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Are Petunias Edible? (All You Need to Know)

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Petunias are beautiful plants that have a flexible blooming period. They also smell amazing and look lovely anywhere you put them. 

This might have you wondering if they are edible for you or even for your pets. It is important to do your research to avoid any bad reactions. 

Are petunias edible?

Beautiful flowers like petunias are often used to decorate plates and foods at high-end restaurants. Even if it seems edible, you should be aware and never consume them. Most petunia varieties are not at all edible even if they are used as a garnish to amp up the look of the food. 

It might differ for different varieties of petunias out there. Therefore, if you are facing any confusion for a particular variety then ensure that you do your proper research for that variety as well to avoid any health-related problems. 

Mexican petunias:

Mexican petunias, in particular, they are confirmed to not be harmful. However, they are a member of the nightshade family so it is best if you avoid eating them even if they are not necessarily toxic.

They are not edible for humans and can end up doing more harm for you than any good.

There can be a lot of stomach problems and allergy-related problems for you, especially if your body is sensitive to changes. Therefore, it is best for humans to avoid consuming such plants at all. 

Wave petunias:

Like other petunias, wave petunias are not harmful to humans either. Even then it is suggested that it is not consumed by humans.

They are not particularly edible and can cause a variety of problems if ingested in a large amount. They also provide no diet value to humans so it is best if avoided and not consumed by humans.

Plants such as wave petunias are very beautiful and often used as garnishes in many great restaurants. That might have you wondering if they are edible. They are not so it is best to just not consume it. 

Are all petunia flowers edible? Which petunias are edible? 

Most petunias are not edible. This is because they come from the nightshade family. Even though they are harmless, they are not to be consumed by humans.

Not only will they not add any value to our diet, but they may also cause issues like stomach problems or even allergies. They are pretty and sprinkled on many different types of food to present it better, but it does not mean that they should be consumed. 

However, there are some species of petunias that can be consumed. Any petunias that do not come from the nightshade family and instead come from the solace family can be edible.

It may not add much to your diet, but you will not face any problems if you consume them. They are indeed edible for humans and have a very mild taste to them. 

Are petunias poisonous to eat?

Petunias are not particularly known for being poisonous. Even if you accidentally ingest them, it will not cause as much problem as a poisonous plant would otherwise do.

They are fairly simple plants and even though most of them are not edible, it is best to stay away from ingesting them. 

Petunias are not toxic or poisonous for babies either. It is unlikely to do any big harm, however, it is always best to keep it out of reach from babies. Anything that is not considered edible might do harm.

It can cause major stomach issues such as stomach aches and even terrible allergies. Besides that, when it comes to plants and babies, there is always a major choking risk. Therefore, it is best if you can keep your petunia out of reach from any babies. 

What happens if I eat a petunia?

Since petunias are not considered toxic or poisonous, if you accidentally happen to consume it will not cause too big of a problem.

The most that can happen is you facing stomach aches or having an allergic reaction. There might be a lot of other elements present in the flower that might trigger allergies. 

However, the only harmful aspect of it can be if you ingest any plant that contains pesticide or insecticide on them.

Those things are very harmful and even a small amount on your petunia plant can cause major stomach issues and vomiting. This is why it is best to stir away from such plants that are not edible. 

Are petunias edible for dogs?

Plants such as petunias are safe for dogs to consume. It is not toxic and will not cause any issue if your dog has taken a liking to it and consumes it. However, you must always encourage your dog to not consume such plants.

Never make it a vital part of their diet even if it is not harmful. This is because consuming such plants in a larger volume over a long period can cause severe gastrointestinal issues for your dog. 

Is there any poisonous petunia plant for dogs or other pets?

Petunias are one of the safest plants that you can think of planting in your yard or house. Not only are they very beautiful, smell lovely, and have a great blooming period, they are also known to be very safe especially around any pets you might have at home.

They are non-toxic and are completely fine to have around even if you have multiple pets at home. 

What animals eat petunias plants and flowers?

If you want to have petunias around to make your garden or house a more lively place then it is worth noting which animals are more likely to eat your plant and likely damage it. 


If you wake up in the morning and notice half of your petunia plant eaten then your primary suspect should be rabbits.

They treat petunia plants like we treat salads and gobble them up quickly. If you want to protect your petunia plant then you must consider getting a chicken fence in your yard. 


Another unwanted guest might be a deer. If you live in the countryside with the threat of deers around then it is safe to assume that they might be the culprit.

They not only feast on petunia plants, but love feeding on their blooms as well. You can use sprays with a potent egg smell to help protect your plants from deers. 


If you find black holes on your petunia plants and if they start blooming less and less then budworms can be a common culprit. These insects are prone to destroying your petunia and the only way to save them is to serve them with strong pesticides. 


Chickens usually peck on insects and pests, but they might start finding your petunia plant and their blooms pretty. This can cause them to start pecking on the plants and ruining them as well. Chicken wires may help with that. 

Squirrels and mice:

These little creatures might be rare to find eating your plant, but it is not impossible. These plants are very pretty and they might be attracted to them. Using castor oil will help as they despise the smell of it. 

What are petunias used for?

There can be many uses of this beautiful plant that you should be aware of. 

Decorative purposes:

These plants are beautiful and smell amazing which is why the most common use of them is as a decorative means.

It can be hung, it can be potted and it can be grown in a big yard too. All of these will help add more life to your surroundings. 

Medicinal plant:

This might come as a surprise but petunias are widely used for research purposes due to the wide range of medical value that they can offer. It is antibacterial and serves a purpose in helping cure many diseases with its abilities. 

Plant meristem functioning:

Another scientific breakthrough has been achieved with the use of petunias.

They are currently being researched to use in plant meristem functioning where roots and tips are extended by promoting the growth of new cells there. 

Final Thoughts

Petunias are used for different purposes starting from ornamental purposes to even medicinal purposes. However, one thing you must note is that they are not edible. Humans are not encouraged to consume it nor are house pets so it is best to be kept out of reach.

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