at 45 degrees:

You have to cut the sunflowers at a 45-degree angle. Otherwise, it will be challenging to regrow the cut sunflowers. This angle will help to grow the roots as well.

Pot in soil:

If you follow those two steps, you are ready to follow the following steps. Now, it’s time to make a pot with soil.

You need to moist the soil using fertilizer and water. Be careful, don’t add too much water. You need to moist the soil and then plant the cut part.

Wrap in plastic:

It’s time to wrap it with plastic and let the cut sunflower grow the root fast. It will take some days. But, if you follow all the steps with perfection, you will get root within a week.

Plant in a large pot:

Now that you have rooted the sunflower, you need to wait for more days. By that time, your cut sunflower will grow and bloom. You can only take out the plant from the pot and go for the next step.

Plant in a garden:

It’s time to plant the growing plant into your garden. You need to make a hole in the soil deeply. Them and the fertilizers and water. Then, plant the cut sunflowers that already grow and bloom.

How to cut sunflowers for regrowth?

To cut the sunflowers for regrowth, you should follow some easy steps. They will help perfectly cut the sunflower that will regrow after a while.

Find perennial ones:

At first, select the perennial sunflowers to regrow later. You will mostly find the annual sunflowers that grow once a year. On the other hand, perennial sunflowers will grow when you plant them.

Cut blooming ones:

You need to cut the part from a good sunflower that is blooming. If you cut from a dried head flower, it will not regrow. This is the second step to cut sunflower.

Cut below the leaves:

After that, go to the end or bottom of the sunflower. You need to cut a part below from the leaves. You should cut 6 to 9 inches below the leaves. It will help you to grow the cut sunflower soon.

Cut at 45 degrees:

You should cut the sunflower from a 45-degree angle. It’s the best angle to cut any perennial plant and help it to regrow again. Significantly, if you want to grow the roots, you must cut from this angle.

Sometimes you will fail to regrow a cut sunflower despite following all these steps correctly. It will be for the roots.

If you fail to grow the roots, the plant or cut sunflower will not regrow anymore. That’s why cutting sunflowers with stems will be a great idea to regrow it soon.

But that’s not possible every time. You have to take care of the cut sunflowers and plant it soon to grow the roots. Also, you have to moist the soil; otherwise, it will fail to grow the roots.

Can you replant a broken sunflower?

You cannot replant a broken sunflower. Growing a broken sunflower is nearly impossible for the unplanned broken design. Most of the time, the sunflower doesn’t break from the bottom. It breaks from the middle point.

As a result, you cannot expect to grow sunflowers from the leaves. You have to have some stems to grow roots, and then you can regrow the cut or broken sunflowers.

Moreover, the broken sunflowers don’t come with stems or roots. Therefore, they will fail to get nutrients from the soil. You know that without roots, no plant can live or survive. It will lose the growth.

For all these reasons, you cannot replant a broken sunflower. But, you can try it out by following our steps and tips if your broken sunflowers come with roots. In that case, you have to replant it soon and make the soil moist using fertilizer and water.

Final Thoughts

Regrowing the cut sunflowers, you have to follow some steps and tips. It will be fun to do the task. Before that, you have to select a perennial sunflower and then follow the steps. Then, you can regrow your cut sunflowers. Don’t try it out with annual plants. You will fail in that case.

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