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19 Easy-to-Grow Garden Plants that Keep Snakes Away

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Howdy, green thumbs and snake shyers! Have you ever pranced through your lovely garden, only to feel an unexpected slither underfoot? As much as we love Mother Nature, sometimes she sends us visitors we’re not quite so fond of, such as snakes.

Don’t get me wrong; snakes are vital for ecosystem balance. But if you’re like me and you’d rather they didn’t RSVP to your garden party, there’s a solution. Cue the drumroll… Plants! Yep, certain plants can help deter these serpentine guests.

Before you reach for the shovel in panic, why not reach for a seed packet instead? So, buckle up, plant warriors, as we embark on an adventure through 19 plants that tell snakes: “Thank you, next!”

1. Marigolds:

Sunny, cheerful Marigolds aren’t just pleasing to the human eye – they’re a downright eyesore for our slithering friends. Marigolds are fragrant, and it’s their strong smell that turns snakes off. Perfect for borders, these vibrant flowers add colour while warding off unwanted guests.

Plus, they’re low maintenance, making them perfect for both gardening novices and experts alike. Clark Kent by day, Superman by night, who knew Marigolds led such a double life?

2. Mother-in-law’s Tongue:

Mother-in-law’s Tongue or Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata) might sound like it’s friendly to snakes, but in reality, it’s anything but. This plant has sharp, thick leaves that can grow in low light and without much water.

Snakes dislike navigating through tough, dense foliage, making this plant an effective deterrent. The added bonus? This plant also purifies the air around you. Say goodbye to snakes and toxins with this super plant!

3. Lemongrass:

Is there anything better than a lemony fresh garden? Snakes certainly think so! Lemongrass, known for its citrusy aroma, is a natural snake repellent.

Besides, it’s a wonderful ingredient in many dishes and drinks. So, by planting lemongrass, you’re not only warding off snakes, but you’re also gearing up for some culinary exploration. A glass of lemongrass iced tea, anyone?

4. Onions and Garlic:

These flavorful plants are a favorite in the kitchen but not so much in the snake world. Snakes are not fans of their strong smell and would rather keep their distance.

Planting these around the borders of your garden creates an aromatic barrier that will have snakes saying, “No, thank you!”. It turns out; snakes aren’t fans of hearty Italian dishes!

5. Mugwort:

Straight out of a fantasy novel, Mugwort sounds like a plant with magical powers, and it might as well have them. The strong, bitter scent of mugwort is a potent snake deterrent.

Besides, its silver-green leaves and tiny yellow or pink flowers bring an enchanting feel to your garden. If you’re going for a garden aesthetic that says ‘whimsical sorcerer’, mugwort is your go-to plant!

6. Sarpagandha:

Sarpagandha, also known as Indian Snakeroot or Serpentine Wood, is another snake-repelling superstar. This plant’s unique smell is unappealing to snakes, making it a solid choice for a snake-free garden.

In addition, it has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat various ailments. So, it’s a plant that protects your garden and potentially your health too – talk about value!

7. Andrographis Paniculata:

Don’t be put off by the complicated name; this plant is all about simplicity when it comes to repelling snakes. Also known as ‘King of Bitters’, Andrographis Paniculata has a robust scent that snakes find offensive.

Moreover, it has several medicinal properties. So while it’s keeping the snakes away, it’s also ready to step in if you’re feeling a bit under the weather.

8. Pink Agapanthus:

Snakes dislike maneuvering through tricky, dense foliage, and that’s where Pink Agapanthus steps in. This plant grows in thick clusters, making navigation difficult for snakes.

As an added bonus, it brings a dash of color to your garden with its bright, pretty flowers. A beautiful, snake-free garden is just a Pink Agapanthus away!

9. Tulbaghia Violacea:

This is a plant with many names – Society Garlic, Pink Agapanthus, and Tulbaghia Violacea – but the result is the same: a snake deterrent. Its strong garlic-like smell is a real turn-off for snakes.

It’s perfect for planting around the borders of your garden to keep those sneaky serpents at bay. And did we mention it has lovely, delicate purple flowers? So charming!

10. Clove Basil:

Bring a slice of the African continent to your backyard with Clove Basil. This plant’s potent smell can confuse and deter snakes, while its thick growth can physically obstruct them. And, of course, it’s a fantastic addition to your kitchen. So let’s toast to a snake-free garden with a Clove Basil garnished drink!

