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Can Philodendron Grow Outside? (Complete Guide)

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Philodendron is a plant with a large genus. Philodendrons are in the Araceae family. Generally, Philodendrons have hundreds of different species and each species have different characteristics.

Philodendrons are a pretty common plant in houses. You might have seen them inside the house. So, you might be confused about whether they can be grown outside or not. Well, every plant has a different requirement for growing inside or outside. You have to know the requirements to grow Philodendrons outside. 

Can Philodendron grow outside?

Philodendrons can grow outside if the weather is suitable for them. Generally, Philodendrons can grow in warm weather. If the temperature drops excessively or below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, they can’t grow. Moreover, they can grow in moderate sunlight and need light feeding for growing outside.

Philodendrons can grow both inside and outside. Many people like to grow them inside as they can’t bear excessive direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can burn their leaves. So, if you want to grow Philodendrons in the garden outside, make sure the sunlight is moderate.

The most important issue is the temperature. If the temperature is pretty warm and more than 65 degrees Fahrenheit, the Philodendron will grow well. Philodendrons can’t bear freezing or excessive cold.

Can these Philodendron species grow outside?

Philodendrons have plenty of species. Among them, some species are common and noticeable in people’s houses. They have different characteristics and requirements for growing. So, you might be confused about which species can be grown outside. Let’s see which species of Philodendrons can grow outside.

Philodendron Brasil:

Philodendron Brasil is one of the beautiful and fast-growing Philodendrons. They can grow upwards too. So, many people hang them on a side of the wall or from the roof. They can also grow outside.

But like most Philodendrons, Philodendron Brasil also can grow well in moderate sunlight. So, they are low-light plants. Don’t keep this plant in the direct sun all day and below 55 degrees Fahrenheit temperature.

Philodendron Xanadu:

Philodendron Xanadu can also be grown outside. This plant is more beautiful and well growing in low sunlight. That’s why most people grow them inside the house. But if you want to grow Philodendron Xanadu outside, make sure that the temperature is not below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Because this plant can’t bear freezing temperature.

Philodendron Monstera:

Philodendron Monsteras can grow outdoors. But they can’t bear excessive direct sunlight. They grow well in a partially shaded place. Moreover, they can’t grow in too much cold or freezing weather. Besides, Philodendron Monstera can grow in moderate humidity. But you have to grow them in a well-drained place.

Heart leaf Philodendron:

You can grow Heart leaf Philodendron outside. This plant can survive only in warm weather more than 55 degrees Fahrenheit. So, if you want to grow Heart leaf Philodendron, don’t put them outside in the cold weather. Moreover, if heart leaf Philodendrons grow outside, their color is a little bit different from the ones growing inside.

Split leaf Philodendron:

Split leaf Philodendron can grow outside in a partial shade. This plant also can’t bear too cold weather and excessive direct sunlight. So, try to grow the Split leaf Philodendrons in moderate sunlight or shaded and warm areas. Moreover, they can grow in a well-drained place. Otherwise, excessive water can damage them.

Are Philodendrons indoor or outdoor plants?

Philodendrons are both indoor and outdoor plants. Generally, Philodendrons have many species, shapes, and sizes. Most Philodendrons can be grown outside. But they have some special requirements for growing outside.

Philodendrons can’t grow in freezing temperatures. So, people grow them inside the house for saving them from excessive cold. Philodendrons can’t live below the temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Moreover, some Philodendrons can bear direct sunlight and some can’t. So, people grow the Philodendrons in a shaded place outside that can’t bear direct sunlight. Otherwise, you can put them outside all day.

So, whether you can grow Philodendrons outside or inside the house depends on the weather and species characteristics.

Tips for growing Philodendron outside:

Philodendrons can grow outside. But you can’t grow randomly like other plants. These plants have some special requirements to grow outside. You need to follow the requirements. So, here are some tips that you can follow to grow Philodendrons outside.


The most important factor to grow Philodendrons outside is the temperature. Philodendrons can’t live in the cold weather. Especially if the temperature is below 55 degrees Fahrenheit (13 degrees centigrade), Philodendrons will not grow. So, you can only grow them outside in warm weather and moderate to high temperatures.


