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Aloe Vera Root System: How Deep Are Aloe Vera Roots?

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Plants- the core of human existence. Trees are essential for our living in every way. From oxygen to food, from furniture to shelter they play their perfect role everywhere. Among all of them we have something known to us as aloe vera. 

Aloe has multiple uses. It can help you soothe sunburn, stomach ache, acnes, and even to stimulate hair growth. Aloe vera is also known to be a medicinal plant. The good part is they can be easily grown in your own home garden. 

However, before growing them you should know about them. How much water do they need? How deep can their roots grow? Well, if these questions are already mindstorming you, then worry not. Because we have the answers. 

Let’s get started, shall we? 

Aloe vera root system explained

Aloe vera does not have a deep root system. Their root system is shallow however it is wide. Therefore, they can be planted in containers or pots that are shallow but wide. As aloe vera has more outgrowth than down growth. Additionally, the container also must have an inch drainage hole. 

Growing aloe vera and taking care of it is easy. Moreover, you get little bonuses, it is a great skin food, it can also help you with hair fall problems. 

Aloe vera has its origin in africa. The first uses date back almost five thousand years. Aloe vera has its reputation throughout history due to its medicinal uses. However, nowadays it can be found in almost all subtropical and tropical regions all over the world. 

From kitchens to gardens, these little magical plants have made their place everywhere. 

Aloe vera leaves help the plant to thrive in dry environments. The leaves are thick and contain a good amount of pulp inside. This pulp is used in various ways. The pulp stores water and nutrients that help the plant live.

Additionally, the outer layer of the leaves helps the water from being evaporated, therefore the nutrients stay intact.           

Now, when you plan on having an aloe vera plant of your own, there are certain things you would want to know about. For example their rooting system, or the type of container in which they should be planted. 

Before, you choose the type of container you need to know how deep the roots go. Here is the thing, aloe vera roots do not go very deep into the soil, however they spread wide.

Additionally, aloe vera is considered to have invasive roots in some parts of the world. 

These succulents have shallow root rhizomes that usually grow near the soil. Their roots are known to take advantage of any available water source or rainfall. Aloe vera plants have an amazing ability of storing a large amount of water in them. 

Due to their root system they can live just fine in dry and poor soil. 

Moreover, the roots of aloe vera send up offshoots known as pups. Pups appear around the base. And if you are planning on spreading the aloe vera, you can remove these pups and replant them. 

However, if you do not want your aloe to spread, you can get rid of the pups. 

It’s better to keep in mind that the roots of aloe vera are adapted to low-water conditions. Therefore, over watering is harmful for them. As a result they wouldn’t survive.   

Additionally, too much water in the soil will cause the roots to rot. Therefore, you need to make sure that you’re growing aloe vera in loose and well-drained soil. 

Or the pot you’re using to plant the aloe vera has an efficient draining. Therefore, try to plant them in a container where they can spread their roots widely.                     

Does Aloe vera have deep roots? 

Aloe vera does not have deep roots. Aloe vera has shallow roots. However, the roots spread wide. The roots of the plants have an amazing ability of absorbing and storing water. This is why aloe plants can survive in low-water conditions. 

Additionally, aloe plant owners are also requested not to add too much water to their plants. As the roots are shallow, adding up too much water will cause the roots to rot. You can choose a large, but shallow container to plant your aloe plant in it. 

Additionally, make sure it has more space upwards as the aloe plant will spread on the outwards more. Moreover, aloe plants like to spread so they produce little pups. These pups can be later used to plant more aloe vera. 

The best part about owning aloe plants is that they are not finicky about their soil. These plants will almost grow under any sorts of conditions. However, you can’t keep them happy if the soil isn’t drained properly. 

To plant an aloe vera plant you can use 2 parts of potting soil and 1 part of sand. 

Keep in mind that aloe vera is a sun loving plant. Therefore, do not forget to keep it in a bright place. Direct sunlight is appreciated by aloe plants, however make sure to protect it if the temperature falls below 40° F.       

Are aloe roots invasive? 

Aloe roots are not invasive. However, in some parts of the world, aloe roots are considered invasive. Invasive roots are those which interfere with sidewalks, streets, and sneak into septic lines. 

Invasive roots are common and considered to be a common problem for homeowners. Additionally, commercial settings can also be hampered due to them. Moreover, the problem can’t always be solved by cutting off the trees as the rest of the root continues to grow.

Now aloe vera plants may be considered invasive locally in some parts of the globe, however they aren’t always considered invasive. Aloe vera has a shallow root system. Therefore, there’s a very low chance of the aloe vera plants invading anyone’s business. 

Aloe vera plants have more outgrowth. These plants spread on the top of the soil more than they spread under the soil. Eventually, the roots also produce little pups which can be relocated and planted to grow more aloe veras. 

Additionally, the roots will spread wider if they have their ideal environment. Too much water can cause health issues to the aloe plant. Placing the aloe plant in a bright place and having loose soil will help you keep your aloe plant better. 

Can Aloe vera roots damage foundation or pipes? 

Aloe vera roots cannot damage foundation or pipes. Plant roots need to be invasive and need to have them growing deep to damage pipes and foundation. 

Invasive roots are bad news for most homeowners. These roots can get almost everywhere. Additionally, it can ruin the foundation of the house, and create issues in plumbing of the house. 

However, none of this is possible when it comes to aloe vera, none of this is likely to happen. As they have shallow roots, and do not have a severe inward growth it will not damage the foundation of your house or pipes. 

Aloe vera plants can be depotted easily and placed into new environments. They will survive in almost all kinds of situations. Therefore, if you are thinking that your aloe vera plant may risk your plumbing, then you can change its position. 

Most aloe vera plants are planted inside the house or in the backyard. When planted in such places, the roots of the aloe plant are not considered invasive. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your aloe invading into your house foundation or pipes. 

Do Aloe vera spread or multiply? 

Aloe vera spreads or multiplies. Aloe vera is a sun loving plant. This is why it should be planted at places where it can receive sunlight directly. When the roots of the plant receive enough nutrition, it is most likely to give you little bonuses. 

Overtime, you will notice the aloe vera roots producing small pups. Now, these pups are used to spread and multiply aloe vera. If you have been planning on multiplying your aloe plants, then this is your chance. 

You can simply use these pups to produce more aloe plants. You will need to relocate the pups into a new pot and take care of them. Within a few weeks you will see the pups turning into aloe vera plants. 

Additionally, keep in mind that aloe plants do not prefer  over-watering. However, in terms of new aloe plants you may need to water them a bit more frequently. Moreover, if you do not want your aloe plants to multiply, you would want to get rid of the pups. 

If the pups are not removed it will multiply your aloe vera plants. 

Final Thoughts 

Aloe vera plants do not go much deep into the soil. Aloe vera has shallow roots.These plants are known to have an outgrowth rather than the ingrowth. However, the roots like to spread wide. Additionally, they should be planted in loose soil and a container with good drainage.

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