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12 Types of Heuchera to Beautify Your Shaded Garden

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Heuchera, commonly known as Coral Bells, is a stalwart of the shaded garden. These perennial plants are cherished not only for their vibrant, often iridescent leaves but also for their ability to thrive in the dappled light under trees or in other low-light garden spots.

With a spectrum of colors from deep purples to fiery reds and soft peaches, Heuchera varieties add depth and texture to garden designs.

In this article, we’ll explore twelve Heuchera varieties that are perfect for transforming a shaded garden into a colorful oasis.

1. Heuchera ‘Palace Purple’

‘Palace Purple’ is a classic choice among Heuchera enthusiasts. Its rich, deep purple leaves stand out strikingly against greener plants, making it a favorite for gardeners looking to add contrast.

This variety thrives in both full shade and partial sun, reaching up to 24 inches in height. It pairs beautifully with ferns and hostas, creating a lush, layered look in the garden.

The bronze tint of the leaves can be enhanced through strategic placement near lighter green or yellow plants.

2. Heuchera ‘Caramel’

The ‘Caramel’ Heuchera brings warm tones to the garden palette with its gold and amber foliage. This robust plant not only brightens up shaded areas but also adapts well to a range of conditions, from full shade to partial sun.

The leaves maintain their vibrant color best when shielded from the afternoon sun. ‘Caramel’ is particularly effective when planted in groups or as a border, where its warm hues can truly shine.

3. Heuchera ‘Plum Pudding’

For those who prefer a touch of the dramatic, ‘Plum Pudding’ offers deep plum-colored leaves with a shimmering metallic sheen.

This variety is noted for its durability across different climates, making it a versatile choice for gardeners in varying zones.

‘Plum Pudding’ is relatively low-maintenance, requiring only moderate watering and occasional pruning to remove any spent foliage and keep its appearance tidy.

4. Heuchera ‘Lime Rickey’

Bright and bold, ‘Lime Rickey’ features ruffled, lime-green leaves that catch the eye and lighten up dark garden corners. This variety is especially useful for adding a burst of light beneath denser, darker foliage plants.

While it enjoys the shade, ‘Lime Rickey’ needs well-draining soil to avoid root rot and can benefit from extra protection against slugs and other pests that are drawn to its vibrant leaves.

5. Heuchera ‘Georgia Peach’

The soft peach to rosy red leaves of ‘Georgia Peach’ change with the seasons, offering a dynamic display throughout the year.

This variety not only brings a soft, warm glow to the garden but also attracts butterflies and bees when it blooms.

Plant ‘Georgia Peach’ alongside blue or purple flowers for a striking contrast that highlights its unique coloration.

6. Heuchera ‘Berry Smoothie’

‘Berry Smoothie’ offers a refreshing take on garden color with leaves that transition from a rosy-pink in spring to a rich burgundy by fall.

This Heuchera variety is as easy to care for as it is beautiful, requiring only occasional watering once established and a bit of fertilizer in spring to boost its growth and color intensity.

It’s an excellent choice for gardeners who want seasonal color changes and a plant that maintains its vigor year after year.

7. Heuchera ‘Obsidian’

Named for its striking, jet-black leaves, ‘Obsidian’ offers a glossy, luxurious appearance that acts as a dramatic backdrop for brighter flowers or foliage.

This Heuchera stands out for its ability to maintain a deep, rich color throughout the season, unlike some others that may fade.

It pairs well with pastel blooms or variegated plants, providing a stunning contrast that enhances the visual appeal of any garden corner.

Additionally, ‘Obsidian’ is known for its durability and resistance to pests, making it a low-maintenance choice for busy gardeners.

8. Heuchera ‘Silver Scrolls’

The mesmerizing leaves of ‘Silver Scrolls’ are a work of art, with metallic silver overlays and intricate purple veining.

This variety not only adds a touch of elegance but also thrives in a range of light conditions, from full shade to partial sun. Its flowers, small bell-shaped blooms that appear in spring, add an extra layer of interest.

For those looking to create a sophisticated, monochromatic garden scheme, ‘Silver Scrolls’ pairs beautifully with white blooming plants and silver-leaved companions.

9. Heuchera ‘Fire Alarm’

True to its name, ‘Fire Alarm’ brings a bold, fiery red to the garden landscape. Its foliage intensifies in color with cooler temperatures, making it a perfect choice for adding warmth to autumn and winter gardens.

Easy to grow and care for, this Heuchera does best in well-drained soil and can be used effectively in borders or as a standout container plant.

Its robust nature makes it a favorite among gardeners looking to add long-lasting color with minimal effort.

10. Heuchera ‘Marmalade’

Rich and lush, the leaves of ‘Marmalade’ range from bright copper to deep russet. This variety is particularly robust, with a mounding habit that makes it ideal for filling gaps in the landscape.

‘Marmalade’ is adaptable to both cooler climates and the humid conditions of southern gardens, making it a versatile choice nationwide.

Its resilience and striking appearance make it a valuable addition for any gardener seeking a splash of color in shaded areas.

11. Heuchera ‘Can-Can’

The ruffled and marbled leaves of ‘Can-Can’ display an energetic dance of color, from deep burgundy to silver. This variety is particularly noted for its vigorous growth and resistance to common garden diseases.

Gardeners will appreciate ‘Can-Can’ for its ability to maintain its vibrant colors and texture throughout the season, making it an excellent selection for visual interest and ground cover in shaded parts of the garden.

12. Heuchera ‘Paris’

Last but not least, ‘Paris’ offers a graceful blend of green foliage and delicate pink blooms that appear repeatedly from spring through fall.

This variety is especially attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies, adding a lively dimension to the garden.

‘Paris’ is ideal for those looking to create a romantic, cottage-style garden scene, with its blooms providing a soft contrast to the bold foliage of other Heuchera varieties.

Incorporating Heuchera into your shaded garden is not only about adding a spectrum of colors but also about embracing plants that offer year-round beauty with minimal maintenance.

Each of the twelve varieties discussed provides its own unique charm and can help transform any shaded area into a stunning display of foliage and flowers.

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