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8 Reasons Why You Should Grow A Chicken Garden & What To Plant

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In recent years, the idea of a chicken garden has hatched into a popular trend among gardeners and poultry enthusiasts alike.

This integrated approach not only enhances the garden’s productivity and health but also provides a myriad of benefits for the chickens.

By allowing chickens to roam in a controlled garden environment, you can enjoy the dual benefits of gardening and poultry care which lead to a more sustainable and enriching backyard ecosystem.

Why You Should Grow A Chicken Garden

1. Natural Pest Control

One of the most compelling reasons to introduce chickens to your garden is their ability to control pests naturally.

Chickens feed on a variety of common garden pests, including beetles, slugs, and caterpillars, which can help reduce your reliance on chemical pesticides.

Their keen sense for foraging allows them to snack on these insects, providing them with a nutritious diet and your garden with a line of defense against unwanted pests.

2. Improved Soil Fertility

Chickens are natural fertilizers; their droppings enrich the soil with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which are essential nutrients for plant growth.

As chickens scratch and peck at the ground, they also aerate the soil, improving its structure and enhancing root penetration.

This activity helps increase the soil’s water retention and promotes healthier plant growth, creating a more robust garden.

3. Weed Management

Weeds can be a persistent issue in any garden, competing with your plants for nutrients and sunlight.

Chickens, however, can help manage these unwanted plants by feeding on the seeds and young shoots.

This behavior not only keeps the weed population in check but also reduces the labor and time you would otherwise spend on weeding manually.

4. Sustainable Food Source

Integrating chickens into your garden isn’t just good for the plants; it also provides you with a sustainable source of food.

Chickens lay eggs, which means you’ll have a steady supply of fresh eggs right from your backyard. This not only cuts down on your grocery bills but also gives you control over a food source that you know is organic and free from processing.

5. Educational Opportunities

A chicken garden is a fantastic educational tool for both children and adults. It offers lessons in ecology, biology, and responsibility.

Observing the life cycles of both plants and chickens provides invaluable insights into nature’s processes.

Additionally, daily tasks such as feeding the chickens and maintaining the garden teach valuable life skills and foster a sense of stewardship for the environment.

6. Reduction of Food Waste

Chickens have an impressive ability to turn kitchen scraps into valuable contributions to your garden. Feeding chickens scraps from vegetables and fruits not only reduces the amount of waste that goes into your trash but also provides them with a varied diet.

Safe scraps include items like carrot tops, apple cores, and leftover greens, which chickens eagerly consume. This cycle of reuse enhances the sustainability of your household.

7. Enhancement of Garden Biodiversity

Introducing chickens to your garden increases its biodiversity. The presence of chickens attracts various beneficial insects and birds, which are important for pollination and the overall health of the garden.

Chickens themselves contribute to this diversity, creating a more dynamic garden environment. This increased biodiversity helps maintain a natural balance in the ecosystem, discouraging the dominance of any pest species.

8. Enjoyment and Stress Relief

Beyond the practical benefits, having chickens in your garden can offer significant emotional and psychological rewards.

The activities of planting, tending, and interacting with chickens can be profoundly relaxing and fulfilling.

Many people find that spending time in their chicken garden is a great way to relieve stress after a busy day. The garden becomes not just a source of food, but a sanctuary for mental well-being.

What to Plant in Your Chicken Garden

When planning your chicken garden, choosing the right plants is crucial. Here are some plants that will thrive and provide benefits for both you and your chickens:


Plant herbs like basil, mint, and oregano. These are not only great for your cooking but also help repel pests naturally. Chickens benefit from pecking on these herbs as they can have natural health benefits for them.


Consider hardy vegetables like kale, cucumbers, and pumpkins. These plants can withstand some pecking, and their leaves often make good snacks for your chickens, providing them with additional nutrients.


Include flowers such as marigolds and nasturtiums, which beautify your space and help deter pests. These flowers are also safe for chickens to eat and can add variety to their diet.

Grasses and Grains

Grow grains like wheat, barley, and oats. Not only do these provide your chickens with foraging opportunities, but they also add structure to your garden and help keep the soil healthy.

Creating a chicken garden is a rewarding endeavor that offers numerous benefits. It enhances garden health, reduces pests, and provides a sustainable food source, while also contributing to biodiversity and offering educational opportunities.

With the right planning and plant selection, your garden will thrive alongside your chickens, creating a symbiotic environment that benefits all aspects of life within it.

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