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Can You Propagate Peace Lily From Cutting? (Answered)

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Propagating an indoor plant from cutting is a common way of breeding another plant from the parent stock. But not all indoor plants can be propagated from cuttings.

Therefore, if you want to propagate your Peace Lily plant which is also an indoor plant, you certainly would like to know can you propagate Peace Lily from cutting or not.

So, let us learn the propagation methods of Peace Lilies.

Can You Propagate Peace Lily From Cutting?

Peace Lily plants cannot be propagated by cutting the stem-like other plants. But during any season, Peace Lilies can easily be propagated via the division method. However, it’s conceivable for Peace Lily plants to be propagated via seeds by a professional gardener.

The stem cutting method of propagation is not suitable for Peace Lily plants, so they can’t be propagated from cuttings. Because different plants have their own way of responding to propagation.

The traditional stem cutting method of propagation doesn’t go along with every plant and Peace Lily is one of them.

The most usual way of propagating a Peace Lily plant is via division. Another Peace Lily can grow well only if they are propagated by using a section of the mother plant. If it’s not the division method, the propagated Peace Lily will not grow roots.

How To Propagate Peace Lily? (Propagation By Division)

To help you out with propagating your Peace Lily in the right way using the division method, here a detailed step-by-step guideline has been described below.

Check For Crowns:

The first step you should follow while propagating a Peace Lily plant is checking for the crowns. It’s a must-do step that is needed to be followed strictly because if the plant doesn’t have crowns, you can not propagate it.

And if you already have a matured plant with plenty of crowns, you can divide them into 3-4 sections.

Remove The Mother Plant:

After checking the crowns if it’s a matured plant, in the next step take the parent plant out of the pot gently.

If you face difficulties in taking out the plant, tap the pot’s sides to free it. And try to keep the foliage all together.


In this step, you will be dividing the plant. After taking out the plant, place it on an even surface, and then start dividing by separating the crown sections away from the parent plant by gently using your hands.

Or you can use a sharp knife to cut the crown sections away from the mother plant. Both are okay but if the plant is a small one, using hands is better.

Make sure that the crown has a few roots and 2 or more leaves connected to it so that a successful propagation can happen.


Now prepare the plants including the parent plant to transfer into different pots. First, inspect the roots and foliage of every plant that you have. Then set aside any open parts of the roots or take off any hanging leaves with brown tips.

Potting Up:

Take four inches pots to use for potting up your plants. Four inches pots are the appropriate size for using in this stage while putting up.

Fill the pot with peat-based pot mix and ensure that it is moist and well-drained. As the soil requires to be moistened so that too much watering should be avoided.


This is the last step, after potting up, keep the plants under the indirect bright sun and water only when the soil feels dry. And you don’t have to use any fertilizer for the next two months after potting up.

When Can I Split My Peace Lily?

When the Peace Lily plant has left out loads of new tips of growth and the new tips of the Peace Lily plant are spread everywhere. Also when the roots are replenishing the existing pot and the pot seems fuller. Then it’s the right time to split your Peace Lily plant.

Taking Care Of Newly Propagated Peace Lily

Here a few tips considering taking care of a newly propagated Peace Lily plant have been explained below.

Keep In Indirect Bright Light:

After propagating and potting, keep the newly propagated Peace Lily plant in an area with indirect bright sunlight.

Any east-facing window would be the ideal spot for this newly propagated plant as it will get the bright sunlight in the morning but will be kept away from the intense mid-day sunlight.

Moist Soil:

You must keep consistency while watering a newly propagated Peace Lily plant because you must maintain moist but not soggy soil for the plant.


Newly propagated Peace Lilies are not such a fan of fertilization. So use fertilizer after two months of propagation.


Like all Peace Lilies, the newly propagated plant also will enjoy humidity. So mist their leaves or place the pot over a moistened gravel tray to increase humidity.

The Right Temperature:

Since Peace Lilies are tropical plants, keep the newly propagated plant at above 16°C temperature as well. Don’t keep them near a drafty window.

Peace Lily Propagation From Seeds:

Propagating Peace Lilies from seeds is done by professional and experienced gardeners only as they like to experiment. But here a simple step-by-step guide has been given for you to do it at home easily.

How Do You Plant Peace Lily Seeds And How To Take Care Of Them?

