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Are Bromeliads Safe or Toxic to Cats, Dogs & Other Pets?

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If you have a pet around your house, there’s a lot to consider. Like the type of plant, you want around your pet. It should not be a poisonous one. Better to do your research before getting a houseplant.

Are bromeliads safe or toxic to cats?

The colorful bromeliads are great house plants for your cat. The plant is not toxic for cats. The harmless plants will not cause any problem for your cat. Even the various types of plants belonging to the bromeliad family are perfectly safe for cats. So don’t have to worry about keeping the two.

Bromeliads are very colorful flowering plants. They are mostly kept as houseplants because of their beautiful and natural colors. The plant is slow-growing but long-lived.

The very beautiful foliage plant has red and green striped leaves which attract the eyes of both humans and animals. This is why if you have a pet, they might be drawn toward the plant more time than often.

If you have a cat and you are worried that they might get near your bromeliads plant very often. Do not worry, the plant is completely safe for your cat. The houseplant is not toxic or poisonous. So there is no need to try to keep your cat away from your bromeliads plant.

The bromeliads are non-toxic for cats and other animals. The very beautiful bromeliads are safe to keep around cats. Even if your car eats the leaves, there will be no problem with it.

Are any bromeliads poisonous to cats?

As house plants, bromeliads are just perfect, even if you have a cat. The plant is not toxic for cats. It is safe for your cat to go near the plant and play with it. Even the leaves of the plant are also safe for your cat to nibble on.

Do cats know which plants are poisonous?

Wild animals tend to have an instinct about poisonous plants in nature. Cats have such instincts as well. If your cat is not too young, it will take a sniff from any plant, and be aware if it seems or smells poisonous. This, however, is not for all house cats.

3 reasons why bromeliads are safe or toxic to cats:

While many of the house plants have been termed as poisonous for cats, the bromeliads did not make the list. All the plants from the bromeliad family are non-toxic and safe for cats. The obvious reason is that plant has no toxins in its roots and leaves.

Some other reasons might be –


The fertilizers that are used for the plant are mostly Potassium and Nitrogen, which are not harmful to cats;


The leaves of the plant do not contain any amount of toxin;


The flower or the leaves of the plant does not cause any digestive problem when eaten by your cat. This is why it is okay for your cat to go near the plant.

The colorful plant bromeliads are great house plants and good friends of your cat. The pretty bromeliad plant does not contain any toxin that might cause any trouble or health issues.

Are bromeliads safe or toxic to dogs?

As a dog owner, you don’t need to think twice before getting a bromeliad. The plant is perfectly safe for your dog. Bromeliads are colorful and harmless plants that will cause no damage to your dog. The plant has no toxin in general and is non-toxic for dogs. You can keep them together without fear.

Bromeliads and dogs can be the perfect pair for your house. The colorful houseplant has no toxin in it that might cause damage to your dog. There is no need to worry about the safety of your dog as the plant is completely harmless.

Your dog can play with and around the bromeliad as much as they want.

Dogs tend to get sick if they are near any poisonous plants. The toxins from the plant affect the dogs pretty fast and quickly. So, most dog owners tend to be worried and careful when they are buying house plants.

But that is where the bromeliads are perfect house plants for your dog. The plant is not only beautiful but also very much safe to keep around dogs. There is no evidence of harmful toxins in the plant that will cause trouble for your dog.

This is why most dog owners tend to get bromeliads as house plants.

Do bromeliads make dogs sick?

There are many house plants that are known to make dogs sick. But bromeliads are not on that list. The very beautiful and colorful house plant bromeliads are perfectly safe to be grown around dogs. The dog might sometimes nibble on the leaves but that is also safe for them.

Why do dogs eat bromeliads?

Dogs eating house plants and leaves of the plants are very much common. This is why dog owners are very much concerned and careful before buying house plants to avoid getting toxic plants. Bromeliads are always safe to be kept around dogs.

And even when the dog eats the bromeliad there is no health issue.

The colorful leaves of the plant attract the dog very much. They like the taste of the sap as well. And sometimes if your dog is feeling gassy, they might eat the leaves. Sometimes a lack of nutrients can lead your dog to eat the plant or the leaves.

How do I stop my dog from eating bromeliads?

Your dog eating the bromeliad plant should not be any problem for the health of your dog. But it might not be okay with you, as it ruins the plant itself. There are ways you can stop your dog from eating the bromeliads plant-

Keep the plant out of reach:

Keep the plant out of reach from your dog. This is a quick and easy solution.

Positive-negative reinforcement:

Try positive-negative reinforcement whenever your dog eats the plant. Firmly tell them to not eat the plant and if you see them move away from it give them a small treat or words of endearment.

Bit of citrus or orange juice:

Mix a bit of citrus or orange juice in water and spray the mixture on your plant. This will keep your dog away from the plant and the concoction will not terminate your bromeliad as well.

Fence it:

If your plant is outside, make sure to fence it. This will work around smaller dogs rather than larger dogs.

Are bromeliads safe or toxic to other pets?

The bromeliads and the plants from the bromeliads family are all safe for animals and pets. The plant is very much harmless for most animals. This is why the bromeliads are kept inside the houses where pets are there. The plant and the pets create a healthy environment.

The low-maintenance plant bromeliads are very much pet-friendly. The plant does not create a hostile place for the animal or pets in the house. There are almost zero toxins in the plant and it is safe to be kept around most of the animals.

Even if the animals eat the leaves there is little chance that there’ll be a problem.

But there might be a bit of indigestion in some animals. They might start vomiting or get diarrhea if they take too much of the leaves or accidentally eat the sap of the plant. The sap can cause an upset stomach sometimes but that is not that much serious.

Pets and plants can make your home a very pleasant place. This is why you should choose plants that are good for your pet animal. Bromeliad and the plants from the bromeliad family are all animal friendly with no toxins in them.

Is bromeliad pet friendly?

Bromeliads are soft and colorful plants that do not cause any harm to your pet animals. The plant is very much pet friendly and there is very little chance of your pet getting in any health issues because of the plant. You can keep the two together without any worry.

Do bromeliads have poison?

There is no significant amount of toxins found in the bromeliads. The plant is toxin-free and is not poisonous to any animal or human. This is why the plant is so popular among house plant lovers and pet owners.

The plant and all the plants in the family of bromeliads are not poisonous.

Do bromeliads have thorns or spikes?

Bromeliads usually have thorns along the side of their edge. The plant is terrestrial and the thorns are there to protect their territory. The thorns can be seen when the plant is growing from the ground, right along the edges.

Are bromeliads toxic to humans?

Bromeliads are non-toxic and are safe for humans. The plant does not cause any toxic based issues for humans. It is not toxic or harmful for humans. If there is no allergic issue involved, the plant is safe for humans.

Can you eat bromeliads? Can you eat pineapple bromeliad?

The most edible fruit from the bromeliad family is the pineapple bromeliad. The pineapple is the only plant of the bromeliad family that sprouts a fruit that is edible. So the plant is grown commercially more.

Final thoughts:

House plants are a head-scratcher when you have a pet as well. There are many plants that are toxic to animals. Bromeliads are not such plants. The plant is very much harmless to be kept around animals. The non-toxic plant is safe to be kept around cats, dogs, and other pets.

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