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29 Privacy Creating Shrubs and Bushes which Grows Fast

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Privacy in residential and commercial areas is a cherished commodity, and using shrubs and bushes as natural barriers not only enhances the aesthetics of a space but also provides an eco-friendly solution to privacy concerns.

Fast-growing shrubs and bushes offer the advantage of quickly establishing a lush, green screen that can reduce noise, block unwanted views, and even deter trespassing.

This article explores a variety of plants that are not only swift in their growth but also excellent for maintaining privacy throughout the year.

Definition and Benefits of Fast-Growing Privacy Plants

Fast-growing privacy plants are those that grow quickly after planting, thereby providing a dense and effective barrier in a shorter span of time compared to their slower-growing counterparts.

These plants often reach a considerable height within a few growing seasons, making them ideal for use in privacy screens and living fences.

The benefits of choosing fast-growing varieties include immediate results for landscaping projects, reduced costs on larger mature plants, and the ability to quickly replace older, less vigorous specimens.

Factors to Consider in Privacy Shrub Selection

When selecting the right shrubs for privacy, several factors need consideration to ensure that the plants thrive and fulfill their role:

Climate Compatibility and Hardiness Zones

Plants must be suited to the local climate and the specific hardiness zone of the area. Choosing plants that can withstand local winter lows and summer highs is crucial for long-term survival.

Soil Requirements and Sunlight Exposure

Most privacy shrubs require well-draining soil and a certain amount of sunlight to thrive. While some plants prefer full sun, others might need partial shade, especially in hotter climates.

Maintenance Needs and Growth Patterns

Some shrubs require regular pruning to maintain a neat appearance and encourage denser growth, whereas others might be low maintenance but grow to a considerable size, requiring more space.

Top 10 Evergreen Shrubs for Continuous Privacy

Evergreen shrubs are particularly valued for privacy because they provide year-round coverage. Here are ten of the best fast-growing evergreens for a privacy hedge:

  1. Arborvitae (Thuja): Known for its dense, vertical growth, Arborvitae is a popular choice in suburban landscapes. It forms a solid green wall quickly and is easy to maintain.
  2. Boxwood: Classic and versatile, Boxwoods can be trimmed to precise shapes and sizes, making them perfect for formal hedge gardens.

Cherry Laurel

With its glossy, evergreen leaves and rapid growth rate, Cherry Laurel provides a thick barrier that is also visually appealing.


Hardy and fast-growing, Privets offer immediate privacy and can easily be shaped to match any garden design.


With its dense growth and the added aesthetic of red berries, Hollies are both practical and decorative.


Offering a variety of sizes and forms, Junipers are exceptionally hardy and can adapt to many landscapes.


For a modern look with exceptional growth speed, Bamboo is an excellent choice, though it requires careful management to avoid over-spreading.


Known for its vibrant red leaves on new growth, Photinia adds a splash of color to privacy screening.


Capable of substantial growth under a variety of conditions, Yew hedges are durable and can be pruned heavily.

Leyland Cypress

For height and rapid growth, Leyland Cypress stands out as an ideal solution for creating high privacy barriers quickly.

Best Deciduous Shrubs for Seasonal Privacy

While evergreen shrubs offer year-round coverage, deciduous shrubs provide seasonal privacy and can add dramatic color and texture changes throughout the year. Here are some top choices:


Known for its vibrant yellow blooms in early spring, Forsythia quickly fills spaces with bright color.


Lilacs not only provide privacy but also enchanting fragrances and beautiful blooms in the spring.


This shrub brings a touch of whimsy with its arching branches and pink to red flowers, attracting pollinators and providing privacy.


With large, lush flowers and broad leaves, Hydrangeas make a dense and stunning privacy screen during the warmer months.


Offering year-round interest with springtime flowers, summer fruits, and vibrant fall colors, Dogwoods are a multi-functional choice for any landscape.

Unique and Ornamental Shrubs for Stylish Privacy

For those looking to add a bit more personality and style to their privacy barriers, several unique shrubs combine functionality with ornamental appeal:

Smoke Bush

This shrub is known for its dramatic, smoke-like flower clusters and deep purple foliage, creating a striking visual barrier.


Named for its cylindrical, brush-like flowers, Bottlebrush is a favorite among birds and beneficial insects, adding life to your garden while providing privacy.

Crape Myrtle

Known for its long-lasting blooms that appear throughout the summer and into fall, Crape Myrtle also features attractive, peeling bark for winter interest.

Witch Hazel

This early bloomer offers fragrant yellow flowers that appear in late winter to early spring, giving it a head start in providing privacy.

Japanese Maple

With its delicate, often colorful leaves and elegant form, Japanese Maple serves as a beautiful focal point as well as a privacy element.

Ideal Shrubs for Narrow Spaces and Small Gardens

Not everyone has the luxury of large garden spaces, but narrow and compact areas can also enjoy the benefits of privacy shrubs:

Sky Pencil Holly

This shrub grows vertically and remains narrow, making it perfect for tight spaces.

Columnar Junipers

Their upright, narrow growth habit allows them to fit into slender garden beds easily, offering height without occupying much ground space.

Italian Cypress

Typically used in formal gardens, its tall, slender growth is ideal for creating vertical privacy without spreading outward.

Low-Maintenance Shrubs for Busy Gardeners

For those with limited time for gardening, several shrubs require minimal care while still providing effective privacy:

Dwarf Bamboo

Offers a less invasive option with manageable growth, requiring less frequent trimming than its larger counterparts.


This drought-tolerant shrub not only survives with minimal water but also adds vibrant color to privacy settings.


Known for its hardiness and ability to thrive under diverse conditions, Spirea is a set-and-forget choice for busy homeowners.

Fast-Growing Native Shrubs for Eco-Friendly Landscapes

Incorporating native shrubs into your privacy plan can enhance local biodiversity and offer a sustainable option:


Attracts local wildlife with its flowers and fruits, providing both privacy and ecological benefits.

American Hazelnut

Grows quickly and offers not only privacy but also tasty nuts and attractive fall foliage.


Available in several native varieties, Viburnum shrubs offer dense growth, beautiful flowers, and sometimes edible fruits.

Best Practices for Planting and Caring for Your Privacy Shrubs

To ensure your privacy shrubs thrive, follow these best practices:

Planting Techniques

Plant during the cooler months of spring or fall to allow roots to establish before extreme weather conditions.

Watering and Fertilizing

Provide consistent moisture, especially during the first few years and throughout dry spells. Use a balanced fertilizer to promote healthy growth.


Regular pruning not only maintains the desired shape and size but also encourages denser, healthier growth.

Design Tips: Integrating Privacy Shrubs into Your Landscape

To make the most of your privacy shrubs, consider these design tips:


Plant shrubs at varying heights to create a more natural and aesthetically pleasing barrier.

Color and Texture Combinations

Mix and match shrubs with different leaf colors and textures to enhance visual interest throughout the year.

Garden Styles

Tailor the selection of your shrubs to match the overall design of your garden, whether it’s minimalist, rustic, or formal.

Choosing the right shrubs for privacy can transform your garden into a secluded retreat. By selecting species that grow quickly and meet your specific needs, you can enjoy a beautiful and private outdoor space in no time.

Experiment with different types of plants to discover which ones best suit your climate, soil, and lifestyle.

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