11. Pitcher Plant:

Don’t be deceived by the beautiful, exotic look of the Pitcher Plant. While not a snake eater, its bowl-shaped, slippery leaves make navigation tricky for snakes, turning your garden into a no-go zone for these critters. It’s like the slippery slide that no snake wants to play on!

12. Mint:

Mint, the herb that keeps on giving. Not only is it excellent for your teas and cuisines, but it’s also a potent snake repellent.

Its strong aroma is far from pleasant for snakes, making your garden a less attractive home for them. Plus, it’s an easy-to-grow plant that’s perfect for gardening beginners. Mint Mojito, anyone?

13. Rue:

Despite its beautiful appearance, Rue is a plant that snakes would rather not meet. Its potent and bitter smell tends to send snakes slithering in the opposite direction.

On the flip side, its bluish leaves are a delight for the human eye. Let’s just say; Rue has the kind of beauty that’s appreciated from a safe distance – at least, if you’re a snake!

14. Rosemary:

Rosemary isn’t just for your Sunday roast; it’s an excellent snake deterrent too. Its strong aroma creates an unpleasant environment for snakes, and its thick growth can be a physical hurdle.

So while you’re enjoying the delightful smell of Rosemary in your garden, the snakes will be thinking of making a quick exit.

15. Oregano:

Yet another culinary favorite, Oregano, doesn’t score well on the snakes’ favorite plant list. Its strong aroma can keep snakes away.

So next time you sprinkle oregano on your pizza, you can relish the fact that you’re enjoying a delicious meal while keeping your garden snake-free. Talk about having your pizza and eating it too!

16. Chives:

Chives might be small, but when it comes to repelling snakes, they’re mighty. The strong aroma of chives can deter snakes, while their attractive flowers bring an element of beauty to your garden.

Let’s not forget their culinary uses – delicious in salads, soups, and more. With chives, it’s flavor, aesthetics, and snake-repellent qualities all in one.

17. Thyme:

It seems Thyme is on your side when you’re trying to keep snakes away. Its small, densely packed leaves make it challenging terrain for snakes, while its fragrance acts as a snake deterrent.

Plus, it’s another culinary herb that enhances the flavor of your food. So, it’s thyme to keep the snakes away and the flavors in!

18. Lavender:

The calming scent of Lavender is a favorite in aromatherapy circles but not so much in snake ones. Its fragrance can deter snakes, creating a peaceful, snake-free sanctuary for you to enjoy.

Plant it around your garden for a pop of color and a calming atmosphere. Who knew relaxation could be a snake repellent?

19. Eucalyptus:

Finally, Eucalyptus – a tree known for its refreshing, minty aroma, is a formidable adversary for any snake. It’s not the preferred scent palette for snakes, which makes it an excellent deterrent.

Plus, it’s a fast-growing tree that provides ample shade. So, create your own shady, snake-free haven with the mighty Eucalyptus.

Tips and Tricks to Keep Snakes Away

Keeping snakes away from your garden doesn’t have to involve an Indiana Jones-style showdown. Alongside the above plants, there are some other ways you can make your garden less enticing for these reptilian visitors:

Limit their food supply:

Snakes slither into your garden looking for food. By controlling rodent and insect populations, you can make your garden less of a snake buffet.

Reduce hiding spots:

Snakes love to lurk in tall grass, wood piles, and debris. By keeping your garden clean and trimmed, you reduce the chances of encountering a slithery surprise.

Use natural repellents:

Certain essential oils, such as cinnamon and clove, can deter snakes. Sprinkle some around your garden for an extra layer of protection.

Install a perch pole:

Birds, particularly owls and hawks, are natural predators of snakes. By installing a perch pole, you’re inviting these feathered friends to keep an eye on your garden.

Remember, the goal here is to deter, not harm, these creatures. Snakes play a crucial role in the ecosystem, and the idea is to keep our little garden corner peaceful, not to start a war with the serpents!

In the battle of gardeners versus snakes, plants are our allies. With these 19 plants, you can create a garden that’s both beautiful and snake-free.

So, don’t let a fear of snakes keep you from enjoying your green sanctuary. Happy gardening, folks! And remember, the only good place for a snake in your garden is on a garden gnome’s fishing pole!

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