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Can You Get Rid of Bees with Vinegar? (All You Need to Know)

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Many people fear bees. Especially those who have allergies to bees. Even a single bee sting of a bee can be dangerous for them.

So, when it comes to repelling bees, you might have tried different things. On the other hand, vinegar is a pretty effective solution to repel many insects.

So, you might be confused about whether you can get rid of bees with vinegar or not. You have to know details about vinegar’s effect on bees. Moreover, knowing about the ingredients and consequences of vinegar on bees is also important.

Can you get rid of bees with vinegar?

Vinegar is pretty effective to repel bees. You can get rid of bees with vinegar. This natural element has properties that can prevent bees from coming close to it. Even vinegar terminates bees instantly. Moreover, making the vinegar spray is pretty easy. So, you can use vinegar to repel bees.

Different types of bees are there around us. For example, you might be familiar with honey bees, ground bees, bumblebees, etc. Vinegar can have different effects on each bee. So, let’s see whether you can get rid of all types of bees with vinegar or not.

Honey bees:

You can get rid of honey bees using vinegar. For doing this, you can make a vinegar mixture. You have to add the same amount of water with vinegar and spray the solution on the nest of honey bees.

Thus you can repel honey bees from their nest. Moreover, this vinegar spray is so effective that it will prevent bees from building their nests again.

Ground bees:

Vinegar is an excellent solution to get rid of ground bees. Generally, ground bees are pretty stubborn. Moreover, getting them out of their nests is pretty difficult. So, you can use vinegar spray on their nests.

Generally, vinegar is an acidic element. This element can terminate bees instantly. So, ground bees can’t tolerate vinegar at all.

Carpenter bees or wood bees:

Vinegar works great on carpenter bees or wood bees. Even vinegar works so strongly on bees that it can terminate them in a couple of minutes. So, if you want to get rid of carpenter bees or wood bees, you can make a mixture with water and vinegar.

Different types of chemicals are available to repel wood bees. But these chemicals also have side effects on the wood. So, you can use vinegar as a natural element to get rid of carpenter bees or wood bees.


You can also use vinegar to get rid of bumblebees. Bumblebees are another type of bee. But they face the same effects of vinegar when you spray vinegar on them. If you want to get rid of them, you have to mix water and vinegar in the same ratio.

But ensure your safety while spraying vinegar solution on bees. Because bees can’t tolerate vinegar. So, they might want to live and harm you.

What does vinegar do to bees? Will vinegar terminate bees?

Vinegar is one of the most effective and strong elements to repel vinegar. Generally, vinegar is an acidic solution. It is very harmful to bees. Generally, if vinegar is poured on bees, vinegar will damage bees’ respiratory processes and disrupt olfactory processes.

So, whenever bees notice any smell of vinegar, they will go away. That’s why vinegar is so effective to get rid of bees. Moreover, vinegar can prevent all types of bees including honey bees, ground bees, carpenter bees, etc.

Generally, vinegar has so strong effect on bees that it will terminate bees. When the respiratory and olfactory systems of bees are damaged, they will not live anymore.

Even, vinegar works so instant that the bees might lose life within some minutes. That’s why so many people use vinegar spray to get rid of different types of bees.

How long does vinegar take to terminate bees?

Vinegar doesn’t take too much time to terminate bees. Even vinegar can terminate bees instantly. When you put vinegar on bees or spray vinegar mixture on their nests, bees will lose life fast.

You might have to wait for a couple of minutes, but within some minutes, all the bees will lose life. Generally, vinegar has a strong effect that damages bees’ respiratory systems.

So, they can’t even breathe when vinegar is applied. So, vinegar will terminate bees instantly or within a couple of minutes.

What kind of vinegar to get rid of bees?

When you know that vinegar can repel bees, you might be confused about which type of vinegar you have to use. Well, let’s see which vinegar can terminate bees or work effectively to get rid of bees.

White vinegar:

You can use white vinegar to get rid of bees. Generally, white vinegar is a natural acidic element.

This element dries out bees’ exoskeleton and repels them from their nest. So, when you apply white vinegar on bees, they will not be able to breathe and perish eventually.

But when you make a mixture, you can add the same amount of water with vinegar. Then you can pour it into a spray bottle and spray it on the bee’s nest.

Apple cider vinegar:

You can also use apple cider vinegar to get rid of bees. Apple cider vinegar also has the acidic property that can hurt bees. If you want to get rid of bees using apple cider vinegar, you can mix it with water in the same way.

This vinegar will repel honey bees, carpenter bees, and other insects too. So, apple cider vinegar is also pretty effective to repel bees.

How to get rid of bees with vinegar?

You might have already known that vinegar can terminate bees. So, if you want to get rid of bees with vinegar, you have to follow a step-by-step process. Let’s see how you can do it.

Take safety measures:

Take all the preparation for your protection. For example, you can wear gloves and goggles. Because if bees once fly to you, you will not get enough time to take protection.

Make solution:

Make a solution of the vinegar mixture. For doing this, you have to take one cup of water and one cup of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. Mix them well. Then pour the mixture into a spray bottle.

Add washing soap to the mixture:

If you make the mixture stronger, you can add one tablespoon of washing soap to the mixture.

Spray the nest:

Spray the mixture on the bee’s nest. Try to spray in the evening or at night. Because bees are asleep at this time. Moreover, bees are not supposed to come out at low temperatures.

Spray over all the area:

Spray the mixture all the areas where bees built a nest and where they can rebuild their nest.

Observe the area:

In the next morning, you will see all the bees are lifeless. Moreover, other bees have been gone away. So, you can discard the nest from that place and clean the place.

How to get rid of bees without terminating them?

Many chemicals and natural solutions can terminate bees instantly. But if you don’t like the idea of terminating animals and insects, you can use other methods. You can also repel bees without terminating them. So, let’s see how you can do it.


You can contact beekeepers who will take away bees and their nests with them without terminating them. Beekeepers have good experience of dealing with bees leaving them alive.


Generally, bees don’t like smoke because whenever they see smoke, they think their nest is on fire. So, bees will go away if they notice the smoke.

Strong smell:

You can use natural ingredients that have a strong smell. Bees don’t tolerate the strong scent of some ingredients and go away from the place. For example, bees don’t like the smell of cinnamon.

So, if you sprinkle cinnamon around their nest every day for a week, bees will start to go away from that place and rebuild their house in another place. Similarly, bees also don’t like the smell of garlic. So, you can use garlic paste around their nest for a week.

Other ways:

You can also use other ways to repel bees from their hive. For example, you can hang a pocket of mothballs around their nest.

Besides, bitter almond oil can also repel bees. Besides, you can burn citronella candles. Bees dislike all these smells. So, if you try to spread these smells around their nest, bees will go away eventually.

Final Thoughts

You can get rid of bees with vinegar. Generally, vinegar can effectively repel and terminate bees. Even both white and apple cider vinegar will work on bees. Moreover, different types of bees will perish if you pour vinegar mixture on their nest. So, vinegar is pretty convenient to repel bees.

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