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Are Pansies Poisonous to Dogs? (Answered)

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Pansies are hybrid flowers that are large in size. Pansies belong in the Melanium section. The plant of pansies can grow up to twenty-three centimeters. Today, we are going to discuss whether pansies are poisonous to dogs or not.

Are pansies poisonous to dogs?

Pansies are not found to be poisonous to dogs. Dogs can even eat pansy flowers. They eat it because of its sweet taste. Even the smell of pansies does not have any harmful effects on dogs. It is absolutely safe for dogs to be around pansies as they do not cause any harm to them. 

Let’s take a look at some varieties of pansies to find out whether they are poisonous to dogs.

Winter pansies:

As you can guess by the name, winter pansies start flowering in the winter. The seeds of winter pansies are planted generally in September and October. The flowering season of winter pansies lasts from winter to spring.

Winter pansies are found to be non-poisonous to dogs. Additionally, dogs can even eat winter pansies. Winter pansies have a sweet taste which is enjoyed by dogs. So your dog becoming sick by consuming winter pansies is not on the table. 

The smell of winter pansies is also non-toxic to dogs. All in all, winter pansies are safe for dogs.

It is okay to plant winter pansies in your garden even if you have a pet dog. Winter pansies are eye-soothing flowers. They have a variety of colors which include blue, white, orange, purple, yellow, and red.

You can even feed winter pansies as an occasional treat to dogs. But feeding them winter pansies on a regular basis is not good for the health of dogs.

Forest pansy redbud trees:

The scientific name of forest pansy redbud trees is Cercis canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’. They are known for producing heart-shaped leaves. These leaves have a tendency of turning yellow when autumn arrives.

There is no scientific proof that finds forest pansy redbud trees to be poisonous to dogs. Forest pansy redbud trees can grow up to twenty-five to thirty feet high. They are seen having purple or red leaves which turn into purple or green in the summer.

They are a beautiful variety of trees that can add landscape beauty to your yard. The leaves falling down from forest pansy trees can sometimes be consumed by dogs. 

But that would not cause health issues to them as forest pansy redbud trees are non-toxic to all kinds of animals including dogs.

Are pansy leaves and flowers poisonous? Are pansy plants poisonous to dogs?

Pansy leaves are not poisonous to any animal. You can sometimes find pets and wild animals eating fallen leaves of pansies in the spring. These leaves do not create immediate or long-term health problems in animals including dogs. 

But just like any edible plant, you have to be careful about the number of pansy leaves consumed by your dog.

Pansy flowers look really beautiful because of their color variation. Dogs can sometimes end up eating fallen pansy flowers or eat them directly from the plant if it is a comparatively small plant. Eating or smelling pansy flowers will not create health problems for dogs

But dogs should not eat pansy flowers on a daily basis as it can cause stomach upset.

Pansy plants are not poisonous to dogs. But you will have to make sure that your dog does not ruin the growth of pansy plants when they are planted. Dogs get attracted to the colorful flowers produced by pansy plants. 

That is why they will try to eat parts of the pansy plants on a daily basis. It is neither good for your dog nor for your pansy plant.

Are all pansy flowers edible for dogs?

Pansy flowers do not have any side effects on dogs if they eat them. Sometimes dogs can be seen eating pansy flowers in your garden. They do not necessarily eat it because of hunger. They will occasionally eat pansy flowers because they are feeling bored.

Eating pansy flowers is an act of play for dogs. But dogs should not consume pansy flowers in large quantities. Dogs can get diarrhea if they eat too many pansy flowers. It can even cause them to vomit. 

Even though all pansy flowers are edible for dogs, you can feed them pansy flowers as occasional treats only.

Another thing to remember here is that dogs can sometimes eat pansy flowers in order to be free from intestinal parasites. Pansy flowers are actually very tasty and dogs generally enjoy them because of their sweet taste. 

If you notice your dog consuming pansy flowers on a daily basis, then it is better to put a fence around the pansy plants.

All pansy flowers are edible for dogs. But they should not eat them regularly as it can cause health issues.

4 reasons why pansies are not toxic to dogs

There are many reasons why pansies are not toxic to dogs. Let’s discuss them in detail.

The components of pansies:

The plant of pansies does not have any component that is found to be toxic to dogs. The flowers, leaves, and other parts of the pansy plants are non-toxic to dogs. They do not cause any discomfort and health issues in dogs. 

It is perfectly fine for dogs to be around pansies and even eat them.

The taste of pansies:

Pansy flowers are found to be sweet to the taste buds of dogs. They enjoy the sweetness that pansies bring. Food chemicals like theobromine, xylitol, etc. are toxic to dogs. Pansy flowers do not contain any of them.

The care of pansies:

Pansies do not need a lot of care to grow. They are very easy to grow plants. You do not need to use any kind of pesticides for pansies to grow. As pansies are free from any use of pesticides, it makes them safer for dogs to be around. 

Some pesticides are toxic to dogs and can cause harm. As pansies do not need them, they are not toxic to dogs.

The structure of pansies:

Pansy plants are well structured and do not contain any thorns on them. The same can be said about the flowers of pansies. If pansy flowers had thorns on them, they would have caused infections if dogs eat them.

What if a dog eats a pansy?

It is absolutely fine for dogs to eat pansy. Pansies do not cause any health problems in dogs. Dogs sometimes eat pansies if they are feeling rather bored. Nothing bad happens when a dog eats pansy.

But you have to care about your dog eating too many pansies. If they eat too many pansies, it will cause dogs to have diarrhea. Your dog will start vomiting as a result of eating one too many pansies.

Dogs get attracted by the colorful flowers of pansies. They will often end up eating pansy flowers as an act of play. Eating pansies does not generally mean a great deal to dogs.

So eating a pansy is alright as long as it is not done on a regular basis. If you notice your dog eating pansies regularly, it is better to seek professional help by visiting a vet. Because something might be wrong with the diet and health of your dog.

Are violas poisonous to dogs?

Violas are not found to be poisonous to dogs. Even the petals of violas can be eaten by dogs. But dogs can not eat too many petals of violas on a regular basis. Because it can cause mild health problems in dogs.

The smell of violas is also safe for dogs to be around. So if you are a gardener and an animal lover at the same time, you can plant violas in your garden. It will not cause any harm to your pet dog. 

Violas are mostly known for producing vibrant flowers and enhancing the beauty of your garden.

Violas do not have any chemical component in them that can cause possible harmful health effects to dogs. They are perfectly safe for dogs.

Final Thoughts

Pansies are not poisonous and toxic to dogs. Dogs can roam around in the garden where pansies have been planted. The flowers of pansies are also edible and can be consumed by dogs. But eating too many pansy flowers can cause stomach upset. Dogs should be fed pansy flowers as an occasional treat.

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