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Can Magnolia Trees Bloom Twice a Year? (Answered)

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Who doesn’t love magnolia trees, right? They are evergreen, spreading, and produce beautiful flowers with amazing fragrances. You might be wondering if these trees blossom twice a year. You might also want to know which magnolia trees bloom twice a year. Let’s find the answers to all your queries about the blooming of magnolia trees.

Can magnolia trees bloom twice a year?

Magnolia trees can bloom twice a year. However, it is quite rare. A few varieties of magnolia trees bloom once at the end of summer and once at the start of spring. The Chinese magnolia, Oyama magnolia, bigleaf magnolia, and Saucer Magnolia are the ones that often bloom twice a year.

Not all varieties of the magnolia tree bloom twice a year. There are a lot of types of magnolia trees available, and the blooming frequency is different for different varieties.

A few special species of magnolia plant blossom two times in a particular year. They bloom almost six months apart in a year. The twice-blooming magnolias bloom once in early spring and once in late summer.

Usually, Chinese Magnolia and Saucer Magnolia, which is a combination of Magnolia and Soulangeana, bloom twice a year. When they bloom twice a year, the first flower blossoms in the early spring.

The Oyama magnolia and bigleaf magnolia also bloom two times a year. They bloom flowers in spring and summer. In addition, the evergreen southern magnolia is known for its year-round green leaves and blooms in summer and late spring.

However, sometimes even the special types of magnolia trees might not bloom twice. It mainly depends on their health, weather, and environment. If the plant doesn’t get an adequate amount of water, it might not even bloom flowers once a year.

Magnolia trees are very sensitive and needy. They need to be in perfect health to bloom. In addition, some of the varieties of this plant need full sun to bloom flowers at least once a year.

How often does a magnolia tree flower? What month do magnolia trees bloom?

Magnolia trees bloom at least once a year. However, there are numerous varieties of magnolia trees that bloom twice each year. The varieties that bloom twice, produce flowers almost six months apart.

That being said, how often a magnolia tree flowers mainly depends on the health and condition of the tree itself. If the tree is not in a good condition and doesn’t get enough sun and water, it won’t be able to produce flowers at the right time. In fact, they might not be able to bloom even once a year.

Most magnolia trees bloom from late winter to midsummer. However, it varies from species to species. The magnolia trees that bloom two times a year produce flowers during early spring and the end of summer.

Do magnolia trees bloom every year? How long do magnolia trees bloom each year?

Yes, magnolia trees bloom every year. However, if these trees don’t get full sun and an adequate amount of water, they might not bloom every year. Proper care is very important for this tree to produce flowers every year for a long period of time.

The most important factors that influence how often magnolia trees bloom are variety and health. A few varieties even bloom twice every year. In healthy conditions, the plant will produce beautiful flowers without any issues.

Although magnolia trees can bloom twice a year and also every year, their flowers don’t last for a very long time. The magnolia trees bloom for almost two weeks normally. However, there are few varieties that bloom for up to a month.

Why is my magnolia tree not blooming?

Your magnolia tree might not bloom for various reasons. The cause can be both severe and minor. It can occur due to lack of water and nutrition, or due to pest invasions.

Let’s find out in detail why your magnolia tree is not blooming.

Lack of water:

Like every other plant, magnolia trees also use the photosynthesis process to produce oxygen and glucose. One of the main components required for photosynthesis is water. Plants convert water into oxygen through the photosynthesis process.

If the magnolia trees don’t get enough water they won’t be able to produce their food. As a result, due to the lack of water, your magnolia tree might not be blooming.

Scarcity of nutrients in the soil:

To produce flowers, magnolia trees require a lot of energy. They usually gain that energy from the nutrients and minerals in the soil.

If the magnolia tree doesn’t get enough nutrients and minerals, it will not bloom. You can make the tree produce flowers again by adding fertilizers into the soil.

Shortage of sunlight:

Most varieties of magnolia trees require full sun to grow properly and bloom flowers. They also need an adequate amount of sunlight to do the photosynthesis process. So, due to a shortage of sunlight, the magnolia trees can stop blooming.

Pest invasions:

If there is a pest invasion on your magnolia tree, then it can stop blooming as well. This is due to the fact that pests will consume the glucose from the tree and can also damage the stem, roots, and leaves. Due to the pest invasion, the magnolia tree will become very weak, losing the capability of blooming.

How old does a magnolia tree have to be to bloom?

How old a magnolia tree has to be to bloom varies from species to species. A few types of magnolia trees even start to bloom before reaching full maturity, whereas a few varieties bloom after becoming fully matured.

Some magnolia trees start to produce flowers when they are only three years old. However, most of the magnolia trees’ species bloom after becoming at least ten years old. The magnolia trees planted in the Southern part of the country take almost 10 years to bloom as well.

That being said, a magnolia tree’s lifespan is 120 years on average. So, ten years is not a very long time for waiting for blooms compared to its lifespan.

A magnolia tree needs proper care to bloom at the right time. If the tree gets an adequate amount of sunlight and water, it will produce flowers exactly when it reaches full maturity.

When do magnolia trees bloom in different cities of the country?

The magnolia trees bloom at different times in different cities of the country. The reason behind this is the difference in weather, climate, and environment between those cities.

Have a look at when magnolia trees bloom in different cities of the country:


The temperature of Texas is usually quite warm, and the winter is temperate. As a result, Magnolia trees thrive in Texas. The blooming season for magnolia trees in Texas is early spring. The months of February to April are the most common.


There is no definite blooming time for magnolia trees in California. This is due to the fact that it has so many distinct temperature zones and can handle so many different varieties of magnolias. However, usually, they bloom in early to late spring, which means somewhere between March to April.


The weather in Florida is very hot and humid, which makes it perfect for growing magnolia trees. In Florida, magnolias generally bloom around May and June.

What magnolia tree blooms twice a year? Do jane magnolias bloom twice a year?

There are various varieties of magnolia trees blooming twice a year. Jane magnolias are one of those varieties that bloom twice a year along with numerous other types. Let’s take a look in detail at which magnolia tree blooms twice a year.

Saucer Magnolia:

Saucer Magnolia is a cross between Magnolia and Soulangiana. They generally grow very well in California. This Magnolia tree grows flowers twice a year. They bloom once in the early part of the spring and again around July.

Jane Magnolia:

Jane Magnolia produces flowers two times a year, first in the spring and commonly bloom again in the summer. The second wave of flowers of the Jane Magnolia looks even more vibrant and colorful, bringing elegance to your yard.

Chinese Magnolia:

Chinese Magnolia does bloom twice in a particular year. It usually blooms first at the start of spring and again at the end of summer.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous varieties of Magnolia trees that bloom twice a year. The varieties that usually bloom twice a year are Jane, Oyama. Bigleaf, and saucer Magnolia. These varieties usually bloom the first flush of flowers in summer and again in spring.

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