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15 Amazing Plants for Balcony Privacy from Curious Neighbors

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In urban living, balconies are cherished outdoor spaces, yet they often lack privacy from prying eyes. Whether you’re sipping your morning coffee or enjoying a quiet evening, a natural screen of plants not only ensures privacy but also enhances your space with greenery.

Selecting the right plants involves considering growth rate, care level, and how well they adapt to balcony conditions.

Let’s explore some top plant choices that promise to shield your balcony with beauty and tranquility.

1. Bamboo – The Fast Grower

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, making it an ideal choice for quick balcony privacy.

Varieties like the ‘Golden Bamboo’ or ‘Black Bamboo’ are perfect for containers, thriving with minimal care. These tall, dense plants can create a full green screen in just a few months.

Ensure your bamboo has enough space to grow and use containers with sufficient drainage to prevent root rot. Regular pruning will help maintain its shape and health.

2. Clematis – The Flowering Vine

Clematis vines are renowned for their vibrant blooms and rapid growth, which can quickly cover a trellis or railing, providing not only privacy but a splash of color.

Choose a variety that suits your balcony’s light conditions, from full sun to partial shade. Planting it in a large pot with a supporting structure will allow the vine to climb easily.

Regular watering and monthly fertilization during the growing season will keep your clematis thriving and blooming profusely.

3. Boxwood – The Classic Hedge

Boxwood is a classic choice for creating structured, dense hedges. It can be pruned into precise shapes or allowed to grow more naturally.

This evergreen shrub is particularly suited for pots and containers on balconies. For privacy, select taller varieties and plant them close together.

Boxwoods thrive in both sun and partial shade, and with regular watering and annual feeding, they form a lush, thick barrier.

4. Ficus – The Dense Foliage

Ficus plants are another excellent option for creating privacy on a balcony. With their dense leaves and robust growth habits, varieties like the ‘Weeping Fig’ or ‘Ficus Benjamina’ are popular.

These plants do well in large pots and need bright, indirect light. They prefer consistently moist soil and benefit from regular misting to maintain humidity levels.

Ficus plants can be pruned to maintain a desired size and shape, enhancing their ability to block unwanted views.

5. Jasmine – The Fragrant Screen

Jasmine plants are perfect for those who want to add a fragrant dimension to their privacy barriers. With their sweet-smelling blossoms, jasmine vines can transform a balcony into a scented paradise.

They need support for climbing, such as a trellis or railings, and thrive in full sun to partial shade. Water regularly during the growing season and prune after blooming to keep the vine healthy and productive.

6. Horsetail Reed – The Architectural Plant

For a modern and minimalist look, horsetail reed (Equisetum hyemale) is an excellent choice. Its tall, upright stems create a striking visual barrier that moves beautifully in the breeze.

This plant prefers moist soil and can even tolerate poor lighting conditions, making it suitable for shaded balconies. Its low maintenance needs make horsetail an easy-care option for busy gardeners.

7. Ivy – The Versatile Climber

Ivy, with its dense growth and ability to climb almost any surface, is a popular choice for creating a living curtain.

Varieties like English ivy or Boston ivy cling easily to walls and trellises, quickly covering them with lush, green leaves.

Ivies thrive in both sun and shade, though they do best in moderately fertile, well-drained soil. Regular trimming will keep ivy under control and prevent it from becoming invasive.

8. Potted Tall Grasses – The Easy Solution

Tall grasses like miscanthus or feather reed grass add a graceful and soft privacy screen to your balcony.

These grasses sway gently in the wind, providing movement and interest. They are extremely easy to grow in pots and thrive in full sun to partial shade.

Water regularly during dry spells and cut back in late winter to encourage fresh, vigorous growth in the spring.

9. Lavender – The Low Maintenance Beauty

Lavender is not only prized for its delightful fragrance and purple blooms but also for its ability to provide privacy with minimal upkeep.

This drought-tolerant plant thrives in full sun and well-drained soil, making it perfect for balcony containers.

Lavender’s upright flower spikes can add height and color to your privacy screen. Water it sparingly and prune annually to keep it bushy and compact.

10. Rosemary – The Edible Privacy Plant

Rosemary is an excellent choice for gardeners who love both culinary herbs and the need for privacy. This aromatic herb grows tall and dense enough to act as a natural barrier, while also providing fresh sprigs for cooking.

Rosemary prefers sunny locations and well-draining soil. It is drought-resistant once established, requiring only occasional watering.

11. Thuja – The Evergreen Choice

Thuja, or arborvitae, is a popular evergreen that can provide year-round privacy. Its dense foliage and neat conical shape make it ideal for balcony screens.

Thujas are adaptable to a range of soil types and conditions but do best in moist, well-drained soil with full to partial sun. Regular watering and yearly fertilization will help maintain their lush appearance.

12. Wisteria – The Cascading Beauty

Wisteria is a stunning plant known for its dramatic cascades of blue to violet flowers. It requires a sturdy trellis or railing to support its vigorous growth.

Wisteria thrives in full sun, producing more blooms in a well-lit spot. This plant needs regular pruning to control its growth and promote flowering, making it a beautiful and effective privacy option for balconies.

13. Trellised Tomato Plants – The Functional Option

Growing tomato plants on a trellis is not only a practical way to produce your own vegetables but also an effective way to shield your balcony.

Choose indeterminate varieties that continue to grow and produce fruit throughout the season. Tomato plants require regular watering and fertilization, as well as full sun exposure to thrive and fill in as a dense screen.

14. Hanging Baskets with Spill-Over Plants

Hanging baskets adorned with spill-over plants like petunias, ivy, or trailing lobelia can create a beautiful vertical curtain of greenery and flowers.

Position these baskets around the balcony’s perimeter to maximize privacy and add visual interest from above.

Ensure these plants are well-watered, especially during hot weather, to maintain their lush appearance.

15. Arborvitae – The Natural Fence

Arborvitae is another fantastic evergreen option that acts as a natural fence due to its thick, dense growth. It’s perfect for creating a high screen that provides excellent privacy all year round.

Arborvitae needs full sun to partial shade and requires regular watering during dry periods to keep its foliage vibrant and healthy.

Choosing the right plants for balcony privacy can transform your outdoor space into a private, peaceful retreat.

From the fast-growing bamboo to the fragrant jasmine and the practical tomato plants, there’s a plant solution for every balcony and taste.

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