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Can a Peace Lily Grow From Seed? (Answered)

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Peace lilies are known for their white color, which resembles peace, prosperity, purity, and it brings positive energy to their surroundings.

Therefore, a lot of people want to grow peace lilies in their homes because of their fame for being indoor plants and also for having the ability to clean the air of the room they are in.

However, a lot of people get confused about their proper propagation method, which is why in this article, we are here to talk about whether a peace lily can grow from seeds. 

Can a peace lily grow from seed?

Peace lilies can grow from seeds in ten days; however, in most cases, the seeds can take a long time to germinate. You can collect the seeds from the central spadix of the flower by dissecting the spadix, and for the best results, you will need to plant as early as possible after harvesting.

Peace lilies can take a longer period of time to mature enough in order to bloom flowers. However, you have to be more careful in taking care of the plant because the plant will bloom quite fast in spring if you give some organic fertilizer to the plant.

Caring is the essential part whenever you are growing a peace lily from seed. As we have said earlier, the seedlings of peace lily can take a longer time to develop.

Do peace lily flowers have seeds?

Yes, peace lily flowers do have seeds in their spadix, which is the middle part of the peace lily flower. You will need to find out whether the pod which is in the middle of the flower turned black or not. Because, if that part is still green, then the seeds are not ready to harvest.

When the shell has become dark, take it all off. Rather than bending or pulling the bean off, take an easy cut with scissors or tweezers. Using only a teaspoon or a small knife, extract the seeds from the pod. If you want, then you may pull them out with tweezers.

Unless you’re not ready to utilize the seeds, store them in a bag.

Where are the seeds on a peace lily?

The seeds of the peace lily are on the spadix, which is the middle part of the flower. Seeds are inside the pod of that spadix part, and also the seeds take a much longer time to germinate when you extract them from that pod.

Also, you have to be very much careful whenever you take the seeds from the pod with scissors or tweezers. The pod on the spadix plays a significant role in protecting the seeds and also helps the seeds to become mature.

How to get peace lily seeds?

You can use tweezers or a small knife to cut the pod of the spadix. And then, you can use a spoon or knife to extract the seeds from the pod. Also, you have to make sure that you get all the peace lily seeds when the pod turns dark black.

How to plant and grow peace lily from seeds?

Planting and growing a peace lily from seeds is not a complicated one but surely can be a difficult task. Therefore, we have noted some of the steps you can follow to plant and grow a peace lily:

Complications with seeds:

Whether you buy your peace lily seeds online or from a local nursery or even you can collect them from the flowers, the seeds can take longer than often to germinate. Also, the nature of the seedlings may not match with their parent plants due to different hybridization factors.

Collect the seeds that are ready for fertilization:

You will need to collect the seeds from the central spadix of the flower of the plant. Therefore, you will need to look for the pod in the central spadix that has turned deep black and then extract the seeds from them carefully.

Cut the pod carefully:

You will need to cut the pod of the central spadix, and before that, you will need to disinfect your tools with alcohol. You will need to open the spadix in order to access the fruits and seeds.

Extract the seeds:

After disinfecting the tools, you will need to gently cut the pod open and then carefully extract the seeds with a spoon or a small knife.

Plant the seeds for immediate result:

You will need to plant the seeds immediately in order to obtain the best results. Also, if you don’t want to plat the seeds, you can store them in an envelope.

Final touch:

You will need to cut out the spadix and spathe because they will get dry after the entire fertilization is over. You will need to remove them by disinfecting the tools with alcohol.

How long does it take for peace lily seeds to germinate?

The germination of peace lily seeds depends on the temperature because generally, it can take ten days for the seeds to germinate; however, if the temperature is too low, then the germination can take much longer.

Therefore, to maintain good humidity, you can cover the pot with a plastic bag or even with a piece of glass to make way for the indirect sunlight to go through.

How do you plant peace lily in water?

You can follow the tips down below if you want to plant your peace lily in water:

Remove the soil:

First of all, remove all the soil from the root part of the plant and carefully wash them with water without damaging the roots.

Fill the pot:

Now take a glass pot or vessel with a narrow mouth and fill the pot with fresh water.

Place the root:

Then place the root with the plant into the pot and make sure the root has entirely submerged in the water.

Add some fertilizer:

Finally, you can add some liquid fertilizer to the pot so that the plant can get enough nutrition.

Change the water:

You will need to change the water once a week and also need to spray water to the leaves regularly.

How often should I water a small peace lily?

Peace lilies are mostly the plant’s topical nature; therefore, you will need to make the soil moist by watering more than often. Generally, it’s enough to water your peace lily once a week to meet the moisture requirement.

You have to make sure that the leaves are wet enough to balance the humidity level.

How to save peace lily seeds?

The seeds of the peace lily are found on the spadix, which is the flower’s central section. Seeds are contained within the pod of that spadix portion, and seeds extracted from that pod take considerably longer to germinate.

Using scissors or tweezers to save the seeds from the pod must also be done with caution. Scrape the seeds from the pod with a teaspoon or a tiny knife.

You can use tweezers to pluck them out if you like. Store the seeds in a bag unless you’re ready to use them right away.

How to pollinate peace lily?

You will need to keep an eye on the peace lily or lilies to see if they’re ready for pollen harvest.

To catch the light pollen, gently press the spadix of the peace lily whilst carrying a jar underneath it and using a delicate brush, carefully clean new pollen above any blossoms that are pollen-receptive.

That glossy look of stigmatic edges distinguishes the blooming cycle, which appears when pollen is discharged along the same spadix. If nothing blooms on the targeted parent plant that is in the receptive stage, freeze the pollens and store them in a damp area.

Can peace lily grow from cuttings?

Peace lilies cannot be grown through leaves or branch cuttings. However, they can be quickly grown through splitting at any time of year. Although an expert grower may cultivate peace lilies from seeds, however, it will take many years for these plants to blossom.

Therefore, it is best to follow the seed-based propagation to get the best result for the peace lily plant to grow.

Harvesting from the seeds is the best way for planting and growing peace lily plants. However, you will need to take proper care, starting from ensuring appropriate fertilizer to the plant to cutting dried spadix at the right time in order to obtain beautiful flowers.

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