Check Seed Pods:

You can only plant seeds from a matured seedpod, so check first if the seedpod is turning yellow and becoming soft or not as it’s the sign of maturing seed pods.

Plant The Seeds:

After getting matured seeds, plant them in a pot of germinating mix. Don’t bury them under the mixture, just lightly cover them. After that add a light coating of vermiculite over the planted seeds top. And water the soil.

Cover The Pot/Aftercare:

You can assume it after caring for the newly planted seeds. You must nourish a good level of humidity so that the plant can grow well. To do that, wrap the pot with a plastic wrapper or cover it with a glass piece so that the seeds can get indirect bright sunlight.

This covering will act as a greenhouse as it will maintain moist soil for the seeds. But keep checking the planting mixture every other day to see the moist level. And if you notice there’s humidity level is low, sprinkle a little water.

How Long Does It Take For Peace Lily Seeds To Germinate?

It will take about 10 days for Peace Lily seeds to germinate and grow into seedlings. Only if the seed planting process went well and the seeds have gotten enough light and humidity to grow.

However, sometimes the germination of Peace Lily may take a longer period if the temperature is low for the seeds to grow.

How Do I Save My Peace Lily Seeds?

To save the Peace Lily seeds for using next time/next season, first, scrape out the seeds from the pod by using a spoon/knife, or pluck the seeds off with tweezers. And then store the seeds in an envelope until you want to plant them to grow a plant.

Peace Lily Propagation In Water:

Apparently, Peace Lilies are not suitable for having propagation underwater. However, many plant shops and people tend to do it. But for propagating the Peace Lily plant in water, the root of the plant should remain suspended up to the water level. 

How To Propagate Peace Lily In Water?

To propagate a Peace Lily plant in water, first of all, fill a glass jar with only rainwater or distilled water. Better avoid tap water as it has chlorine and other water minerals that are harsh for the plant.

Then take a plastic stopper and snip a hole in the middle and gently place the Peace Lily plant in the plastic stopper. And then carefully submerge the roots in the water of the glass jar.

Lastly, keep the jar under indirect bright sun and feed the plant drops of liquid fertilizer every two weeks. Keep changing the water often too.

How Do You Plant Peace Lily Seeds In Water?

To plant the Peace Lily seeds, first, fill a container with distilled or rainwater and then place a few river stones/rocks. After that plant the seeds in gaps between the stones so that when seedlings will grow, the stones will keep the roots submerged and the plant above.

Roots will not rot either. And keep the container under subtle sunlight.

Common Growing Problems In Peace Lilies & Solutions

There are 3 common growing problems in Peace Lilies. Below the problems and solutions have been explained.

Wilting And Solution:

Wilting happens to Peace Lilies if the plant is being overwatered or underwatered. 

To fix this problem, you must stop watering if overwatering is the problem or you have to consistently keep watering the plant if underwatering is the problem.

Yellow Leaves And Solution:

Changes in Peace Lily’s habituated temperature or place stress out the plant and causes yellow leaves.

To fix the issue, keep the plant under filtered sunlight and above 16°C temperature.

Plant Not Blooming:

Peace Lily plants don’t bloom if they are kept in a place with very low light.

So the solution is to keep the plant in a place with lots of indirect bright sunlight.

What Is The Best Time To Propagate Peace Lily?

There is no best time to propagate the Peace Lily plant. You can propagate it at any time of the year but do avoid very hot or cold weather. And it would be better if you propagate a Peace Lily plant in the spring season.

How Do You Know When To Repot A Peace Lily?

When you will notice that the plant has matured and wilts more often, it’s time for repotting a Peace Lily. Because by that time the roots of the plant have grown up enough that there is very little soil left that can’t hold enough water.

How To Transplant A Peace Lily Into A Bigger Pot?

To transplant a Peace Lily into a bigger pot, first, loosen the roots and remove the plant from its existing pot.

Then choose a suitable pot that should be at least 2 inches bigger in diameter than the previous pot. And lastly, plant the Peace Lily using well-drained and moist pot mixing.

The stem cutting propagation method doesn’t work on Peace Lily plants, so they can’t be propagated via cutting. But using the division propagating method Peace Lily plants can be propagated any time except for too cold/hot weather. Propagation via seeds will work too.

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