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Are Trumpet Vines Poisonous to Dogs, Cats & Other Animals?

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Before planting any vine around your garden it is best to make sure if they are toxic or safe to be kept around animals, if you have pets as well. Some of the vines are perfectly safe but there are some which are very much unsafe and harmful.

Are trumpet vines poisonous to dogs, cats & other animals?

The trumpet vines are severely poisonous to most animals. Especially cats and dogs. Other than these, the plant is advised to keep away from animals in general. The entire plant is toxic to animals, starting from the flower to the stem. Even the seeds of the plant can be poisonous to animals.

The trumpet vine is a very common plant and is found in the gardens all around. Which is why you should be very careful with your pet and other animals. The plant is very much poisonous to animals. Make sure to keep your cat or dog or any other animal away from the plant.


These plants are very toxic for dogs. all the parts of the plant can cause your dog to have serious indigestion and health issues. And dogs tend to chew on any vines they find. Best to keep the dogs away.


The contents of the trumpet vine can be highly poisonous for cats and kittens. The extracts even can cause your cat severe discomfort and health problems.


Trumpet vines are severely poisonous to birds and chickens. Chickens tend to avoid the flower and vines at all times. They cause very harm to chickens. You should always keep your chickens away from the trumpet vines.


Angels’ trumpet vines are slightly poisonous to horses. But in general, trumpet vines are not that toxic to horses. But to be on the safe side, you should keep the vines away from horses.


There is a good chance that the vines are not poisonous to goats. But that being said it is best to keep the vines as far away as possible. It is best not to take any risk as the vine plant contains much poisonous elements.


The large vines tend to attract bees, mostly honey bees. These vines are not that poisonous to the bees. It is a favorite of the bees.


To humans, the vine is very toxic. Any interaction with the sap as well can cause rashes to the human skin.

It is best to be aware around the vines as it is very toxic to most animals and humans alike.

Is any part of the trumpet vine poisonous?

The entire trumpet vine is poisonous. Starting from the seeds of the plant to the flower. Even the sap of it can cause irritation and rashes. And if consumed, it can cause indigestion and upset stomach. It is best to keep away from the vine in general and not take any risk –

Trumpet vine flowers:

The flowers of the trumpet is large and looks appealing. But the flower is very much toxic. Though bees are not harmed by it but it is best to stay away from the consumption of the flower of the vine. The petals of the flower are also toxic enough to cause damage.

Trumpet vine leaves:

The very beautiful leaf of the plant is very much poisonous. The sap that comes from breaking the leaf can cause serious skin issues including rashes and irritation. And if the leaves are consumed by any animal stomach problems are inevitable.

Trumpet vine pods:

Unlike most other vines, the pod and seed of the trumpet vine are known to be poisonous and harmful to animals and humans. Bees are supposedly safe but the birds are not. It is wise to keep away from the pods of the vine as well.

It is best to avoid the trumpet vine altogether. The whole vine is very much toxic. Especially the sap of it. As we are not able to see where the sap leaks from we should avoid getting in touch with the plant. Consuming it is definitely not a good thing to do as well.

Do hummingbirds eat trumpet vine? 

While the trumpet vine is known to be harmful to most birds, hummingbirds tend to rather enjoy the vines. It is uncommon for any bird to be fond of the poisonous vine but hummingbirds seem to be the odd one out in this case.

During the summer hummingbirds enjoy the sweet honey of the trumpet vine. The large shape of the trumpet vine flower makes it easier for the birds to get the honey from the flower. The birds are small in size so it is easier for them to get the honey from the vines flower as well.

Can rabbits eat trumpet vine?

Rabbits tend to enjoy the trumpet vines up until the vines are mature. The rodent-like the young trumpet vines, when it is rather crunchy to chew on. As the plant matures and gets wood-like texture rabbits to refrain from eating the vines.

But up until that time, the vines are regular for rabbits.

Naturally, rabbits are fond of vine-like plants and vegetables. And young, crunchy trumpet vines are on the favorite list of rabbits. Most of the time the animal will eat a ton of trumpet vine. They avoid the flower but not the stem and root.

What happens if a pet eats trumpet vine?

Trumpet vines are one of the most common vine-like plants that are found in gardens and parks. This is why it is very common for your pets to eat or chew on the vines. As the vines are very much toxic you should be aware of them around your pet-


The sap of the vines is highly poisonous and any contact with them will cause a severe skin reaction. Rashes and skin irritation is common after touching the sap of the vine.

Upset stomach:

If your pet animal consumes any part of the trumpet, it will go through a very upset stomach. It is common for all parts of the vine. Most parts of the vine are toxic for most animals.

If you find your pet irritated about their stomach look for any pieces of the trumpet vine around.

Vomiting and nausea:

Consumption of the seeds can cause severe vomiting for animals. Not only the seeds, but the pods can also cause vomiting and nausea more times than often.

There are many health issues involved if any animal has trumpet vines. This is why it is important to keep them as far away as possible from the vines.

Why is trumpet vine bad?

Though the trumpet vine looks very beautiful to keep around the garden, it is best not to let them grow and get comfortable around your home space. The plant is toxic and destructive.

There are several reasons why you should avoid planting this vine, some of which is given below-


The vine may look innocent but they are highly poisonous to the animals and humans around. The sap of the plant can cause rashes and the seeds can cause stomach issues. This is why it is important to keep the vines away if you have pets.

Wall damage:

The vines latch on to the walls and can cause a good deal of damage to your walls. Even the fences and stone, brick walls can be harmed by the deep roots of the vines.

Spreads fast:

The seeds of the flower of the vine fall on the ground and more vines grow from them. The vine spreads and grows very fast which can be hard to control.

Is trumpet vine poisonous to children?

Trumpet vines are very harmful to children. The vine is very poisonous and can cause a great deal of irritation to any children that come in touch with the vine. Starting from the sap to the seed pod of the vine, all parts if toxic for children.

It is very important to keep children away from vines.

The sap can cause rashes and skin irritation which can lead to being skin infections if not treat well. And the sap can leak from any part of the vine, even the flowers. As for the seed and the pod, digestion of either of them can cause an upset stomach.

The very toxic alkaloids can even terminate.

No matter how the trumpet vine looks, it is best not to let it grow around the house where children are present. The vine is fatal and can do much harm to the children around.

Final thoughts

It is not wise to plant trumpet vines around animals. The vine is known to be very dangerous to animals and can be the cause behind some severe health issues. The vines contain alkaloids that are very poisonous. So the consumption of the seed and any part of the plant can harm the animals.

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