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12 Amazing Ideas For Reusing Eggshells Instead Of Wasting Them

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In an age where sustainability is more than just a buzzword, finding ways to reuse and recycle our everyday waste has become crucial.

Eggshells, often overlooked as mere kitchen scraps, hold a surprising array of uses that can benefit your garden, home, and even your skincare routine.

Here are the twelve creative and practical ideas for putting those eggshells to good use instead of tossing them out.

1. Fertilize Your Garden

Eggshells are rich in calcium, a mineral that is essential for plant growth and strength. Instead of buying chemical fertilizers, you can crush your leftover eggshells into a fine powder and sprinkle them directly onto the soil in your garden.

This not only helps reduce waste but also provides your plants with nutrients that promote healthy cell growth and can help prevent blossom end rot in tomatoes and other susceptible vegetables.

2. Create a Natural Pest Deterrent

Gardeners often struggle with pests like slugs and snails, which can destroy a wide array of plants overnight.

Instead of using harsh chemicals to ward off these pests, crushed eggshells can serve as a natural deterrent.

The sharp edges of the shells are uncomfortable for these soft-bodied creatures to crawl over, protecting your plants from their damaging effects.

Simply scatter a generous layer of crushed shells around the base of your plants to keep your garden safe.

3. Start Seedlings in Eggshells

If you’re starting your plants from seeds, consider using halved eggshells as a sustainable alternative to plastic seedling pots.

Carefully crack your eggs to keep half the shell intact, rinse them, and poke a small hole in the bottom for drainage. Fill each shell with potting soil, plant your seeds, and place them in an egg carton for support.

Once your seedlings are ready to transplant, you can plant them directly into your garden, shell included. The eggshell will biodegrade, enriching the soil with calcium.

4. Sharpen Your Garbage Disposal Blades

Over time, the blades in your garbage disposal can become dull, leading to less effective operation.

Surprisingly, eggshells can help with this issue. By periodically grinding eggshells in the disposal, the slightly abrasive shells can help sharpen the blades and clean the unit’s walls, removing trapped food particles and preventing odors.

5. Make a Nourishing Face Mask

Eggshells can also contribute to your beauty routine. Rich in calcium and protein, ground eggshell powder can be mixed with egg white to create a nourishing face mask that helps rejuvenate your skin.

This natural exfoliant removes dead skin cells, leaving your face feeling smooth and refreshed. Ensure the eggshells are powdered finely to avoid any sharp edges that might scratch your skin.

6. Clean Your Home with Eggshell Scouring Powder

For a non-toxic and abrasive cleaner, ground eggshells make an excellent choice. Mix them with a little soapy water to form a paste, or combine them with baking soda for extra cleaning power.

This homemade scouring powder is perfect for tough jobs like cleaning pots, pans, and even your oven.

It’s effective in removing stubborn stains and buildup without the chemicals found in many store-bought cleaners.

7. Enhance Your Coffee

Coffee lovers may find this tip particularly intriguing. Adding crushed eggshells to coffee grounds before brewing can help make your morning cup smoother and less bitter.

The eggshells help clarify the coffee by capturing grounds and reducing acidity. Just rinse your used eggshells, let them dry, crush them slightly, and mix them with your coffee grounds in the filter.

8. Feed Them to Your Birds

If you have backyard chickens or keep birds, sterilized and crushed eggshells can be an excellent calcium supplement. Birds require calcium for healthy bone development and to produce strong eggshells.

Bake the cleaned eggshells at 250°F for about 10 minutes to sterilize them, then crush them finely before adding them to your bird feed.

9. Craft Eggshell Mosaic Art

Eggshells can be transformed into beautiful pieces of art, specifically mosaics. Whether it’s a picture frame, a decorative vase, or a piece of wall art, using colored, crushed eggshells can give your creation texture and uniqueness.

Clean and dye the shells in various colors, break them into small pieces, and use craft glue to adhere them to your base, creating intricate patterns and designs.

10. Deodorize Your Home

Utilize eggshells to help eliminate odors around your home. After rinsing and drying them, place crushed eggshells in a breathable fabric like cheesecloth and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

These sachets can be placed in refrigerators, closets, or shoes to absorb smells and impart a fresh scent.

11. Brew Compost Tea

For gardening enthusiasts, eggshells can be a beneficial addition to compost tea—a nutrient-rich liquid made from compost that can be used to water plants.

Add crushed eggshells to your compost pile as you build it. Once your compost is mature, place a portion of it in a burlap sack submerged in water, and let it steep.

The eggshells add calcium to the tea, enhancing its nutritional value and helping improve plant health.

12. Use as a Natural Drain Cleaner

Finely ground eggshells can be used to help clean and clear your drains. Combine them with baking soda and pour the mixture down the drain.

Follow this with white vinegar to create a foaming action, which helps remove buildup. Flush with boiling water to clear out any remaining debris. This natural method avoids the harsh chemicals typically found in commercial drain cleaners.

Eggshells, as mundane as they might seem, are an incredibly versatile resource that can be utilized in numerous ways around the home and garden.

From enhancing your morning brew to crafting beautiful art, these ideas not only help you reduce waste but also encourage a more sustainable lifestyle.

By integrating these eco-friendly practices into your routine, you contribute to a healthier environment and also discover innovative ways to use what you already have. Try a few of these suggestions and see just how beneficial repurposed eggshells can be!

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