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18 Perennials That Repel Rabbits from Your Garden

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Well, hello there, fellow green thumbs! Do you know what’s cuter than a bunny? A bunny that’s NOT munching on your hard-grown perennials, that’s what!

As lovable as these furballs might be, there’s nothing quite as heartbreaking as stepping into your garden to find your precious blooms nibbled down to nubs.

Thankfully, we’ve got some flora tricks up our gardening gloves! This guide will spill the beans on 18 perennials that are not only stunning but are also excellent at playing ‘keep away’ with our rabbit friends.

In this curated collection of 18 rabbit-resistant perennials, we’ve gathered a diverse array of plants that possess the magical ability to make bunnies think twice before chomping on their leaves. Each plant on this list has its unique characteristics that repel those cotton-tailed foragers.

So, let’s take a closer look at some of these remarkable perennials and why rabbits find them less appetizing than a carrot cake at a rabbit convention.

1. Yarrow:

This stunning addition to any butterfly garden not only attracts those delicate winged creatures but also repels rabbits with its distinct aroma and taste.

2. Russian Sage:

With its striking lavender-like spires, Russian Sage creates a metaphorical Cold War scenario for rabbits, deterring them from venturing near.

3. Bleeding Hearts:

These heart-shaped flowers might be whimsical to us, but they break bunny hearts as rabbits wisely steer clear of their foliage.

4. Catmint:

This relative of catnip is a cat-loving gardener’s dream. It not only repels rabbits but might even attract some feline friends to your garden. Meow-some!

5. Lamb’s Ear:

With its soft and fuzzy leaves, Lamb’s Ear is a cuddle-worthy plant. However, rabbits seem to have different opinions and keep their distance.

6. Hellebore:

Known as Lenten Rose, this beauty captivates human eyes but fails to entice rabbits. They seem to have different taste preferences.

7. Peony:

These majestic blooms not only grace our gardens with their beauty but also keep rabbits at bay. It’s a win-win situation, wouldn’t you say?

8. Lungwort:

Despite its grim name, lungwort’s vibrant leaves and delicate flowers are a breath of fresh air for gardeners as rabbits tend to give them a wide berth.

9. Astilbe:

With its feathery plumes, Astilbe acts like a feather duster, shooing bunnies away from your precious plants. Dust off, rabbits!

10. Monkshood:

This plant’s beautiful blue flowers may not excite rabbits, as they find Monkshood a bit too monk-like and prefer to munch elsewhere.

11. Spurge:

Rabbits must have heard the saying “Don’t cry over spilled milk,” as they avoid this plant’s milky sap, urging them to hop in the opposite direction.

12. Butterfly Weed:

As the name suggests, this perennial not only attracts butterflies but also repels rabbits. It’s a double victory for gardeners!

13. Ferns:

Don’t be fooled by their delicate appearance. Ferns are tough customers when it comes to warding off rabbits, proving that looks can be deceiving.

14. Coneflower:

These vibrant and resilient flowers send a clear message to rabbits: “Cone” off, this garden is not for you!

15. Bee Balm:

While bees and hummingbirds adore Bee Balm, rabbits have a different opinion. It seems they’re not fond of this particular item on the garden menu.

16. Agastache:

Known as Hummingbird Mint, this perennial doesn’t appeal to rabbits like it does to its avian namesakes. Minty-fresh preferences don’t align, it seems.

17. Tickseed:

This cheerful flower ticks all the right boxes for gardeners, except for the rabbit-friendly one. Sorry, bunnies, there’s no tickseed salad for you here!

18. Lavender:

A classic favorite for many, Lavender not only keeps various pests away but also acts as a rabbit repellent. Plus, who can resist its calming scent?

With these rabbit-resistant perennials in your garden arsenal, you’ll be well-prepared to fend off those furry invaders while enjoying the beauty they bring to your outdoor haven.

Pro Bunny-Proofing Tips

Now that you have your trusty list of rabbit-resistant perennials, it’s time to fortify your garden defenses and ensure those bunnies think twice before entering your floral kingdom. Let’s dive into some pro bunny-proofing tips that will further enhance your success in keeping those nibbling invaders at bay.


Ah, the classic method! Installing a small wire fence around your garden beds is a tried-and-true way to protect your precious perennials from even the most determined rabbits. It creates a physical barrier that makes it challenging for those furry fiends to indulge in a buffet of blooms.


If you prefer a more strategic approach, repellents can come to your rescue. You can find ready-made options at garden centers or explore homemade concoctions. Garlic and vinegar sprays, for instance, can make your plants less appealing to rabbits, leaving them searching for greener (or tastier) pastures.

Garden Layout:

Sometimes, the key to outsmarting rabbits is to confuse their dining preferences. Consider mixing rabbit-resistant plants with their favorite foods.

By interspersing plants that rabbits typically avoid with ones they find irresistible, you might just throw them off their lunch plans. It’s like presenting them with a garden puzzle they’d rather not solve!

Wildlife Friendly:

Another clever approach is to encourage natural predators to pay a visit to your garden. Birds of prey, such as hawks or owls, are rabbit’s worst nightmare.

By providing birdhouses or birdbaths, you create an inviting habitat for these feathered allies. Just be careful not to turn your garden into an episode of Planet Earth with rabbits vs. birds – we want a balanced ecosystem, after all!

By combining these pro bunny-proofing tips with your rabbit-resistant perennials, you’ll create a garden fortress that will have those fluffy nibblers scratching their heads (or rather, twitching their noses) in confusion.

So, get creative, implement these tactics, and enjoy a flourishing garden sanctuary free from rabbit-induced headaches!

So, there you have it, folks! A solid list of 18 perennials that can add some bunny-proof beauty to your gardens. Remember, gardening is all about balance, patience, and the occasional stand-off with wildlife. Don’t let a few nibbling noses deter you.

After all, we’re in this for the love of nature, and last time I checked, bunnies are part of that package. Happy planting!

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