Another criterion to grow Philodendrons outside is the sunlight. Most Philodendrons can grow well in low sunlight and shaded areas. Some Philodendrons can also bear direct sunlight. But make sure that the Philodendron doesn’t get excessive direct sunlight all day. Otherwise, the plant’s leaves might burn.


The soil outside, where you want to grow Philodendrons, has to be consistently moist. But the bed of soil should also have a well-drained area. If the plant receives excessive water, the plant might damage. Moreover, when you grow Philodendrons outside, a light feeding in the soil is needed every three months.  

Water and humidity:

While growing Philodendrons outside, you need to be careful about watering and the humidity of the soil. Philodendrons require a moderate amount of water. So, don’t put excessive water on the soil and plants.

Moreover, the humidity level has to be good. These plants like humidity; so if the weather is very dry, ensure the plants and soil get enough humidity. You can spray water around the plant or put a water tray beside the plant to provide humidity.

Can Philodendron go outside in the summer?

Yes, Philodendrons can go outside in the summer. Generally, Philodendrons like the warm weather. They can’t grow in cold or freezing temperatures. So, you can grow Philodendrons in the summer.

But while growing this plant outside in the summer, make sure the plant doesn’t get excessive sunlight. You can put Philodendrons outside in a shaded or low sunlight area. Otherwise, the leaves might burn.

How cold can Philodendron tolerate?

Philodendrons can grow both inside and outside. So, you might be confused about whether they can bear the cold outside or not. Well, Philodendron can’t tolerate cold weather. Even they can’t tolerate the temperature below 55 degrees Fahrenheit (13 degrees centigrade).

So, if you want to grow Philodendrons outside, make sure the weather is not so cold.

Let’s see some of the species of Philodendrons whether they can tolerate cold or not.

Philodendron Xanadu cold tolerance:

Generally, Philodendron Xanadu grows well in a warm temperature of more than 55 degrees Fahrenheit (13 degrees centigrade). Besides, Philodendron Xanadu grows well in a temperature between 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heart leaf Philodendron cold tolerance:

Heart leaf Philodendrons also can’t tolerate cold. They can’t tolerate freezing also. Heart leaf Philodendrons can grow well in a temperature range from 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Split leaf Philodendron/ Philodendron Selloum cold hardiness:

Splif leaf Philodendron or Philodendron Selloum is the cold hardiest among all Philodendrons. They can tolerate cold. They have the cold hardiness of USDA Zones 9 – 11. The plant might damage in freezing cold, but it will come back in warmer weather.

Can Philodendron survive hard freeze?

Most Philodendrons can’t survive a hard freeze. Philodendron grows well above the temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Frost can dry their leaves and even the plant too.

But some species of Philodendrons can survive a hard freeze. For example, Split leaf Philodendron or Selloum can survive a hard freeze. Even they have cold hardiness of USDA Zones 9 – 11.

If they damage by the frost, they can regrow when the weather is warmer. So, most Philodendrons can’t survive a hard freeze. But some of the species might survive the cold weather.

Can Philodendron grow in water?

Yes, Philodendron can grow in water. Even some of the species of Philodendron just grow in water; they don’t need soil. Moreover, where Philodendron is grown, the soil must have sufficient moisture.

Philodendrons are both indoor and outdoor plants. So, many people grow Philodendrons in a bottle with some water. Philodendrons can grow in the water permanently. But you have to change the water regularly.

If you cut a portion of Philodendron and place it in water, you will see the root is growing within ten days. So, Philodendrons can grow well in water.

How long can a Philodendron live in water?

Philodendron can live in water. Even you can grow them just in water. Many people grow Philodendrons inside the house in a bottle. Philodendron face no problem without soil.

When you place the cutting in the water, you will see the result of roots growing on the water in some days. But you have to change the water regularly after some days.

Philodendron in the water is the easiest way to grow this plant. They don’t need excess care as there is no soil in the water. So, you need not worry about how long Philodendrons can live in water because they can grow in water.

Philodendrons are beautiful plants with hundreds of species. You can grow them indoors and outdoors. But most of their species can’t live in cold weather. So, you have to grow them in warm weather. Moreover, if you grow them outside, you have to put them in a shaded place. Otherwise, sunlight can burn them. 

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